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"I've got a story"

I've got a story that has a happy ending.

"About 15 years ago, I was at a house party hosted by this guy "Jimmy" at his parents' house in a middle-class rural part of the Bay Area. He had this party every year, informed his neighbors (and most of his neighbors were there).

Then the cops come, citing a "noise complaint." We guests deferred to the cops, but "Jimmy" called bullshit. He said everyone within earshot was at the party, so who complained? The cops didn't have any answer, but told him to keep it quiet.

The cops left, and Jimmy told the DJ to carry on.

About a half hour later, the cops came back, and they were really pissed off. They were led by a football player jock type who took personal offense at Jimmy continuing the party. His reaction was to burst in the door and put various people in headlocks until he found Jimmy.

Jimmy's reaction was not contrite. "Get the fuck out of my house, you're trespassing" was roughly what he said. The cop said "C'mere you punk, you're going in." Jimmy squirmed out of his grasp and shot out the side door with the one cop in pursuit.

The house was on a lagoon. Jimmy dove into the lagoon, chased by the cop, leaving the guests and a few less-agro cops in the house. Eventually, the jock cop comes back in, soaked to the skin and covered in lagoon muck, but without Jimmy. He had fucking steam pouring out of his ears he was so pissed. Then his colleagues gather him up and they go outside.

Then Jimmy sneaks back in the house, showers and changes clothes. Then 7am rolls around, at which point noise complaints are invalid, so the music cranks up again. The cops sit outside impotently. The jock cop was told to go back to station, while his colleagues try and do damage control. "We just want to make sure your friend Jimmy is safe." We explained, "Now that he's not being chased by that jock cop anymore, he's a lot safer than he was." But in an attempt to make sure, they launched a coast guard helicopter (at probably tremendous cost) that hovered over the lagoon for an hour, never finding Jimmy who was sitting on the deck with us, all of us pissing ourselves laughing.

Eventually there was a court case. In the case, many character witnesses from this small, tight-knit community came out in support of Jimmy, as well as all of the neighbors verifying there had been no noise complaint.

The best part: as a result of this, that jock cop was {curse-ing} fired!! I [shitake] you not.

Being white middle class in America is a virtue, to be sure. If we'd been black, the story would be very different. And I doubt anyone could get away with that now, regardless of race.

Note from OP* This was a comment posting from the Salon.com story exposing epic police brutality and overly incompetent SWAT raids on innocent civilians at wrong addresses etc

Militarized Police Overreach



Since I'm posting a comment and not an article, I hope it's okay to post in its entirely, if not then I sincerely apologize

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Good story, and race does

Good story, and race does play a factor in our justice system, unfortunately, both ways.

Southern Agrarian