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Faux Libertarian "Stato" Institute backs US spying abuse

Analysis at Lions of Liberty

"For a supposedly “libertarian” organization, CATO sure does find itself defending the State fairly often. Coming off a piece from a couple months ago defending universal background checks for gun purchases, now CATO’s Roger Pilon and Richard A. Epstein have joined forces (apparently it takes two faux libertarians) to defend NSA surveillance of Americans. It’s not hard to see how CATO has earned the nickname “STATO” in more hardcore libertarian circles."

"Pilon and Epstein start off by assuring everyone that the secret NSA surveillance program recently revealed by whistleblower Ed Snowden is perfectly legal (and therefore fine and dandy!)..."

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Don't these idiots know that the only "reasonable" search or

seizure is one backed with a warrant?

That's what makes them reasonable.

The government has to document reasons for needing to search or seize and get a judge to agree with those reasons before they can do so.

ANY search or seizure without a warrant is by principle of Law UNREASONABLE.

Epstein has some good books

Epstein has some good books on legal theory out but this I have known him to be neo-con-ish.

Southern Agrarian

maybe they can team up

with glenn beck to REAALLY promote libertarianism.


Legally, the president is on secure footing under the Patriot Act, which Congress passed shortly after 9/11 and has since reauthorized by large bipartisan majorities. As he stressed, the program has enjoyed the continued support of all three branches of the federal government. Patriot Act is unconstitutional vis a vis the 4th amendment, no?

Somebody please

start a libertarian sitcom. One of the characters could be Stato, a short, chubby know-it-all that fucks everything up.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus