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How Washington State Circumvents the Fourth Amendment and the .08 Threshhold for the Signs They Post as Limit;

Litecoin Donation if you think it's worthy. Freedom Ain't Free.

So time goes by. I thought I had acquired a mere $30 of Bitcoin or a digital currency early on. I thought I was doing something early on as a hedge bet with digital currency. I thought I bought it to hold in case the banks collapse. I thought I heard hey $30 could be worth a million someday, so I thought I bought.
A few things happened since then and I forgot. In the back of my head, I recall the early Bitcoin and I thought I would be getting a digital chip or token, like a casino chip. The good news is I am thinking there is a USB and somebody told me to put it in a safe spot. So we are talking 2009-2013. That isn't so long ago, and nobody would have thought the Bitcoin would have a run like it did in such a short time. But that is a long time ago when you have to go off of memory.
So there will be no Bitcoin acceptance speech, as there are a few things I would like to say, but that is not going to happen, I have realized.

I had a few things happen, a death in the family, which then prompted selling the house to avoid going under water and to protect what equity was left. I had plans for Arizona and a sustainable (not in an Agenda 21 way either) future. I had plans of cutting out the banksters, the mortgage industry, and their cohorts in crime, government (yes government), for their role in the housing meltdown. That includes their lopsided appraisals and the tax they brought in on ill gotten gains. I mean we all saw how drunk local, county, state, and Federal government got during the boom. We saw the emergence of the Police State during the last decade. But everybody had their gadgets, Harley's, cabins in the mountains, so all was fine right. I could see the $200 dollar bottles of wine the more I headed east. Yah drunk.

The early part of 2009, I caught a buzz too, honing my homebrewing skills, typically making 2 batches at a time and advancing into carbonics, so maybe I was no different, but I also knew a family member was getting up there so stuck very close to home. Was a sad time, I knew I had changes coming, including putting the house up for sale to live another day. The economy for me had changed drastically on October 15th 2008 and people showed their true colors.

I remember thinking I bought some digital currency but never intended on spending it. Now, I am not so sure that I didn't just move it into an exchange and it just sat there, as I never intended to buy any Starbucks coffee with Bitcoin. I don't even like Starbucks. OK, so I was ignorant and not tech saavy. But I was into the economics and the hedge bet, and recall a study group discussing competing currencies, and pretty damn sure I didn't miss out. I just can't find record of it.

Then I start finding out about a wallet.dat file. I couldn't find a wallet.dat file if i wanted to. I mean I couldn't find anything if I didn't save it and put it in My Documents, I was that bad, but then again, didn't sweat it, I never intended on buying anything. And this is one reason I am hoping there is an exchange that lost contact with me, but I'll never know. It's long gone.
I had a computer crash and lost a great deal, by then you just want to get up and running for work to avoid the pile up thereafter, last thing I am worrying about is $30 in Bitcoins or some wallet.dat I never intended on using.

So I go searching for over 6 hours in a time consuming method of extraction. I can only make it in about 1/3 of the way and the project is overwhelming and it becomes impossible. Could this be a flaw in Bitcoin perhaps? Nobody to talk to? Or is this a lesson in personal responsibility?

As a person who believes in personal responsibility, I am having to remind myself of this. My ignorance can't blame others. The fact that I can't even get to my stuff, rather than simply walk to a back room and look, is not Bitcoins problem. But then you hear assholes like BOA pegging Bitcoin at $1300 and then I started thinking.

The fact that I got sick of Microsoft's lack of quality and consistency in quality of product is not to blame for me reformatting to Linux Mint. Then again, the vulnerabilities and the sudden takeover of my computer with updates is not to blame for me losing the wallet.dat file either. Nobody said I had to move to Linux once I realized the closed system of Microsoft isn't the option I want in life, not from what I have seen or what they have done with their profits. But that's not to blame for long lost files. So the technology is frustrating over the years, exchanges have been hacked, people have been wiped out in their Bitcoin accounts, etc. But at least you can do a disputed charge at Visa, right?

