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Salutations! and a big hello to you...

I just wanted to take a moment to say hello to:

CIA - CentralIntelligenceAgency
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
NRO - National Reconnaissance Office
NSA - National Security Agency
DOD - Department of Defense [Formerly the Department of War]
DHS - Department of Homeland Security (US)
DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
DOE - Department of Energy
CID - Counter Intelligence Defense
NIH - National Institutes of Health
OSF - Open Software Foundation
CDC - Centers for Disease Control
ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

I was going to tell you how my day went but of course you already know. So , I'll be on my way to....well, you know that too.

Have a nice day!


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Why is OSF in the list? I

Why is OSF in the list? I don't get it.


I might have to steal it too. Wake people up with little quiz how many agencies they can name.

Just had to steal this....

...too good not to. I gave you credit, though. Cheers!

ummm I don't mean to nitpick, but maybe i can help them hear u


You forgot about the explosives!
the atf is now...


Thank you for that!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

It shocks me every time. and all used against the people.

At my work, we're getting a new online timekeeping system. I've been telling everyone that now the NSA will know when they're working. I continue with their cell phones, internet activity, smart meters, where they drive, and national id.

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that made my day
maybe i shouldn't have laughed,it is true,and not funny
ehhh,no worries,maybe they can help me find the stuff i lost

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

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How do you spell...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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don't forget

the DIA ...the defense intelligence agency. Incidentally, a while baak I saw a complete list of alphabet agencies...there were 33 of them...that is the ones we know about.

How many were on Ron Paul's list? ONE and a half

Paul advocates substantially reducing the government's role in individual lives and in the functions of foreign and domestic states; he says Republicans have lost their commitment to limited government and have become the party of big government.[17] His 2012 "Plan to Restore America"[18] would eliminate five Cabinet-level departments: Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education. He has called for elimination of other federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,[19] and the Internal Revenue Service,[20] calling them "unnecessary bureaucracies". Paul would severely reduce the role of the Central Intelligence Agency; reducing its functions to intelligence-gathering. He would eliminate operations like overthrowing foreign governments and assassinations. He says this activity is kept secret even from Congress and "leads to trouble".[21] He also commented, "We have every right in the world to know something about intelligence gathering, but we have to have intelligent people interpreting this information."[22]

Paul calls for the elimination of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is tasked with coordinating preparedness and relief for natural disasters.

Parasites wasting resources.

No wonder the Economy can't get moving, were heading up a sand dune of Congressional regulations carrying dead weight.

Enjoy your evening, dex!

Free includes debt-free!

thanks bro

you too

For Freedom!
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