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Where is Edward Snowden?

It has been several weeks since he 'is reportedly in a transit area of the Moscow airport.' Why hasn't there been any pictures or videographed interviews of him since he has reached purgatory?

Wouldn't you figure in the least an international traveler would bump into the guy and possibly post it on Youtube?

It just seems odd to me. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

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The more accurate question might be...

Where isn't Ed Snowden?

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Edward is probably

with that hot Russian spy chick. And working on a plan to get to Venezuela "safely".

Airplanes blow up just like Mercedes do.

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Edward Snowden is in my cozy equipped backyard shed.

Edward Snowden is in my cozy equipped backyard shed. I'm learning stuff from him about networking, big time. I can't seem to find anything to teach him, though, besides french slang. That's annoying.

Honest, I offered him the living room couch, but he declined.

He was on the plane that crashed in SFO last week end. Glad he made it among the majority surviving the crash.

He says "Hi" to us all, and to his ex-colleagues at Booz and elsewhere who read this.

Oh, and he also has this for them, specifically:

"Good luck, when it's your turn."

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

This is the billion dollar

This is the billion dollar question at the moment, and few people want to address it. Why not?

I love simple questions, because the simple questions often get overlooked. Kind of like 911 if you know what I mean.

Thank you, C.S. Copper.

Where is Snowden? Is he wearing an invisible cloak?

Is he in your head, preventing you from typing the things you want to say now that you know someone's listening in and watching every breath you take?

Is he deep down a rabbit hole somewhere in Russia?

Or is he comfortably resting in Maryland right now after getting facial reconstructive surgery?

WHAT is the BIG picture?

Blow the whistle? Tell the truth (God forbid)

You're a bad person! You're a traitor! You're an enemy of the state. You are guilty of treason without a trial because the talking heads said so.

You should just be shot in the head, as Glenn Beck would say...

Ed Snowden has put the, "chill," on the media...

Anyone else notice how the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and government spying on the media has suddenly gone SILENT?

How many members of the Daily Paul are afraid to speak about this subject now that we all know they're watching our words?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


Guest of the Russian FSB.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Over the river and through

Over the river and through the wood, to Venezuela's house he goes?

the CIA knows the way to carry the sleigh
through the white and drifted snow..den!

Over the river, and through the wood,
to Russia's house away!

We would not stop for doll or top,
for 'tis the NSA's Day, yay!

Over the river, and through the wood—
oh, how the political wind does blow!

It stings the toes and bites the nose
as over the ground we go.

Over the river, and through the wood—
and straight through the media's gate,
They seem to go extremely slow,
it is so hard to wait!

Over the river, and through the wood—
When Grandmother sees us come,
She will say, "O, dear, the people are here,
bring a television for everyone."

Over the river, and through the wood—
now Grandmother's cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the Snowden pie!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Does he eat? Does he sleep?

Does he eat? Does he sleep? Does he bathe? How is he paying for his stay? All by himself? Really?

He has four laptops worth of top secret information, no weapons to defend himself, and nobody has seen him?

Wasn't Snowden in Hong Kong? Doesn't every citizen of Hong Kong own like...10 cameras? No pictures?

Would you like some fresh bologna with that?

At first I thought Snowden was legit, but now I'm really starting to wonder what the hell is really going on. Hate to say it, but I think this whole Snowden thing is another psyop aimed mainly at those within the American media. What's Snowden's objective? To create a chilling effect. Pun intended. I don't think it was a coincidence that Michael Hastings was taken out in the midst of all this.

They want people to shut up. Don't talk. Don't dare to question the state, "authorities." Might want to think twice about posting that article about the president now, you know...because they're watching everything we do.

Is this another psyop gone awry?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

"Check your premises." -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

spoken through the character Francisco D'Anconia.

Who says he went to Russia? The media.

Who says he was not found on the Bolivian president's plane? The media.

Who tells us what is true, when it happened, why it happened? ditto ditto.

Finally, who cares? The man is unimportant, 100%. If he is dead right now that would be very sad but it wouldn't change any of the information.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

At a guess?

holed up in some luxury CIA resort with his pole dancing girlfriend...marking time until he can be slipped into some Latin American country as a CIA asset.