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Guess who was a Senior Campaign Advisor to #RonPaul 2012

Yep, Bruce Fein, lawyer of Lonnie Snowden, now helping Edward Snowden (as best one can)

Bruce Fein

Title: Constitutional lawyer

Relationship to Snowden: Lawyer for his father, Lonnie Snowden

Where he can be found: Washington DC

Education: Harvard Law School

Career highlights: Associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan

Likes: Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Social network: Senior policy adviser to Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign

In his own words: "The purpose of engaging me wasn't simply to have his son come back. It was also, 'What can we do to walk away from the precipice of a leviathan state where nothing is private anymore and which operates in the kind of secrecy we associated with China or Russia?'"


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At the 2008 Rally For the Republic, I was a volunteer and was...

...assigned to assist Bruce Fein to the stage and back when it was his turn to give a speech..

He gave what I thought was one of the finest speeches that day quoting John Quincy Adams' great speech about the first 50 years of U.S. foreign policy.

And how we should not go abroad searching for monsters to destroy.

But we forgot that lesson under the rotted Woodrow Wilson.

Fein is a very intelligent man.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Saw him speak at

CPAC 2011. Was prepared to be blown away. Walked away wondering how legit he is. Can't say I trust the guy.

9/11 FBI Whistlebower Sibel Edmonds

wrote about Bruce Fein during the Doctor's last run at the presidency. This guy had global clients that are pretty shady and she was concerned about just how sincere he was working for Dr. Paul


Ya, I know who: the

AIPAC lawyer that was hired by RonPaul2012 campaign saboteur in chief Jesse Benton.

This Snowden thing already smelled bad, this just further confirms my suspicions...

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Thank You!

I can't understand why "we the people" are not looking very, very closely at the people AROUND Mr Snowden.
I am completely undecided about Snowden himself....patsy or pawn? Is he or isn't he?
But I am in no doubt that the people and events that have sprung from the
so called "Whistle Blow", are rotten to the core.
Remember Koney? That very nearly worked.
Have the CIA got it "right" this time?

I wish some GOOD ATTORNEY would defend

Dzhokhar. He came to court with a swollen eye & cheek, and a broken arm yesterday. There were NO PHOTOS allowed, as they didn't want the public to see him, so they allowed a sketch artist. Of course, there would be questions, public questions, and the FEDS, the SUPER TYRANTS....don't want that.

But, there seems to be NOT ONE FAMOUS ATTORNEY, OR GOOD ATTORNEY who wants to defend the defenseless.

We're talking about his LIFE, for God's sake! Oh, what's the use...

Who said Bruce Fein

was GOOD????

Come on Guys

This is the BBC reporting...one of the biggest propagandists of all time!

Did you read your article Jill Booth

This is a paragraph from the article you posted:

Fein is a scholar for the American Enterprise Institute, which is closely connected to AIPAC, a main lobby for Israeli interests. Fein’s business associations largely consist of foreign governments and large oil conglomerates, all of which seem to be strange bed fellows for a “constitutional lawyer” of the United States.

Yeah I did Granger, did you?

...or did you get as far as "friend of Israel"...and decided right off that he was a Good Guy?
Strange that as an avid Dr Paul supporter, you completely ignored the very likely sabotage to Dr Paul's campaign?
What do you think was more important in 2012, the election of Dr Paul, or being a "friend" to Israel?

How did I ignor it

I am a republican and I saw the GOP sabotage Ron.. I was personally attacked, saw many people attacked, shunned, sabotaged, threatened by our own committees.. I fought my own GOP damn hard.. and that is why I'm saying it was the GOP that undid Ron.

I recently became a friend of Israel.. I'm only a few months into this.. I started digging deep and now I understand WHY Ron Paul says Israel is our friend. If you believe SOVREIGNITY is a good thing.. maybe you will dig deep too?

Seriously, even if there was

Seriously, even if there was internal sabatoge it was NOTHING compared to the outright rigging by the media and GOP. As far as Israel, why do you think the GOP hates us? Lol.