There is no acceptance speech being that I found no USB in a needle in a haystack, in fact, I doubt I ever will. I am not going to get upset, was only $30 and maybe I'll get lucky one day when I have access. But what caused the destruction of my home equity, to get me to the point I had to cut and run? To have to make tough decisions? To make decisions to live another day? I had a neighbor that bought a house in summer of 2008 and probably a year later the family was likely 100k under water. The criminals at BOA and Chase and WAMU were predatory for an entire decade (at their peak) and when you called lawmakers to say enough is enough, more than one (of their aids) said you won't complain about it when you go to sell. Like they were fine with the status quo, and they were, that's why I know they were in on it. But in reality it caused the market to plummet, took me 14 months to sell my house, but I got out.

The assholes at BOA can peg Bitcoin at $1300. All I know is that after not finding Bitcoins and looking at the fraud of the Banksters that continues to this day, with not a single one of them being held accountable or charged for their treason against America, the very big brother nature of it all, even to the extent that you can dispute charges in a heavily regulated banking industry, doesn't amount to anything. The housing meltdown is on them not the American public. They kept up their stunts. They will continue to devour people and then hold back foreclosed houses they own in the market, to further manipulate the housing markets, be it Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Detroit. They reaked havoc on families, created homelessness, caused situations where dogs were left behind in foreclosed houses. I wonder how many divorces it caused from the mess they created? Many in California got chased town to town in the RVs they bought after their new found homelessness. And you think I'm going to sit and bitch about losing $30 of Bitcoin? You think I am going to blame the technology I was so ignorant about to the point I may have made a real boner move? I have to take responsibility. But when I look at why I can't get to my stuff and the situation that caused this, and why I even hedged, thinking I was in early on a competing currency, I am feeling better about why. Unfortunately there is no acceptance speech cause then it would be a little better than this. They are gone. But the reasoning is still there and I'd like to call out the criminal banksters for what they are and for what they have done. That is what I accept. This is what I know.

I don't know about pegging Bitcoin at $1300 because BOA is irrelevant. All I know is that BOA is not worthy of doing business with ever.

I've already learned to cut them out and to look to alternatives.

Am I rushing out to buy Bitcoin today? No. Am I upset about having a computer meltdown, having 2 banks shut down by the FDIC, creating busy work for me in this time period as well, losing paper trails galore, disorganizing me further? Seems their attacks are over. Seems the attacks on the computer and the vulnerabilities are over, I ditched Microsoft products. These are the lessons in life I walk away with. Beats the status quo.

If there is a will there is a way. If there is a way in, there is a way out. To live another day, to realize the alternatives that exist, to learn new technology and organization, this might be good enough. But the Bitcoins are gone.

I'd rather see the Federal Reserve gone. I'd rather see TAX FREE PROPERTY. I'd rather see freedom. Compare that to a corrupt banking system, with corrupt courts, and a corrupt government that has been in on it, ramping up the police state, yah I would rather see freedom. At least Bitcoin can offer freedom as compared to what we have seen. That doesn't mean that Bitcoin will not be vulnerable or have glitches, but it is an alternative, and that is good enough. People have a choice, open source currency or fiat dollars and debt based currency and a government that does nothing when the banksters defraud. Just know what you are getting into. Know the security issues. Don't risk more than you can afford. Live debt free.

How Washington State Circumvents the Fourth Amendment and the .08 Threshold for the Signs They Post as Limit; A Statistical Analysis in but One State

We live in a state that advertises with signs and with many government agencies that the limit for alcohol consumption is .08% while operating a motor vehicle. I would also like to add that nobody condones drinking and driving. But this is not the subject matter or the point of facts.

Read through the articles or watch the headline news, and you will find that drinking and driving continues to be a problem in Washington State. There are many tragic accidents and many needless deaths associated with drinking and driving. This much is true. But amongst these sad statistics, perhaps hidden from public view, lurks other statistics.

