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Racism Talking Points

Just some thoughts on PR.

Not that this is any great newsflash, but as the stakes get higher going into 2014 and 2016, a key liberal/neocon attack strategy is going to be to equate all liberty-oriented movements with the KKK.

They hit Ron Paul with the newsletters, the racism smear was obviously the principle strategy against the Tea Party (when it meant something), and now we're seeing Rand getting tarred with the racism brush.

I don't think the proper response is to play defense. This makes liberty people look weak and conflicted--like we actually are harboring some dirty secret.

The proper response is to turn the tables. Assemble evidence that illustrates the very real racism of our enemies, and only discuss that when the topic is raised.

For example, after 50 years of liberal "help," blacks are statistically at the bottom. No Klansman, as Walter Williams pointed out (if I remember right), could plan a system better than left-liberal economic interventions to keep blacks a permanent underclass.

Progressive icons Wilson, FDR, and LBJ involved us in and oversaw the major wars of the 20th century, all of which saw people not just slandered, but actually butchered, on the basis of racial distinctions. FDR rounded up the Japanese, as we know. Vietnam under LBJ butchered not commie Russians, but relatively helpless brown people. Obama's war machine targets brown people exclusively. Jimmy Carter aided in the mass killing of brown people in East Timor.

Most Obama voters made their decision based purely on his race, which is itself a form of racism.

The noisiest liberals tend to be comfortable whites, who boast of their color-blindness, but choose to live their lives far away from any significant number of minorities.

The racism smear is intended to do two things. One, scare liberals away from the liberty movement, and more generally, allow opinion shapers to simply depict a candidate as ineligible so they can move along to state-approved politicians.

A counter-strategy that could put a damper on this would be to respond, whenever the attack is begun, by aggressively exposing left-liberalism as having the most racist record imaginable. I believe there's plenty of evidence to support this thesis.

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Excuse my french but...

Some far right wingers didn't vote for Romney as a sanction last year and would have rather vote for Obama (Whatever the reason was). Obama didn't refuse their votes. Period.

'Being a patriot is when one loves his country. Being a nationalist is when one hates the countries of others'

Charles De Gaulle

they weren't reaching far

into their bag of tricks when they pulled the "newsletter" card. they can pull a glenn beck any moment and draw a line making the word liberty look as good as the words "seig heil" to the naive and malleable.

"The Pen"

The pen is said mightier than the sword,
while the winners of wars write history.
Between those who do and those who record,
by far would I rather a doer be.

A proficient swordsman will never yield.
To attack is safer than to defend.
Nor can the pen be well used as a shield.
Quickness of wit or wrist wins in the end.

So wield your pen now, as a fencer might,
using skillful lines to parry and thrust,
and thus endeavor to fight the good fight,
with the words of truth, for the cause that’s just.

For once you’ve learned to use your pen with skill,
you’ll never need to draw a sword to kill.

-Sean Hastings

Cyril's picture

Racism Talking Points? They

Racism Talking Points? They are easy to end for me before a moron, when I'm tired and angry:

WHO ARE YOU to lecture people on race?

The color of your skin grants you NOTHING.

The color of your skin doesn't deny you ANY of YOUR individual rights either, the exact same as mine.

The very rights that YOU HELP destroying with your B U L L S H I T, btw, instead of standing proudly for principles of TRUE freedom.

You, FRAUD. Why?

Look at yourself: you beg to be an obedient slave of your Supermen masters to rule over you 24/7 with their lies? That's YOUR problem, NOT MINE.

PROVE to me your Supermen are so good.

Oh, surprise, surprise. You can't! They are the same who bring PLUNDER everywhere they go, starting with texts and laws!

So, shut up with your "racism" and get lost.

I don't need the state, your masters you beg at, to tell me who is racist and who is not.

Find and open a dictionary, some time, moron.

And give a thought to this, too, if you can find your two neurons back:

Actions SPEAK LOUDER than words.

At least, most don't come back to me with their nonsense after this.

They know it will be only contempt from me.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

i like the pdf idea. or maybe a youtube video

And we can make it go viral. Maybe make it a documentary. Maybe money bomb a big budget project including interviewing black celebrities and economists.


Dred Scott's Revenge by Judge Nap

Today I started reading Judge Napolitano's book Dred Scott's Revenge - which looks to detail how the federal gov't has been a main source of racism in US History. Plenty of good examples in it I'm sure!


Yes indeed. We need to hammer out a PDF bullet item list of liberal racism. And we need a bullet item list of rhetorical questions.

On the Right of Secession being "racist" or evidence of "racism", we can rhetorically ask liberals, neocons, Reason Mag & Cato,...

"Cannot secession be for reasons that are not "racism"? For example, imagine that 90% of the people in Mississippi, which 37% of the people there are black by the way, all wanted to secede from the federal government, because they disagreed with a war declared against Iran for instance, is that "racism"? What if 90% of the people in Arizona, which only 4% is Black, all wanted to secede because they also disagreed with a war declared on Iran, is that "racists"? So Again I ask, does supporting succession make you ipso facto "a racists"? Or is it simply the right of secession? And let me ask this final question. When we celebrate seceding from Britain on the 4th of July, who are we being "racists" against?"

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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I always bring up:

1. Drug War
2. Mandatory Minimums
3. Foreign Policy

All which disproportionally affect people of color.

What's more racist? Being loosely tied to some people, or actually implementing these types of destructive policies world-wide?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed