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Dzhokhar Pleads Innocent of Boston Bombing after FBI Says He Admitted Guilt

...including in a note found in the boat at least a week later. Yea right.

Pleads innocent:


- Who are the two guys running away after the explosions, in black jackjets and camo pants, one without the backpack he had a moment before? (google: backpack craft boston marathon images) http://tinyurl.com/lda4h8n

- Why did the FBI ask the public for help in identifying them from pictures when they already knew who they were, and had interviewed them after being alerted by Russia?

- Why didn't the FBI know of their every movement after they had been warned multiple times by Russian intelligence?

- How did Tamerlan's friend Todashev get shot in the head by an FBI agent when they admitted he was unarmed, in FLA?

- Why did the FBI say he confessed to being guilty when now he pleads not guilty?

- Why does the mother say they had been visited by the FBI extensively over the last 2 years? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ARE9r...

- who was the other gunman in the area when MIT officer Collier was killed? http://digitaljournal.com/article/351783

Hey bro where's your backpack?


1993 World Trade Center bombing was a confirmed false flag explained as "entrapment gone wrong." Informant got the FBI agents on hundreds of hours of tape. The New York Times was given copies of the tapes. ("Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast") FBI sets up patsies in 1993 World Trade Center bombing with fake explosives, saying they wanted to entrap them, then when it's showtime somehow there are real explosives instead. Ben Swann talks about it below, comparing it to Boston Marathon:


CBS report saying 1993 WTC was FBI entrapment;


Making an entrapment go live is the m.o. for how the government does many false flags.

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The 93 WTC attack was not

The 93 WTC attack was not patsies. They had been infiltrated by an informant who was recording the conversations with his FBI handler. The group still took a fucking bomb to the WTC and detonated it. Saying they are patsies implies they were innocent and just being blamed for it, they were not innocent. Yes they were aiding and probably provoked in some way to do the bombing, but so what, if they go ahead and do it then they are guilty of it.
I think there is a possibility that the FBI is somehow involved, maybe with Tamerlan, but I also think the brothers are the ones who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon. So I hope that piece of shit Dzokhar rots in prison for the rest of his life.

The word patsy doesn't imply innocence. Lee Harvey Oswald was

a wannabe of some kind who was set up to take the fall. He called himself a "patsy." As for the level of complicity, you conveniently forget that Dzhokhar's backpack was neither heavy enough nor the right color in the photo released by the FBI of the pack before it exploded.

Suppose they were taking money form an FBI informant to go along with some undercover jihad game, but had no idea what they were involved in? On the other hand, we KNOW the FBI replaced fake explosives with real ones in 1993 WTC, so they are 100% guilty of killing people.

If you want him to rot, you should want the ones behind him to rot even more, or you are asking for more of the same.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Oswald was saying he was an

Oswald was saying he was an innocent patsy.

I don't know how you could possibly know how heavy Dzokhar's backpack was and I haven't seen any photo by the FBI that claims it is a photo of Dzokhar's backpack before it explodes. I know they say they have a video of him setting his backpack down and walking away from it and then there's the explosion right there a couple minutes later, and that is their key evidence against him for the trial. I know they have a victim who has identified his brother as a bomber. I know they ran instead of turning themselves in. I know they carjacked and asian guy and used his debit card to get money. I know multiple eyewitnesses attest that they used explosives including a pressure cooker bomb against the police in the Watertown confrontation. And I don't know of any evidence of anyone else that implicates them as being one of the bombers.

You need to do some more research on the 93 WTC bombing because you don't seem to know the details and what are facts and what are claims.

Of course I want anyone who had anything to do with bombing innocent people to rot in prison and hell but right now there's not anywhere near the evidence that the FBI was involved as there is that Dzokhar was.

PS even a SPECK of evidence that the FBI was involved would

mean murder and high treason of the kind which topples governments. Yet here we sit accepting the fact that they are murdering us and saying, so what? Truly a nation of sheep.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Oswald was not an "innocent" patsy. His CIA handler was George

DeMohrenschildt, who roomed with HW Bush at Andover. He hated JFK and was on the fringes of the underworld, groomed to serve the very purpose he did. Read Russ Baker. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_de_Mohrenschildt

Every piece of evidence you cited except the final shoot-out is hearsay from the same FBI which first said Dzhokhar was armed in the boat, then he wasn't, that Todashev was armed with a knife when the FBI shot him in the head in FLA, then he wasn't. The carjack vicitim "Danny" spoke behind an anonymous guise, even after the suspects were dead or captured. Furthermore parts of his story contradicted itself, as when once he said both Tamerlan was in the car when he escaped, but said later he was alone in the car when he made his move. In a surveillance photo you can see Tamerlan walking into the gas station convenience store right behind Dzhokhar.

It is true that there was an exchange of gunfire during the chase. Many witnesses confirm it, and possible explosives. None of this proves that they acted alone, or outside an entrapment scenario. The FBI had some sort of agenda, or else why did it ask the public for help in indentifying their photos when they already knew who they were? Interesting it all led to the first all-American Lockdown, as they searched for Dzhokhar, when a bloodhound could have tracked him down in 20 minutes.

So one scenario is this: Tamerlan is playing at some kind of game with undercover FBI, who are giving him money to entice into jihad, or perhaps infilrate jihadis, we don't know. How did they know there was going to be a bomb , when they frantically deployed dogs at the finish line just before it went off?

It sounds like some kind of blue team-red team game. Then real bombs go off and their pictures are all over TV. At this point they know it doesn't matter what they say, because they alledegly killed a cop which means they'll be shot on sight. They decide to go down shooting. You using the FBI as a source for anything is laughable. They have caught in blatant lies too many times.

Release the Sandy Hook video.