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Rand Paul leads entire 2016 Republican field in Iowa poll 7/11/13

Rand Paul is leading the entire Republican field of 2016 presidential hopefuls according to a new poll from PPP. Expect full results in a matter of hours. Rick Santorum, who won the previous Iowa caucus, in 7th place.

Final details just released:
Rand 18, Christie 16, Jeb 14, Rubio 11, Cruz 10, Santorum 6, Jindal 2, Martinez 1

Does this explain the coordinated media attacks?
UPDATED: http://iroots.org/2013/07/11/rand-paul-leads-entire-republic...

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These polls aren't very good indicators

It's actually pretty sad that Rand is so close to some of these other contenders.

I'm still waiting for the following to enter the arena
-Santorum (expect it)
-Perry (he might run for a VP position)
-Christie (expect it)
-Jindal (its now or never)
-Jeb (not a chance)
-Rubio (expect it)
-Martinez (who?)
-Cruz (not going to happen)
-Ryan (hahaha)
-Walker (waiting for it)

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Rand can't win the general election.

Unless me can get the nomination. Without winning Iowa rand will not win the nomination. Keep in mind that tptb will have a favorite "front runner" moderate candidate, and the evangelicals will have their favorite. Unless the evangelicals support rand, their preferred candidate is the most likely to win Iowa, and thus headline the horse race with the favorite candidate of tptb, and third place will be ignored. Since rand will clearly not be he inside favorite he has to appeal to the Iowa evangelicals and thus win the caucus in order to have a path to the nomination. The trip to Israel, the appeals to Jewish groups, these are not cop outs to Zionism, they are playing to the evangelicals up here who take the whole (and I paraphrase here) bible line about supporters of Israel being blessed way too literally. Essentially, if you are not pro Israel then you will never win the evangelical vote in Iowa, and thus you never be the nomination ( unless you are the favorite of the party insiders)

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

ok so rand paul is trying to

ok so rand paul is trying to lose a general election. There is no way Rand Paul can win a general election without COLORADO PERIOD. It is a swing state and has a majority voter block for marijuana(personal/medical) over the last 10-20 years, not to mention 58% narionally support this.

If he thinks demeaning marijuana smokers and lying about marijuanais going to win him Colorado? Then he and the gop has already lost!!!!!

wtf rand paul stfu please jesus.

Ron Paul 2016


How does calming down sound?

He said he doesn't personally like it and thinks it's not good for you. Neither are cheeseburgers. He also says that it's up to the state and not for the Federal government to decide.

Do you really think that's not the best position to have? Do you really think Colorado will vote against him because he doesn't smoke marijuana when he's saying that Colorado is free to make their own decision?

wtf speciallyblend stfu please jesus.

Eric Hoffer

The best position

would be "no one has the right to tell someone else what they choose to put into their body"

He's just putting on a show for the evangelicals. Let's not forge that's who will elect him, not us.

If he's elected does any one think he's going to all of a sudden become a libertarian? What would he owe us for getting him his 1-2?

He doesn't need his fathers legacy at this point. He doesn't need the grass roots, especially since the GOP made it more difficult for grassroots participation to take place.

He may be the far lesser of two evils, more than I've ever seen, but if we want to use that justification we probably should have voted for Romney or Obama.

Progress vs absolutism

I think we're seeing the difference between someone who is taking us in the right direction vs someone who wants it all or nothing. Rand is certainly stepping in the right direction, but it's not going as far as people would like so they have fits. I'll take steps in the right direction over a Romney or Obama, which both would've been steps in the wrong direction.

Eric Hoffer


But what has Rand really done to prove that he is any better than the establishment? A few inspiring speeches here, a filibuster there. All great points, but his current resume isn't that different that our current presidents.

I want Rand to win over Hillary/Dean/Biden, I guess I'm just ready to be let down and disappointed the first time he signs a tax bill, deploys troops or continues to enforce marijuana laws.

It's not even that he would want to do any of those things, but the powers that be who will either let him be president or not, will not allow him another choice.

He certainly talks the talk. I just cannot help but be skeptical with a feeling that the 2012 RP campaign was a racket to support a different candidate in 2016...

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Ignorance is curable, but paid trollery, not so much

"But what has Rand really done to prove that he is any better than the establishment?" Nice try, but no one paying attention is going to fall for that.

List of public statements, opinions, TV appearances, etc.:


List of bills introduced and/or sponsored by Rand Paul:

Highlights include:

S. 1278: A bill to prohibit certain foreign assistance to the Government of Egypt as a result of the July 3, 2013, military coup

S.Res. 159: A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate condemning the targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service and calling for an investigation.

