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Was Michael Hastings killed by a drone strike? (Pure speculation)

What if this was a drone strike?

Honestly it does kind of fit the situation, it would account for the engine being blown out. Wouldn't the missile follow the heat of the engine? It's only speculation, I really don't know. But wow, if that's the case, Obama wasn't kidding when he pushed for NDAA an making America inclusive in the battlefield.

The shitty part about this whole thing, is IF this whole extralegal execution idea were true, and IF somebody in the CIA or FBI that knew about this wanted to tell the media, they would never be able to speak up about it, else they would have a life living in an airport terminal.

Why the crackdown on the leakers?

All "state department" and federal intelligence personnel could face criminal charges if they do not report someone they suspect of wrong intentions. Does that sounds like an establishment with good intentions. An entity that threatens their employees with jail if they don't snitch their suspicions about their peers? Sounds like an extreme version of elementary school.

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I think it was some remote control that caused it to speed up and look like an accident before it blew up and before it hit the tree.

He's Not A Leaker

He's a whistleblower.

I believe somebody in the government decided to have Hastings taken out. Don't know about who or what agency, but he was obviously becoming too much of a thorn in the side.

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