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The Lion Rose His Majestic Head Today And Roared: "Not Guilty"

Because Dude KNOWS he was set up!

Before leaving the court room Jahar blew a kiss to his family. He has pleaded not guilty. After they read him the charges his defense attorney tried to say "Not guilty", but the judge said she wants to hear Jahar say it. So Jahar said, "Not guilty" over a dozen times. They say he said it with authority. He kept turning to smirk at his family.

Emails from his mom---she is estatic! I am in contact with her and several people who were in the courtroom today.
The paralegals at the law firms have been scouring every article, every facebook, twitter, youtube and have several private investigators and more.

They are going to put up a FORMIDABLE fight for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


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The guy is STILL a suspect,

The guy is STILL a suspect, unless you saw him plant the bombs with your own two eyes, he is still a suspect, it is the courts job to try to find the truth

"The lion" and "majestic head" ?!!!

Are you frickin kidding?! I was not convinced by Sandy Hook, but I have no reason to believe this was anything other than a real, murderous, terror attack. People really were killed and injured, for Christ's sake!

Well to be fair, Boston actually felt like a real false flag.

I don't follow the Sandy Hook but have seen some pretty shady stuff. With Boston however before they caught this guy I saw the photos of several similarly dressed Private Military Contractors with the same black backpacks as the one that had the IED. Witnesses in Boston also said that they were told before the blast there was a bomb drill going on and not to be alarmed.

Boston STINKS of being a false flag. Though I do agree with you that OP is being dramatic and disrespectful seeing how he has not been convicted or declared not guilty.

We will see what comes out in court, Vajayjay

That lion thing is what the international community calls him.

My state Rep. is the chairman of the Boston probe and is having a heck of a time getting any info out of FBI and when he does get some, they change the story...over and over.


Mommy's email address probably goes to

CIA, FBI, DHS or even Janet Napolitano

Yes, it does. What is said in them have no value to them

Unless they really need to know what her kids were like growing up, what Jahar's spirits are like, what his injuries are, what both her kids were like and the things they did. Very valuable info for them, I'm sure.

I don't know if I'd be so proud...

Of emailing with his mother. Who knows what really happened here? So why take the very real risk that you're siding and confiding with people who committed premeditated murder???

If this kid actually did this, he deserves to fry. We will see.


It's not like I'm gonna hook up with her a go do 'jihad'. It's just emails. It's nice to be informed and not have to go by what CNN reports.

Ralph, how are you in contact with his mom?


I'm in several groups on facebook supporting him...

There are 2 or three 'secret' groups and I charmed my way in them...she emails you back if you email her and has become close with several members...she is not in the groups and can't discuss anything his lawyers say...some of the women have her personal phone number and speak with her daily. She sends texts and they post the screen shots of them. Several of the girls in the groups are very close friends with his two sisters.

ok, so do you know why he plead guilty them

from your contacts with some of his family? Did he have a security job or something and they were working at a Boston Marathon drill that day? And then he was setup?

His lawyers would start making deals if they did not think

something is up. All the video evidence and pictures they say they have...nothing...nothing is clicking from what media and FBI are claiming...will he get off? HA! I seriously doubt it, but his lawyers think there is something, and they aren't media whores. Even though they are being paid by state and govt. these lawyers are tops and specialize in their field. These aren't your run of the mill public defenders trying to make a name...these people already have a name.

Some people who are in group were in court room and

as soon as he said all his "Not Guiltys" they stepped out and called her. Like this article tells:


Check out the pictures of the MIT cops standing outside the

courthouse. The tattoos caught my eye first, then the other arms, then the love handles, then the big stomachs. Not trying to be mean but not sure this group works out much.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Probably why it took 10,000 cops to catch him


What you can't see is

How many donuts are hanging on their jobbers.

Ron Paul Was Right