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Aw, poor babies; Israel now faces Russia, China, Iran AND Syria.

Payback is hell, is it not?


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I have told you



You give Palestinians a bad name.

As usual

that was weak

I mean are you for non-intervention and sovereignty or not?

You criticize the US rightfully for invading Iraq and Afghanistan but you're ok with US bossing around Israel? And when the US openly violates Israel's sovereignty, as we have done to all other middle-eastern nations, whom you defend when they retaliate, but you are inconsistent when it comes to Israel. Why the double-standard? Could it be a personal bias?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

When have we violated

When have we violated Israel's sovereignty? Israel's sovereignty does not extend to occupied territory by the way. And when we give it 3 billion every year, you don't think we have a right to say things about its policies?
Truthfully, Israel violates our sovereignty.

So, AtlanticIconoclast... you're for foreign aid and telling...

...other countries at to do...? No? Unless it's Israel apparently.

You just answered your own question. THAT is one of the many ways we violate Israel's sovereignty. We give 3 Billion to Pakistan, where they hid Bin Laden with CIA help, I don't hear you knocking Pakistan everyday on DP, or glad that we give them $$$ so we can control them.

Apparently you care more about bashing Israel than being a consistent libertarian. I highly doubt that most of the anti-Israel down-voters here with no responses are even Americans.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I focus on Israel because we

I focus on Israel because we have given Israel more aid consistently, than any other nation. Plus, who is going to speak out for the Palestinians if not Israel's benefactor? I have said many times that Israel has every right to do as it pleases, but that it should also face the consequences for its actions. But while it is still getting aid from us, Israel, and any other nation on the dole, should expect our "pressure."

You know the US spends more $ spying Israel...?

Than almost any other nation?

What would you call Eisenhower demanding Israel give back th captured Suez Canal?

What would you call Obama calling for reverting back to '67 borders?

What would you call the UN taking land from Israel to grant to 'Palestine'?

What is it when Obama & UN says Israel cannot build settlements on their own land?

I know there are lots of brainwashed Muslim sympathizers and neo-nazis who troll this site, looking to bash Israel at every turn, but how about arguing facts and points, instead of just lies, insults, and down-votes?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Ok, since I didn't first see

Ok, since I didn't first see your little equation of critiques of Israel with neo-nazism, I want to challenge YOUR vicious anti Arab bigotry.

"their own land"? huh? No

"their own land"? huh? No country, except Israel, believes that the West Bank and Gaza belong to Israel. And no, I don't think any past intervention in Israel's affairs was correct, unless it was receiving money from us. Also, you conveniently left out the fact that the US saved Israel in 1973 from the consequences of its expansionist war in 1967. Why did you leave that one out? I think YOU are the one with the consistency issue.

When our FRNs that come with STRINGS ATTACHED

When we subject Israel to the UN NWO and do not respect Israel's quest to be sovreign.

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them so-called strings

israel knows all about them,and yet,they have not given
them frn's back,nor have they said,we do not want them
they still take it from us,and then smile all the way to the bank
how much of the frn's go to the israeli citizens?
or does it all get put into their military?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

86% of Pakistan

wants nothing to do with US frns...

But that doesn't stop the ruling class there from taking the money... and hiding Bin Laden for the CIA or whoever you wanna say knew..

When you bribe corrupt Elitist globalists, they usually take the money... Doesn't really matter what nation or religion then, does it?

We don't think collectively about the US when the government does something crazy and unpopular. We should not think of Israel in the same way either.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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my comment was not collectivizing the lot in israel
but the topic,posts,and comments were about them
now if the topic was foreign aid,and i singled out israel that would be
collective and single minded
my comment was about their military,the military is a gov function,armed
fed and trained by the gov,this is what i had mentioned
so don't be thinking i singled every individual out,as you put it
when i talk of all foreign aid,it is the whole kit and kabootle ,not just one
land,one nation,but it mostly goes to gov's,just as you have said
you seem to think as the granger does,when another asks a question,its time to take the defensive stance,and act all irritated that another has
right to question anything israel
now had you minded to read my comment back to the granger,you would have seen more clarification about this

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Why would you want the FRNs back?