Ventura 2012


So many of us have a "Palestinian" mind set.

Would you want to be a Palestinian even if Israel did NOT exist?

Regardless of the merits you

Regardless of the merits you just made my point. GOP run by no-compromise Israel firsters. Palestinians, who cares? What about our entire middle east foreign policy?

Ventura 2012

I'm not an Israeli firster

If you don't care, then what are you some kind of heartless hater?

No compromise Israel?

I'm coming to the conclusion that God LOVES those who LOVE Israel and those who do not LOVE Israel have nothing but hate and fear.

You're proving that. Now humor me and tell me, ypou don't believe in God. You have serious problems and blaming Israel only means you don't know how to THRIVE.. just hate and fear.

It's not getting you very far.. so why do it?

Why not find ONE thing to LOVE about Israel today? I can make o list of things to LOVE about unoccupied Palestine.. how about you give me ONE sincere honest thing you LOVE about Israel and I'll match you?

Peace be with you.

No one called you an Israel firster, crazy girl.

When I say I dont care, I mean its is a small issue compared with the big issue of the war with the middle east. Of course I care about the individuals being killed. Try to read in context, you are in hysterics right now. I believe in God which is why I wont support mass murder just because an interpretation of the Bible funded by self-interested special interest lobbies from Israel tell me to.

I love Israeli women ;)

Ventura 2012

Mass murder by who?

I believe many here feed the murdering beast, by siding with the UN, which is Palestine's government's biggest flaw.

Palestine government history is overlooked too many times http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRER1UfGH3g

Have you seen that YouTube? Did you know that?

US, Israel, and Al Qaeda

US, Israel, and Al Qaeda allies, for Israel/Neocon interests.

Yes I knew some Arabs joined with Hitler. Ive listened to Michael Savage for 10 years, how could I not know lol.

Ventura 2012

no no no

Israel has been fighting a NWO for ever, and remains fighting a NWO.. Israel refused to give up it's sovreignity to the UN.

I have never listened to Savage.

Neocons are for a UN NWO.. they say they are for Israel, but as Ron Paul pointed out, they are for controlling Israel with FRN blackmail.

Lol Robert Mugabe was

Lol Robert Mugabe was "Fighting the UN" too and "refused to give up sovereignty". You are living in a tortured fantasy land of warped ideas. Israel is bombing Syria to put in Al Qaeda, all you need to know about who is globalist controlled.

Ventura 2012

Oh Granger my dear,

maybe you should stop digging, and come up for air, and feel the sunshine.
Just WHO do you think "directs" the GOP??
There is no GOP with Teeth, the are no Democrates with Teeth.
Bruce Fein is a Washington Whore, pimping his ass to the highest bidder.
As for Ron Paul, and Israel being our friend...true, but I can't find where he said the Zionist driven, Military Industrial Banking cartels are our friends.

Many people who do not agree with each other

I just has a thought.. I'm in the leadership of my GOP and I'm a zionist.. so maybe it's that zionists lead because we WORK, we are not blaming, but striving to thrive.

So I don't know which comes first the zionist or the success, but LOVING Israel appears to have some kind of magic.

Instead of blaming Jews and Zionists.. why not find LOVE for Israel and join those who work to make the world they live in a better place? Why remain in Hell on Earth when LOVE is the answer?

Bruce Fein is a straight-up good guy.

He spoke at the Rally for the Republic in 2008.


Bruce Fein is a mixed bag

On one hand his job career has had him lobbying for some seedy organizations...

On the other hand, he talks a great talk on civil liberties and constitutional gov't.

Care to expand?


yeah, for info on his seedy

yeah, for info on his seedy business in washington check out

For the other side of bruce fein, check out this amazing speech:

I wonder if Ron Paul

I wonder if Ron Paul contacted Snowden's father and recommended a good lawyer.

somehow I doubt it.

..as it seems that Bruce Fein may well have been the very person who killed the Paul campaign.

How did Fein single handedly "kill tha Paul campaign"?

As a Rerpublican, it was the GOP who "killed the Paul campaign".