I wanted to look further into justice, for the sake of justice, and I wanted to see for myself an unbiased view of information that goes beyond the drunken stupor of driving in the wrong direction on the freeway, or needlessly killing people or injuring others.

There is great talk of making stiffer penalties for Driving Under the Influence and for Vehicular Homicide and for this I wanted to look into some statistics before any further debate. These are serious charges and crimes. They are not to be taken lightly.

Before any debate takes place, it is important to review these statistics, for the sake of statistical analysis, but also for the sake of justice and fairness. It is our lawmakers responsibility to write just and rational laws, but from the statistics gathered from the Washington State Department of Licensing, they paint a picture of uncertainty and potentially many cases of legal limbo based upon irrational law making, based on no standard that is generally made public to the citizens of this state, and for that, I wish to present the facts. The people of the State of Washington deserve an OPEN and TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT.

The purpose of this essay is to describe the many statistics as it relates to Driving Under the Influence for alcohol related incidents only and for those over 21 only, so as to not confuse different standards and situations, while the purpose also intends to analyze this data as it relates to the discussion of whether stiffer penalties need to be imposed further with regard to Driving Under the Influence and Vehicular Homicide, or whether to argue that the current laws are disingenuous and that there are no clear standards in place at current time, let alone warranted for further discussion of increased penalties, meaning stiffer sentencing guidelines and prison sentences.

I will argue that these statistics will show the unfairness and legal jeopardy citizens could face, including many innocent citizens, and that the entire subject matter and law making process needs to be revisited, redone, and based on clear and concise data. Given the costs and what is at stake, I think this subject matter warrants that.

As I stated, one would think that the laws for DUI are clear. After all the media says the DUI limit is .08%. The signs say .08% LIMIT, but then just review the statistics and ask yourself what comes into question should they move towards stiffer penalties and increased enforcement. Perhaps the statutes should be lowered to Zero Tolerance, or perhaps a lower standard such as .05%, but I think this is reasonable based on the statistics reviewed. There needs to be a clear law and officer discretion should be removed to eliminate the conflict of interest. That goes for the courts too.

The other point I would like to make is the amount of cases in the state for 2008, 2009, and 2010, based on the statistics reviewed. When you match up the statistics with Prosecutor’s recommended guidelines for sentencing, one must also consider the amount of hours for all involved, the budgets, the amount of human resources, lawyer time and lawyer bills, and all else involved. But these statistics will speak for themselves, and then it is fair for the argument to begin.

These statistics are for all DUI’s in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Again all are for those individuals over 21 and alcohol related only. These statistics alone are for those under the .08 so called “limit”.

The DOL has provided the statistics, and they speak volumes. I need not add commentary. But there are a few things worth explaining first. The convictions for DUI’s, as reported back to the DOL by the courts paint part of the picture, but not all of it. Not all of the 2010 court cases are finished, so therefore that information is not included for that reason, so it is not 100% accurate. Another factor to consider, according to the DOL, is that “This is due (to) charges being reduced from DUI to some lesser charge (there are more than 100 different types of alcohol-related charges that get posted to people’s records here at DOL and many do not carry any information about BAC.”

Here is the Data Assumptions as provided by the DOL:



What these statistics point out, and given not all of 2010 column is complete and not accounted for, is that roughly 3% of all DUI charges are for those individuals that were under .08%, a relatively low percentage in terms of the scope, however a rather large figure, given that the majority of citizens believe that the current DUI limit is .08% and also a significant number given the large amount of DUI’s annualy. Again, these are serious crimes and stiff penalties and legal costs can be in the thousands, while jobs and reputations may be at stake, so one must consider the standard of the law as it relates to these statistics. And despite that so called standard, these statistics reveal that nearly 3% of all violations are for those under the limit.

The following are statistics provided by the DOL that are just the first two pages for 2008 & 2009. As you can see there are many DUI’s well under .08%, and again not all results are in from 2010 cases so they are not provided. Another thing worth mentioning is that these lists are not 100% accurate in that they do not include all cases where no BAC information exists for one reason or another, including the accused not submitting to a BAC or perhaps the results were not provided for other reasons, though I am not sure if that would include the breathalyzers not being legally certified as being accurate. These statistics are broken down by year.

