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Aw, poor babies; Israel now faces Russia, China, Iran AND Syria.

Payback is hell, is it not?


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My point is

Saudi Arabis is the most highkly protected embassy in the USA and they have far more control than you think.. but when you go to fill up your gas tank.. KNOW, that gas is not from Israel.



Of course it suks for Israel!

Many of them have just woken up to the fact that they have just been shafted by their "brother Jews" in World Banking and the Military Industrial Complex!

That is incorrect Jill Booth

Most Israelis want a sovreign nation. They want to trade, not war, yet, like any patriot who owns a gun to defend themselves, Israel owns guns and will defend herself.

Maybe many of them woke up when Russia armed Egypt with state of the art military weapons and the equiped the Syrians with arms and started a two sided attack on Israel on a Holy Day, Yom Kippor, and within three days, the Russian tech had taken out most of Israel's tanks and defeated her airforce, and because it was a Holy Day, many of Israel's troops would not fight, and Russia and the Egyptians and Syrians knew Israeli's would not fight until after the HOLY day.. and so, they had their way, and were beating Israel badly, very badly.

So Golda Meir, who the IDF was not very happy with because she had this idea that Israel needed to give the world a new image, a "we are your friend", which most Israeli's understanding their history thought, "this is a crock".. and the Yom Kippor war was proving that Golda Meir's idea was a crock.. they had softened up, and they were being defeated.. Golda called president Nixon and begged him to help. Nixon went to his Sec of State, Kissinger and asked Kissinger, "What can we do to help Israel?" Kissinger said, "Let the Israelis bleed".

Nixon did not, "let the Israeli's bleed". He said that Meir's voice sounded like his mother's, and he recalled that his mother had told him long before he was president, "One day you will have the opportunity to help Israel, and when that day comes, help her." And so he did, despite Kissinger.. who let Nixon fall for Kissinger's own spy program.

Jews are people Jill Booth. There are many races, cultures, sexes, cults, interests, passions.. but one thing Israel has is a drive to be SOVREIGN. Yes, there are Jews in the UN who don't want to be sovreign, and I know many, many who come from America, and they are liberal, and have liberal dreams of Cumbaya for the world with this UN NWO (can't I see that a zoo allows all these different animals to get along in peace? Yes, however, as a human I do not want to be a specimen in a cage waiting for my next meal delivery).


So it's Jews who run the MIC? You can make the argument that there are a lot of Jews involved in controlling currency globally, but not so much the MIC. Even the Italian mob had Jewish money handlers. So did Caesar. Pharoah had his task-masters. That hardly means Jews are running the show.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I never said it was about Israel

I said if there is a mass nuclear exchange between multiple countries if the neo-cons keep pushing...

THEN it would suck for Israel if it were involved in a nuclear exchange since it has a small landmass, that is not attacking Israel that is only stating a fact.

I'm glad you are not Israel's defense minister, you really think technology would save Israel if ICBMs with nuclear payload were raining down on Tel Aviv? That is somehow defensible? Granger if you were leader of Israel operating on that policy Mossad itself would assassinate you in 5 minutes.

Have you ever seen or heard

about UFOs that difuse nuclear bombs?

I don't know what it will be, but I am sure, Israel will prevail.


Granger, my friend

It really is time to open your eyes to how manipulated Israel is, and how the open propaganda of those who are building their NWO, is swallowed
as "THE Truth".
There is NO defense about the takeover of a populated land, by a people who have NEVER had any right to it. Based on a deliberately, slyly reworded Bible.

You are saying Israel is manipulated

Very interesting that you would say this Jill Booth because those Israelis who are fighting for a sovreign nation would completely agree and why they resist the USA and UN NWO.

The NWO is being fueled by Saudi oil. Every time you get in your car and drive to a gas stattion you contribute to the UN NWO.

Populated land.. Palestine has ALWAYS BEEN OCCUPIED..


The first occupiers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriarchs_(Bible)

Oh, that's right, you don't trust wiki so here's another:




not until 960 CE did Islam come to conquor the Canaan, Romans had renamed Palestine (Philistein.. people who take back what they give. Indian givers) http://www.religionfacts.com/islam/timeline.htm

Arab timeline (refused to use the word Israel this is their first quest in the area 627: Mohammed kills 700 Jews of the tribe of Qurayza


Israel is very similar to the US...

and so are many / most nations in this regard; that very high positions of power are being occupied by elitist globalists.

They are working against the interest of their own nations / people, and working for the interests of fellow elites in other nations.

I actually think Israel is considerably less corrupted by the NWO than most nations. One of the reasons they are always in conflict.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Has supported Assad?

Since when is bombing Damascus supporting Assad?


How do you possibly justify completely making things up?

