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Aw, poor babies; Israel now faces Russia, China, Iran AND Syria.

Payback is hell, is it not?


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Those who've discussed this topic with me know, I am against..

.. all foreign aid.

I want to eliminate the income tax altogether, and replace it with nothing.

End the Fed, and we can end all this interventionism, imperialism, whatever you want to call it. We are being spread too thin (militarily) like the Roman Empire. Our money is being debased, like the Roman Empire.

The Phoenix, the Evil Empire, reaps what it sows, meaning it raises up an Empire, takes all the wealth, destroys it, and moves on to the next place, rising from the ashes to create a new empire. Same symbolism though.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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but you feel you speak for me?

and put words in my mouth?
no where did i say what you mentioned
whats up with that?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)


Any time one is critical of Israel or supports an ideology that is counter to the pro-Sionist perspective, you will be the subject of attempts to subvert and suppress your freedom of speech.

There you go again...

Insinuating that others and/or I am a subversive agent of some sort.

Again... I live in SC, originally from CT, have never been to Israel, or even left North America, I was a landscaper until I moved, owned the business, lost it and my home in hurricane Sandy.
I am now unemployed, living with family in South Carolina, with plenty of time to study things I'm interested in and go on DP and discuss liberty matters.

Can't American conservatives support Israel on DP without being labeled some foreign Israeli cointelpro agent?

I think quite possibly, as the old saying goes, "he who smelt it dealt it"...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You're a member of the Mossad and you know it!

LOL j/k

It doesn't matter what you say to those who are neonazis here or those who pose as neonazis to stimulate anti-semitic rhetoric in order to see it associated with the Paul family in an irretrievable, searchable public forum.

There is no amount of reason or logic that will get through. Each of those two groups have other objectives.

lol, I know it doesn't matter what I say to them...

They never address the points I make either. They clearly have an agenda.

But I am hoping people, even lurkers who don't even post here, and I was one for a year on DP, will get to see the other side of the argument, and see that not every small-government liberty advocate hates Israel, and is Jew-a-phobic.

The problem is all this anti-Israel, blame the Jews stuff turns new & /or curious people off to DP. Especially normal conservative Americans who just don't know what's going on.

It's not as if Israel has done no wrong. But some posters only focus on Israel. All these countries have done stuff wrong. All nations were built on war, and resettlement, at some point.

It's really frustrating because I hate the NWO, and am trying to fight it, but people want to blame the Jews instead of focusing on a network that is bound by no borders, oaths, race, or creed. Only the lack of a creed, lack of a god, and willingness to do anything to get to the top, is required.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

If China

wants to defeat the US, just get rid of our treasuries and we'll collapse. Anyway, with temporarily unlimited money we can't even defeat impoverished heroin farmers wearing bed sheets. At least we can now bolster our front lines with gays and women so I'm not worried.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Defeat them?

Why would we want to defeat them when they are producing a product that grows our police state?

Women and gays in the front

Women, gays, and illegal aliens in the front lines on battlefields was the plan. I love it when a plan comes together.

Israel is at war with the USA

Israel is at war with the USA, has been since the USS Liberty attack. Israel's involvement in the 9/11 attack on WTC is clear. The USA is Israel's bitch. Israel was set up for this purpose, to bring down the USA, and Israel was always expected to be disposable in the end after one world government NWO was finished being set up. The owners of our planet don't give a shit about Israel either.

Internal attack on the American people is in full swing with total militarized surveillance police state and DHS arms buildup against us. Full spectrum dominance is complete through NSA, CIA, and FBI. Open your eyes.

I just thank God the USA is virtually bankrupt and can't afford another large war. Complete and total economic collapse of the USA will solve most of our problems when there's no more blood to extract from our stones.

You don't have much respect for America

I find your statement more a witness to the dumbing down of America. To think ythat you believe a place on the Earth no bigger than New Jersy can control ALL of the USA and her people.. WOW.

In my studying Israel and Palestine, I am seeing there are two different mindsets at play. I will admit to you, I now read posts like yours and think, "Palestinian", no that you are a Palestinian native, but you have a Palestinian mind set, opposed to an Israeli mind set.

The Palestinian mind set looks at the wall and says, I WANT TO GET INSIDE TO BE FREE. Or, I WANT TO ILLIMINATE THE WALL AND TAKE EVERYTHING THE ISRAELIS HAVE BUIOT AND CLAIM THAT< TAKE MY LAND, AND THE ISRAELIS CAN HAVE PEACE, WITH NO LAND, NO NOTHING.. no schools, no hospitals, no home, no temples.. that is freedom. Meanwhile, the Palestinian blame Israel.. it blames Israel, not Islam.. it beats and tortures it's own people, it keeps it's women in perpetual preganacy, it destorys what it gets and crued for more.. it wants to nurse from the breast of Israel..