S. 1121: Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013

S. 1016: Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2013

S. 890: Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2013

Here's Rand Paul's voting record:

Any intellectually honest review of his public statements and voting record will reveal that Rand Paul is the most pro-liberty Senator, by far.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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I'm not impressed, as he is

barely ahead of two liberal establishment Republicans Christie, who helped Obama get elected, and another POS John Ellis Bush. I continue to see Bush high in the early polls, which really shows that people just don't have a clue about what his brother did to our country. Is Obama worse, yes, but Bush the Trotskyite created the Bolshevik styled police state for the Stalinist Obammy. With Rand moving towards becoming a Zionist, it really won't make that much difference anyway. In my opionion, the best option would be to move as many liberty followers to Texas, where there is plenty of land, elect a true liberty Governor, since 'Al Gore' Perry is leaving, and reestablish the Republic of Texas. Texas is really the only state, that still obtains this option, we have all the resources needed, it would just need a stand your ground governor and legislature to make it happen. There is no chance of changing Washinton, even if Rand started acting like Ron, because the Senate and most of the House are Coporate Collectivists who answer to their Zionist masters.

Mistake post

I suppose I'll say something useful since I accidentally posted. Rand Paul 2016!

If Ted Cruz endorses Rand

Rand will get the entire NRA vote, and I mean the whole thing right through every primary.

What Ted Cruz does will have a big impact on Rand's campaign.

Is there anyone else running or that could run which would affect Rand's pro-gun support?

How could Ted Cruz even be in

How could Ted Cruz even be in the poll? He was born in Canada, so can't be a U.S. president.

He was born to an American...

He was born to an American mother and as a result was born an American (Dual USA/Canadian citizenship) as well. I was arguing with my uncle who is a huge fan of Ted and he pointed me towards a few articles regarding his eligibility. I can't remember which ones but if you search it on Google there are a bunch of articles about it. It's funny because I'm in the same boat as Ted... I didn't have to apply for American citizenship I was born into it. Even though I was born and raised in Calgary, Canada my mother was born in California so I too am considered to be born an American. I guess Ted and I are lucky though because as of just recently they don't allow for American citizenship to be passed down by birth if you were born in another country. In the process of researching my American heritage I actually discovered that I'm a direct descendant of Roger Sherman, one of only 2 founding fathers to have signed all 4 great state papers of the USA (Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Articles of Association, and the Constitution) and the first mayor of New Haven, Connecticut... Pretty cool huh, well at least I thought so ;).



story about Roger Sherman! That being said, neither Cruz, Jindal nor Rubio are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS as required by the Constitution in order to be eligible for POTUS! There is a difference between citizen and natural born citizen:


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I just walked by the Roger Sherman Square in New Haven not 20 minutes ago. There's a big plaque there about him. They say he actually haunts the place.

He was reincarnated and now haunts...

...the DailyPaul as LiberteaWarrior.

Damn Straight...

My Grandma would always joke about how Thomas Jefferson owed Roger a large sum of gold over some tobacco plantation. Sherman and Jefferson were the best of friends and although Sherman isn't nearly as well known as his fellow patriot Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson and many other founders thought very highly of Roger. Not only did he sign the Declaration of Independence but he was one of only five men to actually draft the document. He was also famous for what became to be known as The Great Compromise. If you look at the famous painting of the signing of the Constitution he's actually smack dab in the middle.

"That is Mr. Sherman, of Connecticut, a man who never said a foolish thing in his life" - Thomas Jefferson


That is one helluva good point

Probably to skew Rand's numbers so that pro-gun voters would be split.

It will be a different story in 2016

He is leading now but in 2016 3/4 of his votes, or what it will take to keep him in the single digits, will go to another candidate. They have demonstrated this in past elections and the general public doesn't seem to care. If it is allowed this will be the case again in 2016. In the last two elections Ron Paul won by a landslide but they altered the machines to show him in the single digits.

The public could have stopped frauds like this in the distant past but but they allowed it to continue and build until now, it will only be stopped by Jesus upon His return. He once said "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light".

Dear Rand and Fan,

At the 2012 Republican National Convention held in Tampa, FL, there were several egregious changes made to the RNC rules, an action which is described as a “power grab.” As they stand, the rules will have a detrimental impact on future attempts at grassroots participation within the Republican Party and future presidential candidates.

It is well-known that there are millions of people across this nation who consider you a contender for the 2016 Republican presidential primary and would love to support your run. It would be in the interest of grassroots Republicans everywhere for you to make a strong statement of support for a bottom-up power structure within the RNC by rebuking the 2012 rule changes.

The egregious rule amendments were added in committee at the heavy hand of Ben Ginsberg, who was later appointed by Obama to serve as co-chair of his Commission on Election Administration. This fact indicates that Obama would like to bring ‘2012 rules’-type of oppression of the people’s voice to precincts across this nation. In order to make a statement that we do not consider opportunistic power-grabs to be acceptable within our party nor individual precinct elections, it is vitally important that the Republican Party take effort to reject these rule changes, which include some of the following transgressions:

New Rule 12 gives the Republican National Committee the ability to make amendments to the Rules of the Republican Party without National Delegation approval, something that the democrats have seen fit to do within their party, but that the republicans have always prided ourselves that we do not.