Defending Israel, Zionism, and whatever you like is fine. Lying is completely unacceptable. Its contemptible and intellectually bankrupt.

You then site China's love for Israel while citing communism as a threat? You really can't make this up....yet you do.


Israel did not bomb Damascus.. it bombed a military base near Damascus that was holding rockets from Russia.. unfortuneately the Syrians guards were killed.. 8 of them.. Had Israel bombed Damascus, millions of people would have been killed.

How do you justify completely making things up and twisting them?

You lied. Therefore you admit that what you are doing is completely unacceptable, contemptable and intellectually, and I'll add, ethically and morally bankrupt.

Yes, China LOVES Israel, because it's not about religion.. it's about profiting off advancement in technology, agriculture, engineering, arts and science.


This is the last time

I will engage a self serving imbecile like yourself.

One who corrects other's spelling and then claims dyslexia for themselves.

One who opens threads begging to be upvoted to assuage their own feelings of inadequacy.

One who makes claims without definition, without merit, without sources or reason.

Israel did indeed bomb Damascus. An offensive act of war against a sovereign dealing with a proxy insurgency that Irseal and firends fund, support, and manage. If you fail to see the lunacy of defending teh act, or understanding that Syria has every right to any and all Russia weapons it purchases under international law and standards (let alone defensive S300 systems), then you are worse off than you make yourself out to be here.

You and I, and everyone else on this thread, know I made nothing up. Twisted nothing. Trying to say "Israel did not bomb Damascus" is so beyond the pale it doesnt stand up to reason nor discussion. You are a fool. Evidenced by what you write. There is no way around it. I wish there was.

Your doublespeak above does nothing to sway anyone other than the blind and ignorant such as yourself.

Your ability to demonize China over and over and over, and then, to use their appreciation from Israel's contributions is more of the same.

Best of luck to you in your ignorant bliss.

Here is something I do not

Here is something I do not understand...

If Israel was in full control of the United States foreign policy, then why would they intentionally set multiple wildfires in their own backyard? Why would Israel want to deliberately destabilize the region?

Are we (Israel and the United States) intentionally drawing our enemies into a trap?

Why did Bill Clinton give the Chinese government America's, "nuclear secrets?"

Because they were obsolete?

I don't think that the Cold War ever ended.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Full Control?

Now, who told you dat? They're not in full control...they just have too much influence. They should have none. It is dwindling and is requiring more effort, I am very happy to tell you :)~

See Oded Yinon's ideas about

See Oded Yinon's ideas about destabilization.

put it up

show me.. are you talking about from 1982? thirty years ago?


http://www.opinion-maker.org/2012/08/the-yinon-thesis-vindic... You can google to see his work in his own words.

NWO globalists

Have infiltrated all nations & are working to destroy all nations and bring forth a New World Order.

Israel is being used as a tension point.

The NWO has compromised the US government and they are the UN. Through the US & UN they have largely dictated Israel's fate, not vice-versa. Israel is just trying to survive.

The Israel lobby in the US, aka John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lieberman, etc., are task-masters working for the NWO, not Israel.
They haved force Israel into dependence on the US. That allows the US to tell Israel what to do. When they can go to war, where they can build houses for their people, what their borders will be, etc, etc.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

What does this have to do with Israel?

Over 4 minutes into this drama and no Israel yet...

Beautiful tape of the Chinese troops...

Kudlow report claimed it is an IN YOUR FACE to Obama.

Chinese missles and tanks.. really percison drills by the Chinese

It appears to be a grand military parade in China from 2011

Hey,, drones. wow

over 5 minutes of Chinese parade.. still no Israel

Gee, look what China is doing with USA consumer FRNs..

Now we are seeing Chinese weapons demonstrations.. must be military appreciation parade and show day a few years back

11 minutes into this no Israel

13 minutes Chinese are blowing up their own jets..

then they blow up a rocket lancher. and then it went boom

OH WOW a nuclerar bomb!!! Real old footage there.

And in the end, we have China destroying the stature of liberty.

So where ws the Israel part?

Bob, you don't know much about Israel's foreign relations.. you apparently don't know Istrael is helping Assad's military with medical help and food...

But you did make clear.. you hate Israel.

There is 1 mention of Israel

In the entire clip.

The focus is much more on the US, and if true it is a decent analysis too.

I bet the vein in John McCain's forehead is throbbing and pulsating uncontrollably hah!

Someone cheering FOR Gog and Magog?

What an odd, odd world.


Well, Bob-45 has a history of being anti Israel and a Hitler Sympathizer, though he may not be blunt about it. Read his comments from last year on this post: http://www.dailypaul.com/260925/was-the-invasion-of-normandy...

My thought exactly!