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Dzhokhar's Court Appearance-Was he beaten up?

As was reported below by the AP, it is quite apparent that Dzhokhar has been abused while in prison. BOTH ARMS were fine climbing out of that boat! He may also have been given a drug, don't know, but I do know that if this had happened to OJ Simpson, it would have been BIG news from California to New York! This is awful. I wish SOMEONE, SOME WELL-KNOWN ATTORNEY, would help Dzhokhar. He needs someone better, much better than those GOVERNMENT-APPOINTED ATTORNEYS! :(


BOSTON (AP) — His arm in a cast and his face swollen, a blase-looking Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleaded not guilty Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombing in a seven-minute proceeding that marked his first public appearance since his capture in mid-April.

As victims of the bombing looked on, Tsarnaev, 19, gave a small, lopsided smile to his sisters upon arriving in the courtroom. He appeared to have a jaw injury and there was swelling around his left eye and cheek.

Then, after he leaned in toward a microphone and said, "Not guilty" over and over in a Russian accent, he was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs, making a kissing gesture toward his family with his lips. His sister sobbed loudly, resting her head on a woman seated next to her.

Tsarnaev faces 30 federal charges, including using a weapon of mass destruction to kill, and could get the death penalty if prosecutors choose to pursue it.

The proceedings took place in a heavily guarded courtroom packed not only with victims but with their families, police officers, members of the public and the media.

Tsarnaev looked much as he did in a photo widely circulated after his arrest, his hair curly and unkempt. He appeared nonchalant, almost bored during the hearing. The cast covered his left forearm, his hand and his fingers.

The GOOD NEWS is that he pleaded NOT GUILTY!

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I sure hope

he testifies. I would like to hear his story.

I am suspending judgment on his guilt or innocence until we learn more, which hopefully we will from the court proceedings.

I also believe that it is going to be difficult to seat a jury in this case.

Dzhokhar was not supposed to testify...he was supposed to have been extinguished in the boat.

And if he pleaded not guilty to all 30 charges,,

that seems to contradict with what the FBI said about him confessing by writing with a pen on interior wall of the boat

Alternative hypotheses?

What if they were working for some security company that they got hired by or we're employed by for a drill at the Boston Marathon, and we're subsequently setup?

If he is not guilty then it wasn't a getaway attempt.

"hospitalized since his capture with wounds suffered in a shootout and getaway attempt,"

The media would just as soon hang him now and get the the juicy news.

Free includes debt-free!

No. His hand was shot up and won't ever be able to use

again, from what doctors are saying. His left ear was shot and lost hearing in it. His face has some sort of deformity that I don't know the extent of...if it will heal...all these injuries came from when he was in the boat and yelling, "I give up!".
You can see blood on his clothes when he was exiting the boat and it started lots of debate here on DP....saying there was none, etc... He has had numerous surgeries on his hand and arm, and more, but not sure if the other reports are accurate.

Fascinating but the "coach"

Fascinating but the "coach" of Tsarnaev says he was speaking with a thick Russian accent, something that he found odd and did not sound like him.


Isn't this kid rather young to be an agent!? lol

Innocent until proven guilty is where I stand.


Free includes debt-free!

This kid may have helped kill

This kid may have helped kill people, so I think we need to be careful that we don't "support him". But I of course support him getting his day in court. More than anything I just want to see all the facts brought to life. A lot of people have suggested the Tsarnaev brothers were agents, well, surely such a thing would come out and could blow this thing wide open.

robert timsah----apparently you haven't seen

the photos of the CRAFT INTERNATIONAL guy with the black backpack on with the identifiable white patch on the top that matched the black backpack that exploded with a white patch on top, not to mention the fact that we have a PHOTO of this same CRAFT INTERNATIONAL guy running from the "scene" after the bomb exploded WITHOUT HIS BACKPACK ON----

Yet, the MEDIA was 100% mum on that little missed fact, along with the fact that DZHOKHAR's backpack was gray & didn't even match the exploded one, and according to the video clip above the FBI found the backpack, HIS backpack in his dorm room. I don't know how those girls know that, but I'd like them to post how they know it.

How do you explain the fact that his brother Tamerlan was videoed in the nude being arrested by a lot of police and videoed being placed inside the back seat of a squad car, yet later we see him shot dead, riddled with massive numbers of bullets & knived on his side? Are you kidding me?

DZHOKHAR should NEVER have been indicted. This was "government" operation through and through, and these two were INNOCENT.

DZHOKHAR needs a GREAT ATTORNEY----isn't there ANYONE IN OUR FRIGGIN' COUNTRY that would defend this boy? What a bunch of cowards we have here! We need a FAMOUS ATTORNEY---someone like GERRY SPENCE. He's old, but that's fine! The older the better, and the smarter!

Why can't we see for ourselves???

WCVB News in Boston reported that Tsarnaev entered the court at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday dressed in an orange prison suit. David Frank of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reported that the defendant had his left hand in a cast but otherwise appeared healthy.


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