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Obama executive order requires federal gov't employees to learn to spy on co-workers, to prevent more WikiLeaks-type disclosures

The familiar command 'If you see something, say something' has been moved into the federal government's workplaces, according to a new report.

The government's Insider Threat Program, a comprehensive initiative that stretches across 5 million security-cleared employees of all federal agencies and their contractors, was brought to life following an executive order from President Obama in 2011. He issued the directive after Army Private Bradley Manning sent untold numbers of classified documents to the anti-secrecy WikiLeaks website.

The initiative asks federal government employees to spy on their co-workers, reporting to program agents on their unusual behaviors, strange attitudes, financial troubles and unprecedented travel - all indicators that a 'high-risk' person might be engaged in espionage or other leaking of secret materials in a way that might cause 'harm to the United States.'


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Obama is such a pussy!

What a fearful shit-pants little coward.

Goddamn. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The federal government is goin' outta style... and they know it!

What would the Founders do?

Evidently obama has read the

Evidently obama has read the book 1984 and is using it for a model for his government

It's almost as silly as AttackWatch was

"Sign up now and get your free, complimentary brown shirt!"