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Above the Law by Andrew P. Napolitano,

Fidelity to the rule of law is the centerpiece of a free society. It means that no one is beneath the protection of the law and no one is absolved of the obligation to comply with it. The government may not make a person or a class of persons exempt from constitutional protections, as it did during slavery, nor may it make government officials exempt from complying with the law, as it does today.

Everyone who works for the government in the United States takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws written pursuant to it. In our system of government, we expect that Congress will write the laws, the courts will interpret them and the president will enforce them. Indeed, the Constitution states that it is the president’s affirmative duty to enforce the law. That duty is not an abstract formulation. Rather, it means the president cannot decline to enforce laws with which he disagrees or whose enforcement might cause him or his political allies to lose popularity. It also means the president cannot make up his own version of the law as a substitute for what the Constitution commands or Congress has written.


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i find it very interesting

i find it very interesting that this was linked by Debra Medina on Facebook....

Debra, are you watching??? Perhaps a DailyPaul member????

PLEASE run for governor here in TX!!!

im not positive, but

I think she is running for State Comptroller.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

The Rule of 40,000 Laws.

The Rule of 40,000 Laws. Which ones do I chose to abide by?

Egypt's change of regimes was a classical insurrection assisted by the military. Hopefully that's how ours goes.


"..assisted by the military?".. it was accomplished by the military.
I cannot fathom... how 'ours' could possibly 'go' that way... can you?
please 'paint' me a scenario... using the MIplex.. good luck.
I wanna believe.
I really do.
I'm going to 'fantasize' about a scenario..
it would be the Sargent at Arms in some Congressional setting
placing Obama under arrest.
Here's one for ya...

There are only a few "Laws"

The rest are Rules and Regulations.


As I understand the Egypt situation, this was plain and simply a coup and the old us gang is now back in charge. And it seems to have already happened here long ago, the military complex seems to be in full charge.