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Adobe Doing the Dirty with the NSA

All is not well in Zion. We all know that the NSA is finishing the data center in Utah and the Snowden thing has everyone looking at Google and Facebook. But what about Adobe?

The connection is Omniture. Omniture, a Utah based data analytics company started by Josh James and John Pestana, was bought by Adobe in 2009 for $1.8 billion. I met John Pestana in 2007 while studying Entrepreneurship at BYU. He is an amazing guy, a very dedicated Ron Paul supporter, and is bank rolling the Libertas Institute, a Utah based austro-libertarian think tank. But I think I know what opened his eyes.

Omniture is everywhere. Look at the cookies on your machine. You will find Omniture and Adobe Insight cookies by the hundreds. Omniture is THE platform for crunching through massive amounts of data in real time. And we all know that the NSA data center has plenty of data to crunch. My curiosity got the better of me when last year Adobe built a massive campus within spitting distance of the location of the NSA facility.

I've got to give props to Adam Curry of the No Agenda Show for digging up a white paper by Adobe. This white paper is about Adobe Insights, Adobe's rebranding of Omniture... for use by government data thugs. Here are a few choice quotes from the white paper:

Government agencies and organizations need close to real-time access to data as it’s collected to respond effectively to issues that analysis reveals.

Dedicated government agency analysts, including those in law enforcement and military organizations, perform regular intelligence analyses that are critical to the day-to-day operations and stability of the country. These analysts assemble and process data from myriad sources that include open sources like the Internet and closed sources such as intelligence records in government databases.

In addition, intelligence analysts must identify patterns and persons of interest from billions of raw data points. They need to quickly combine cell phone, Global Positioning System (GPS), email, and call detail records to produce valuable intelligence, and they need to explore vast volumes of data without the help of a large IT team creating a new view or cube for every new question that arises.

Every phone call, credit card transaction, and visit to a website creates a data point that is collected and stored in a different system.

The second issue is that the data is in a multitude of disparate data types. Transactional data that provides information about events, such as credit card purchases, the details of a cell phone call, or an airline flight booking. There is also streaming data, or a continuous flow of log-type information that follows movement, such as a web log that streams information on what a user is doing!every page visited, every click, every item viewed, and so forth. Lastly, unstructured data is constantly being generated¸ such as blogs, comments on articles, discussion forums, email, and other socially driven communication and commentary. Combining these disparate data types into one common environment for analysis is a daunting task.

Adobe Insight combines the ease of use and graphical sophistication made popular by the interactive entertainment industry with the raw data processing power of parallelized real-time computing. [This] breakthrough combination of interactive visualization and real-time data analysis capabilities is disruptive technology that can redraw the capabilities of government and private sector alike.

Download the white paper here.

Now there is one more thing I want to look into. John Pestana is a good guy, a friend of liberty, and has donated a LOT of money behind the scenes. I think this relationship with Adobe is what woke him up. Now, what about his partner, Josh James? Josh James is building another company, DOMO. DOMO is Omniture for business intranets. It's purpose is to crunch through the massive amounts of data within companies. Is it possible that Josh James is going to cash out by empowering government to peep inside closed, highly secure networks? In a day when the IRS will be dictating health insurance requirements, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

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Flashback to the 80's

I sold computers in the early 80's (Apple //, Osbornes, Timex Sinclair (2k of RAM), Vic 20, C 64. I still own an Epson QX-10 that works (CP/M).

In the early days of PC's, everyone who had a dumb terminal on their desk rushed out to buy one, in order to escape from the tyranny of the network.

I've been asking, for a few dacades, now, "What have we done?" My customers hated the network: it caused problems. They couldn't wait to have a personal computer, not connected to anyone else.

I LOVE the Internet--it's what made the Ron Paul campaign and this very website possible. But there is also a cost.

I can tell you that from then until now, I always turn off my PC when it's not in active use, partly because I've seen monitors catch on fire (twice), and partly because I don't want it making any decisions without me.