If Israel was to leave what it has built the Palestinians would destroy it, make it a ruin.. what Israel has built is not what Islam wants for it's people. FREEDOM is NOT popular in Islam.

You thank God that the USA is virtually bankrupt.

That's like thanking God for your disability.. and this is Palestinian thinking.. you want to nurse off the milk of those who are fruitful, produce no fruit of your own, and THANK GOD for that.

I see no Israeli attack in Americans. I see the Palestinian mind set thanking God America is bankrupt as the attack on Americans.

No Granger, it goes much

No Granger, it goes much deeper than that. Everyone is just a number and a pawn in the game. Most people are disposable over here and over there. It has more to do with the 147 multinational corporations boards of directors keeping the game going till it breaks.

Everyone is just a number and a pawn

Wow. I'm not just a number and a pawn. No one where I live calls me by a number, and they all KNOW, I'm not a pawn, Granger isn't someone to be pushed, and I will not be bought, and I'm not for sale.

I don't know anyone who is disposable. No one I know is disposable.

You know, I read on DP, "I don't care". I think the words "I don't care" is a LIE. I think most people DO CARE very much.. they care so much that they don't want to fight, they want to love, they just don't know how.

Blaming corporations is also part of the problem. At least you have choices.. and it's up to you to let the corporation KNOW, you're not a number, you're not a consumer, but a customer with a name.

One way I do this is I write personal notes.. and I make drawings.. If a corporation treats me like a consumer, I don't sign my name, I sign my number. When a corporation treats me like a number, I ask them to call me by my number, not my name.

You might be surprized how many people stop for a moment.. At a doctor's office when they gave me the corporate (consumer) treatment, I drew them a picture and signed it with my number. A person in the office said, "Wow, cool picture, what's the number mean?" And the person who I gave it to said, "Granger thinks I'm a nazi". I smiled. But you know what.. they don't treat me like a number anymore.

So to me, if you don't want to be a number, stop accepting the number treatment,, BE HUMAN..

Know what else I do? When I'm asked to wait... I wait. And while I wait, I SING. I sing nice songs, not to disturb anyone.. just sing to myself.. "You are my sunshine", just simple catchy tunes.. I get served very quickly.. I never wait long.

So to me, you can be a cog, a number, and be part of the machine with resentment.. or you can be HUMAN and act like it.

I care about what people think, but more important, I care about what I think.. and if they want to make that their problem.. my pleasure.

Did you give Adam kokesh

his mushrooms?


I'm not a fan of Kokesh and I agree with Conservative Warrior's opinion about Kokesh (who is a Jew by birth BTW). I think Kokesh LOST HIS WAY a long long time ago.

I may be DP #408 to you Jill Booth.

Maybe he isn't lost...

Maybe he is a Judas sheep.

Freedom is Not popular in Islam...

...Can't put it any more clearly than that...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I agee Granger...

I doubt half the people who come here to DP just to bash Israel, and ignore every other topic, are even Americans. I know for a fact, as they have bragged about it, that there are several Pally Muslims who troll here as well as Stormfront neo-nazis who are active all over the net. I used to argue Israel with them at RonPaul.cm all the time. They are like locust, lol. They just keep coming, must have multiple screen names.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Me too lawnmanjed

I think those who call me a disinfo agent are disinfo agents for Islam.

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Ethnic Cleansing and Israel’s Racist Discourse

Inhumanity of Israeli Apartheid checkpoints

Ethnic Cleansing and Israel’s Racist Discourse
“The term ethnic cleansing refers to various policies of forcibly removing people of another ethnic group. At one end of the spectrum, it is virtually indistinguishable from forced emigration and population transfer, while at the other it merges with deportation and genocide.”

According to this definition, and others including those emerging in the 1990s, following the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, Palestinians have been and remain victims of a determined and unwavering ethnic cleansing policy that began in 1947-48 and continues until today.

However, it is important that when we examine the subject of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, we take into account its various dimensions, one of which is the accompanying racist discourse, which has become part and parcel of Israel’s ethnic cleansing policies.

Any act of collective punishment — whether ethnic cleansing or genocide or any other — is often preceded and or adjoined by a racist discourse that dehumanizes the victim and justifies the crime on baseless grounds, a concoction of lies and fibs that may appeal to national or religious psyches, but fails the test of law, morality or basic human norms and expectations.