Do you have any idea how many products are Israeli that we use in America? http://www.buyisraelgoods.org/

I find products and food from Israel are superior to Chinese


But hey.. why not take a ;list to boycott Israel.. buy more Chinese instead

And here's a lame boycott list for you http://www.inminds.co.uk/boycott-israel.html (lower the quality of you life and use this list)

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that did not answer my question

so,what you are saying is basically,we should all buy israeli goods,because we already paid for them? we get to pay for them twice?
we give them 3 billion a yr,then get their goods shipped here,and we get to pay again,if we buy them,sounds like a double whammy
are we back to if i question you,i am automatically anti_whatever you are for? we shouldn't be
now,why would i want to boycott israel? makes no sense,if they have a product i want,i buy,if not,i will not just it because they created it
but that list WILL tell me what they do create
and why would i want the frn's back? why wold anyone want some of their stolen,extorted tax money back?,maybe because it was stolen,and done so without our consent?
it was wrong in the first place to give handouts to any foreign country
it is unconst,so against the law
it would be nice for the gov not to steal upwards of 75% of every workers wages in taxes

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

WE? No no no NOT WE You do what YOU want

I'm buying Israeli productss because I appreciate value and quality. You buy Chinese or whatever you want.. I don't care what you buy. I buy American, and local.. but I will tell you.. buying local has been very dissappointing.. and buying American is also disappointing because American companies are selling out..

America gives aid.. like the other day Obama gave $35 million to Kenya for a national ID. What will WE get back?

For all the aid we give, and the majority BTW goes to the UN, second is Egypt.. what do we get back?

We invest in Israel in the form of AID as strings.. You do not seem to understand that Israel is RICH in human resources.. they think out of the bpx, are competitive and their products proove that. So America invests in Israeli tech.. All the high tech we have in America has offices localed in Israel (and they pay well.. really well.. superior benefits too)

So it was wrong to give hand outs.. I don't disagree.. the hand outs were made. What do we do now? Some will boycott.. and me, I will invest.. and some lives will decline as mine continues to thrive.

Yes, it would be great for Rand Paul to be president to stop the handouts. I know you didn't say that.. but my STAND WITH RAND is to stop the handouts.. Israel really isn't interested in our handouts. We are interested in handing out...

Anti-Israel organizations like "If Americans Knew" twist what AID Israel gets and tries to paint it as if Israel was Kenya or the UN.. but IF Americans knew never talks about Kenya or the UN.. they only bash Israel.

I disagree and call BS on some of your claims

Israel has been used as the US's bitch. Most of what you said is just baseless. Israel behind 911? Why because they warned the US it was going to happen, like every other intelligence agency in the world did, then filmed it? So? They were there documenting it, so did the rest of the world. They knew before hand. So did our country and every other country. The Elite's anyway.

There is a NWO that doesn't give a crap about the US or Israel, that's true, and they are using Israel to start WW3... so how exactly is that Israel's fault? For existing?

No. It's the Satanic Globalist Elite who have no G-d but themselves. They have loyalty to no nation or people, except apparently, their master Satan who will allow them any earthly thing their heart desires so long as they are willing to do anything to get it... Get it?

Have you even read a bible? Or are you atheist, in which case, stay out of Abrahamic religions' BS.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

"There is a NWO that doesn't

"There is a NWO that doesn't give a crap about the US or Israel, that's true, and they are using Israel to start WW3... so how exactly is that Israel's fault? For existing?

No. It's the Satanic Globalist Elite who have no G-d but themselves. They have loyalty to no nation or people, except apparently, their master Satan who will allow them any earthly thing their heart desires so long as they are willing to do anything to get it... Get it?"