I'll only love the 'net while it's free.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

A Sinclair kit was my first

A Sinclair kit was my first

Fell in love with networks with windows 3.11 and haven't had a clue since.
The idea of my unknown programs connecting to the internet when they want, without my knowledge, talking to unknowns really irks me. At one time I installed something that asked permission for every connection but that made the web useless so I now only use Startpage and NoScript (thanks DP).

Has someone written a screen saver that searches random words or has anyone made a virus that hiddenly sends the dangerous words that could gigo meaningful data compilation by any of our large brother buddies.

just wondering.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Adobe has a great PhotoShop and other products BUT CAREFUL

That said they have been doing whats called
calling home for years

They(Adobe) are worse than sony at spying and adding things. with out your total permission.
The permission is like IRS hidden in the 25 pages of click here to install.

Remember it was Sony's programers that created the first Root kit malware that opened the door for all the hackers.

Now on to a fix or two.
easiest may be a firewall program, and just block everything that goes out, or only one time.

Or what our admin does is ad the blocks to the host file on all the computers

GOOGLE "Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File" and get to work the thing you will discover is Adobe is not your friend they like to see whats up with your computer you may also find that they are bigger than your think. Alot of websites will not load because they are tied to Adobe

Bad boys all about money for them at your loss!

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

Bravo HanginWithRothbard!

Terrific report!

Ed Rombach

I commend you for mentioning

I commend you for mentioning where you got the information from, but a link to the show would drive more traffic. People are much more likely to click an interesting link than do a search.


I wish there was a thread discussing each show, it's only on twice a week. I just finished listening to the last episode. Brilliant breakdown of what is probably the reason behind the abortion legislation in Texas (insurance payoffs by making the abortion clinics become 'surgical centers' and raising the costs) and also a really interesting discussion about the groups that actually write legislation on behalf of corporations and then pass it off to legislators to introduce.

Live show is every Thursday and Sunday at noon Eastern time. http://noagendastream.com/


Adam Curry has been at the cutting edge of truth for decades. The title is apt. He appeals to left and right in his open inquiries.

Good Suggestion


Thanks for the suggestion. I added the link to the post. Though it was show 521.

Best first post by DPer in a long time!

Please do us all a favor, and post more!

Plus, this post kind of pissed me off, because I'm a HUGE Adobe Creative Suite fan, and my livelihood depends on it. I just signed up for Adobe's Cloud service and I can only imagine who's snooping on all the work I produce using Adobe software.

:/ buzz kill

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


No doubt Adobe flash cookies serve a purpose

for tracking/real time data monitoring.. etc.

The simple rule of thumb is: All the fortune 500 tech companies are in bed with the NSA, otherwise they would not have been allowed to rise to that level, with out the preferred partner stock market manipulation.

All roads lead to the Federal Reserve.

Note: use "flash block" Mozilla ad-on to replace flash object with a button you can click on if you want them to load.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

NSA Coming to an iPhone Near You

Steve Jobs was very resistant to Flash being installed on iOS, but now Adobe's last CTO was just named VP of Technology at Apple. And the state grows stronger.

"flash block" doesn't

stop the application from downloading,it just prevents the flash from appearing unless you give it permission.

Ron Swanson

This is why when you blog a

This is why when you blog a lot like me, you structure your comments with anticipation they will be processed and read by people you understand psychologically. You always want to be fucking with their minds.

One of the tricks I've learned is, you should use comment edit capability quite often like I do. Go back and re-edit your comment as much as you see fit. It really screws with their systems.

Got that NSA?

It's very possible...

It's very possible that Josh James will cash in and let the government snoop... if he doesn't let them, they will force him. either way the government is going to snoop.

Thank you for bringing Adobe into the light. They do reach a lot of devices out there...

BTW, You mentioned in chat this is your first post and I have to agree with Bill3 that it is a decent, if not great, first post.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Welcome to the community

Great post!

some of this i don't

some of this i don't understand but i can tell its good grassroots investigative journalism. this the kind of content that makes a site like DP maximize its potential. we need more posts like this. and i think its HanginWRothbard's maiden post aka broke cherry.

Wow, big bump and props for this post

You always see those adobe updates. Now you know.