Without such discourse, which depicted the original inhabitants of Palestine as cancerous, subhuman and a nuisance in the face of civilization and progress — as defined by the founders of the Zionist movement — it would not have been possible to carry out a systematic campaign of murder and ethnic cleansing in 1947-48, which saw the killing of an estimated 13,000 Palestinians, the forcible eviction of 850,000 and the depopulation and subsequent destruction of nearly 500 villages and localities. Without such a racist discourse it would have been difficult, to say the least, to carry out scores of preempted massacres, including Deir Yassin, Tantoura, Abbasiyya, Beit Daras, Bir Al-Saba’, Haifa and so forth.
Read in full:

Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

Israeli Historian Describes Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine in 1948 (Nakba)

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

There is a wall

Who is free? Those inside the wall or those outside the wall?

"Palestinian think"/ mind set, says: those inside the wall are free. Those inside the chained linked fences and barbed wire, tall fortified cement walls are FREE..

In today's America, many do not think that a community within fortified cement, chained linked fences with barbed wire, armed guarded check points are free. Most call that a prison.


Who is really free?

Well, it's true the Israelis are FREE inside that wall. They are free from UN NWO and Islam.

UN NWO and Islam are human destroyers.. just look at unoccupied Palestine.

And ask.. why do so many Palestinians cross INTO that wall everyday to go to work, school and pray? http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4403123,00.html

The Palestinians

should be grateful for their imprisonment?

It has been requested that you use a spell check when you post, and I would like to second. You're mindset is difficult to understand, and doubly so when you don't use English.

How are the Palestinians imprisoned?

The wall keeps Palestinians OUT and Israelis IN.

Looks to me if there is a prison, it is the Israelis INSIDE the wall.

Palestinians are free to do what they want outside the wall, which surrounds a very small part of Palestine.

Spell check does not work for dyslexia.

Now, I will tell you what imprisons Palestinians:

#1 Islam's Sharia laws
#2 The UN resolutions

The wall surrounds Palestine.

Are they free to come and go unmolested?

Do they have control over their own air space?

Do they control their own water?

You have no clue what is happening on the ground. You simply repeat Zionist propaganda.

Spell check does not know that you are dyslexic.

Then you do not know Palestine

There is occupied Palestine, which walls IN the state of Israel, and there is unoccupied Palestine.. Gaza and the West bank, that are on the outside of the wall.

Israelis MUST pass that wall, NO exception to how Israeli or Palestinians or tourists that are passangers in private transportation or on foot are treated. An Israeli passing IN the wall are expected to submit to searches, just like Palestinians because Israel knows, not all Jews are for a SOVREIGN STATE of ISRAEL.

Yes, they control their own airspace.. they have flights that go to Saudi Arabia and Israel does not control that.. Israel control s it's airspace.

Yes, they control what water they have.. Israel is dependent on desalination plants.. The West bank is Palestinian on the Jordan River and they have control.. (my guess is that you are thinking of when some Jewish serttlers who made a bad deal with some Palestinians, who are not allowed to sell or rent land to Jews.. did so, and then they reported the land stolen to the PA, and the PA reported the illegal settlement to Israel, because the PA KNOWS it can depend on the IDF to enforce laws.. so the IDF told the settlers to move.. the settlers got pissed and poisoned the well in an immoral vengeful act, and they are in prison. The illegal settlements are a HUGE problem.. too many people want to move to Israel, are desperate to move to Israel and do very wrong things when they are wronged... but that is not to say that Palestine does not take advantage of the desperate and stupid with their own means. They do.

I read Arab and Muslim news, I read international and NWO news, I read zionist and Israli news, I read American news.. I watch documentaries and movies that represent BOTH sides,, and while for decades, I agreed with you.. I no longer do.

I looked for an answer to Ron Paul making the OUTRAGEOUS claim that Israel is our friend. Ron Paul lost his mind on that.. or did he know something I did not? Ron Paul has been a learning curve..

I never thought I would be a republican.. now I am
I never thought I would be religious Now I am
I never thought I would be for Israel NOW I AM

Thanks Ron Paul I got your message.


Two mega-prisons are better than one?

Wrong on all counts. Show evidence that does not come from a Zionist mouthpiece.

Spend the rest of the day convincing yourself with the self-serving and tunnel-visioned propaganda.

What is not a zionist mouthpiece?

The UN? Or Islam that does not report on Israel? The first Islam history on Palestine is 696 CE Muslims killing 700 Jews. Israel does NOT exist to them.. so you can not find Israel.. but I can find occupied Palestine in Arab newspapers.. would that be OK?

Do you think that uncoccupied Palestine, the UN and Islam are unbiased news sources?

Are you really that hard-pressed

to come up with a news source that is not Zionist-controlled?


I am hard pressed to assume what is acceptable to you since you are not telling me.