That's right except for being Israel's fault, it's not. Their only crimes are what they have done, what they are doing, and for that they will be punished as well.

The chips are being placed. Egypt is being stubborn.

They are resisting a takeover. Globalists want the entire world against eachother and Israel. This war is not about politics or even religion. Those are just a means to an end. The goal is total global governance to be implemented after a mass extermination through war and resource control. What better way to do this than to have Israel at the center if not the cause of the big war to come?

I do think religion has something to do with it, but...

I think the NWO is actually SATANIST.

It is the Evil Empire. Goes back at least to Pharoah who declared himself above G-d, and decaled himself god.

The secret knowledge of that empire was picked up & combined with the Greeks' when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. That empire morphed into the Roman Empire. That eventually morphed into the Holy Roman Empire and then the Divine Right Monarchies.

Rome co-opted the Jewish Messiah's teachings to consolidate power and control the revolutionary ideas the Messiah preached. They corrupted the Temple Sadducees, the money changers.

The Evil Emire, is always represented by the Phoenix, or the Eagle holding the World. Because they purposely destroy the civilizations they build, to destroy them to reap the harvest they have sewn. Then from the ashes arises the Empire anew.

The last Empire they built up was in the New World. There is only one step left. The Final Solution. The Whole World. The New World Order.

The bible talks EXACTLY about this fight! If that is not Satan I don't know what is. These people will stop at nothing for power to do their evil will. That is Satanic.

See the Cremation of Care ceremony, ala Bohemian Grove.

In every form or various cultural tradition it appears in... human sacrifice... the sacrifice of the conscience, to accomplish some selfish, worldly desire... is Satanism.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

The title is misleading

I agree with Granger on that, but it is a great video which not only describes the 'horrific' situation as defined by a neo-con but they also impose that belief onto Obama, as though Obama must somehow feel their exact outrage.

Undoubtedly the neo-con strategy won't change regardless, until nuclear bombs are raining down on Damascus and Tel Aviv.

Then we will have Anne Coulter telling the Israelis and Syrians not to worry about radioactive fallout because it's good for them!!!

Kinda sucks for Israel since their landbase is so small it would only take 1 nuke.

Russia, US and the rest would have to be carpet-bombed in a nuclear exchange.

It does not suck for Israel

Israel has not entangled itself.. has been very diplomatic.. has supported Assad, providing medical treatment, medicine and food to Assad's military.. has proven it will defend herself. China is buying Israel tech like crazy.. most recent I LOVE ISRAEL March China was HUGE.. largest body of marchers in the parade.. China has nothing but accolades of praise for Israel.. Russia has been beaten by Israel in two wars they attempted/started. Yom Kipper War Israel defeated Russian's best technology.. and then Israel outsmarted her.. Militaries are very leary of Israel.. against ALL odds, Israel wins.. so if this was a set up by all these nations against Israel.. she wouldn't worry.. It's NOT about Israel (though some here really really wish it was.. they want the communists to save us).

Granger, you are simply wrong

Granger, you are simply wrong to say that Israel has helped Assad. You are starting to make me think you ARE a disinfo agent after all. Why are Israel's biggest supporters in the Congress, ALL backing intervention AGAINST Assad?

Maybe you are the disinfo agent?




Who are Israel's biggest supporters in congress? Depends on what you call support. Is support, "We'll give you money to develope weapons but we control the weapons?

Zionist propaganda links


What sources do you want?

wiki? name your list of sources you respect. One of those links was Arab BTW.

And ask yourself,, are the links that I respect funded by Arab petrol dollars that prop up a UN dependent on Saudi oil?


When you miss the obvious, on a regular basis, it's hard to take you seriously.

propaganda: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

Did you ever watch Michael Moore's Fareinheit 911?

you might want to watch the Saudi part of that movie again.

Not going to watch a movie

What's your point?