New Rule 16(a)(1) presents a problem for many caucus states by binding the vote of caucus-chosen delegates to the results of the state’s preference poll or straw poll. Simply stated, rule 16 turns the caucus states into primary states. This means that campaigning in these states will be even more expensive for the presidential candidates and their supporters, but more profitable for the consultants.

New Rule 40 raised the requirements for the presidential candidates to obtain ballot access at the national convention. It has been noted that under the new requirements, Ronald Reagan would never have become president. At the convention of 1976, Reagan was able to obtain ballot access by the lesser requirements and received floor time in order to make a speech, which in turn raised the amount of support that he had among the delegates. This also paved the way for his popularity at the 1980 national convention, in which he won the nomination and went on to become POTUS.

The RNC needs to rebuke these rule changes and make a clear statement that the Republican Party does want to provide an environment that is welcoming to grassroots participation and that the Republican Party does not consider the 2012 rule change power grabs to be acceptable for precincts across this nation. There is a resolution to address these aspects that is being brought forward by committee members next month at the RNC summer meeting. If passed, the RNC would be expected to revert to operation under pre-Ginsberg rules. Would you consider signing the petition of support for the resolution and giving your personal endorsement to this effort to restore the voice of the grassroots within the Republican Party?

Link to petition: http://tinyurl.com/restoreourvoice


Nicole Revels – North Carolina Grassroots Republican,

Bryan Daugherty – Maine Grassroots Republican


Ask Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has a different grassroots.. non-profits and corporate GOP connections.. he is definately looking for a run, and I believe he KNOWS his competititon is Rand, and he (and his GOP insider grassroots/ those in the inner circle) plan to bury Rand with grassroots cries for help, like this.

Rand is a leader.. and if he doesn't do what you are asking.. what will you do.. EXPOSE RAND AS ANTI-grassroots?

Afterall, the GOP is WELL AWARE that Rand has the hearts and minds of the majority, but the majority isn't what the GOP cares about.. unless it's in the inner circle.

Why not see what kind of leadership Ted Cruz has with the grassroots?

Can you do that?

Or is this just another set up by those who really wanted Thompson so some other loser in the GOP line up, that like to act like they are, to defeat grassroots?

Current Polls Versus 2016

Even if Rand Paul is currently leading in Iowa and New Hampshire, we still need to chip away of the establishment backer 40% that McCain and Mitt Romney received in New Hampshire. Rand Paul will need to visit South Carolina extensively to vastly improve on Ron Paul % and voter total. Rand Paul is clearly not his father and rival campaigns are going to lie, cheat, and steal anyways.

I have stated this before and will again and this blog post-Rand Paul needs a twelve state strategy, and if he happens to lose a primary or caucus that strategy needs to grow by one state. This GOP Primary is going to be won early, so the real effort needs to be in the first four Caucus/Primaries and then an immediate pivot to the next eight states.

If Cruz doesn't run

Add 6-9 points to Rand Paul's total.

Ted Cruz Endorsement

Rand Paul needs Ted Cruz endorsement and his aid in the primary campaign for Presidency. US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is a major ally and we need to do all we can to obtain his full support.

No he doesn't

and he's not going to get it either.

Ted Cruz is competing with Rand...

You Could Be Right...

... in the fact that Ted Cruz is out for his own interests. But I think him being in the Senate only about 3 years come 2015-16 it would be more beneficial for him to support Rand Paul. (Maybe for a position in his administration)

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Ted is being groomed

It's obvious he's a puppet in the making.

John Cornyn hires Ted Cruz-connected campaign aide

Politico ‎- 6 hours ago

John Cornyn (R-Texas) has hired a campaign manager with ties to Ted Cruz and the tea party. Brendan Steinhauser was director of campaigns ...

Ted Cruz, elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2012, is the former solicitor general for the state of Texas, previously serving as the director of the Office of ...




and the most important thing that makes me believe that:


Chris Christie in 2nd place?

Chris Christie in 2nd place? Are you freaking kidding me? After kissing Obama's ass like no other republican has ever done before, he's in 2nd place? Huh? Jeb Bush in 3rd place? The GOP can't be serious...another Bush? Really? They're joking, right?

Humpty Dumpty and more Bush.

I totally just lost my appetite.

This is good news though, I should be happy.

Rand's in first place, and his two main competitors are an ass and a clown.

I feel better now. Bacon and eggs for dinner tonight.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Combine the 2-5 and you have 60% neocon liars

not good news at all. As some fall out and throw their support to others, Rand gets swamped.

The fact the Rubio, Ryan Bush and Christie combine for 60% tells me the libertarian movement in the GOP is toast.