Each case below represents a separate case where the conviction resulted in DUI for the BAC reading shown. These are just a few pages of the statistics, but you can see the .01% to .04% statistical examples. I don’t want to confuse anybody with the number on the far right, as those are just the COUNTY CODES, as noted below.
DUI-3.png DUI-4.png
DUI-5.png DUI-6.png

Below are the corresponding COUNTY CODES (numbers) from the far right column. Again, by no means do they represent the number of DUI’s at that range, but rather each line item is a separate case.

DUI-8.png DUI-9.png

From these statistics, one must question the many other tangibles that also are at play, for if people are not getting DUI convictions as low as .01%, many are being brought up on Negligent Driving (Neg 1 or “Wet Neg”), so again there doesn’t appear to be a standard if DUI is the standard. Many cases are plea bargained to other charges, and again, these statistics are not 100% accurate given many variables and statistics that just aren’t available from this source. But one has to question the entire system, given the plethora of information, and it brings into question many things, including all the sub categories for everything under .08%. The question of Constitutionality also must be taken into consideration as it relates to the 4th Amendment, probable cause, reasonable search and seizure, and due process, but also the very posting of .08 Limit signs given the statistics listed. The debate should also take these statistics into consideration as it relates to severe and increased penalties for drunken driving, vehicular homicide, or injuries while under the influence, but also for the fact that people are being charged as low as .01%. It does not seem fair to post .08 Limit signs and then talk of increasing penalties and prison time with these statistics suggesting many unsuspecting citizens would not even know they were breaking any laws, even from one glass of wine, or less. The other question that must be asked is what do these statistics suggest beyond the Constitution, for victimless crimes, where nobody was injured or there was no property damage? But in this grey area, it must be noted that there is too much ambiguity in these laws to simply push for increased penalties based on these ambiguous figures. The facts speak for themselves and they are real. The only problem is that the laws are not clear, and we have state and governments posting .08 signs, and yet many agencies and lawyers are profiting off of the lack of clarity. Could it be this is by design?

I hope this information brings clarity to the debate and the need to bring awareness to the grey area of the law that must be brought to light, as it almost is not clear, as laws should be. The lawmakers have written laws that are not clear and civil liberties can and will be violated. Think about the severity of punishment for someone if there was a death and yet someone was charged DUI at .01% or .02% or .05% even. Think of the cost. It could happen. As you can see there are a lot of figures pointing to alcohol, and many statistics exist that are much higher than included in this essay, but it is not right to write laws that welcome racketeering where people are whisked into the “system” where many do not stand a chance of winning. Worse yet, to write laws that are not clear to the general public, or worse yet, to post signs that give a false advertisement or impression that might actually get somebody killed, while rendering severe punishment for somebody that thought the law was .08%, or to convict an innocent person. But from these statistics, one can see that it is a multi million dollar business. How about more clarity and open government? How about laws that are honest and up front? I’d rather see this before moving towards stiffer penalties all because the law is not clear to the general public, but a cash cow for those that work the system. After reading these statistics, I would hope others would not be just writing vague laws, posting .08% signs, throwing citizens into the system unsuspectingly, blaming them, forcing liability onto them, profiting from it, and looking to move towards stiffer penalties without realizing the ramifications. Because if this is the case, this isn’t trending nicely, and the debate needs to ask these questions in advance.

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I'm trying to get some play

I'm trying to get some play on this, thus the bump. I'd like to get some criticisms, thoughts, or better yet, what's going on in your state. If anybody could spread this around a bit, if you think it has any validation, I would appreciate it.

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Data Links provided here...


I posted the article here at DP but for some reason the Data did not transfer. I apologize. The article above has it all. The statistics are broken down for DUI by county. These assumptions are for alcohol related incidents only, 21 and over. Now ask yourself how many people were innocent or fought it and plead to a lesser offense...what does this mean about this closed system of governance?

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