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Ron Paul endorsed Liberty money bomb at $66,395 so far!

Support Proven Liberty Legislator Jonathan Stickland.

Want to make a difference for liberty where the rubber meets the road? Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland is having a liberty money bomb to support his re-election efforts.

Jonathan may be the only Ron Paul Republican in a state house anywhere in the country. We need him to stay there.

The police unions are coming after him because of his defense of the fourth amendment by authoring the "strongest email privacy bill in the US" which successfully became law.

It's time to defend one of our own. $75,000 will be MATCHED dollar for dollar, so your contribution will work twice as hard!

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Just donated


bump for activism

Woo hoo!


Thanks Seamusin!

Is Liberty worth $10?

Let's make a difference today.

Your money will work twice as hard with the matching funds. Give $25 for Liberty right now.

Why not?

Katherine Albrecht

Did anyone catch the shout out for the Libertymoneybomb on today's Katherine Albrecht show?

Help in Texas

I live in the North Texas area just out of Stickland's area but I am so thankful we have him here in Tarrant County. He has fought for privacy, limited government and sound money. We need to send this guy $$$$$. The establishment wants him gone. We need to go all out for this one. No matter where you are located please show a little love. Thank you!

In Liberty!

donate again! Get your friends


I haven't pledged yet, but I plan on making a contribution...

Jonathan is a good friend of some of my great friends from Tarrant County!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!




How many DPer's are going to participate?

I recall our swarming in to support liberty candidates around the country in past elections. We lost most of those.

Here we actually have someone already in office. Are we going to do anything to keep the ground we've captured?

Please comment or vote up if you plan on joining the fight.


Who is coming after Jonathan and why?

The Police State is Not Happy

Although Jonathan was ranked as the "most conservative Texas legislator," he worked with Democrats on the "Vampire cop bill" which would have required police officers to have a properly trained personal take blood from DUI suspects. In Austin we have been experiencing "no refusal weekends" where judges stand by to grant instant warrants for blood draws for those pulled over based on a suspicion of drunk driving.

He also authored a resolution to remove the recently installed metal detectors at the capital which would mean less money for the state troopers.

He successfully authored the amendment protecting emails from warrantless searches by police officers.

He authored a bill which would outlaw hidden police cameras and require all public surveillance be simulcasted on the internet...for starters.

The police unions are looking to field a candidate against him and they will be working hard to unseat him.

Hey Mods! Can we get some Front Page love for this?

This is a do something opportunity for DP liberty lovers.

Jonathan is a proven Ron Pauler and has legislated that way.

Ron Paul supports him so should we.

would be nice.

Its an important day. Our money will be matched...By Ron Paul and others.

Beats for Liberty

Stickland is the real deal! He is taking our fight to the state capitol to ensure our rights are not infringed.

Non Texans should support

We have been trying to get liberty folks elected around the country. We have a toe hold in Texas. We need to keep it and grow it.

HUGH Bump for Jonathan!

He's a good guy and a fellow Ron Paul Republican. There is a guy matching all funds too!!!

I recently posted this blog post about Jonathan's historic passage of an email privacy bill in the Texas Legislature.

Freshman TX State Rep Passes First-in-Nation Email Privacy Bill with Help from a Ron Paul Supporter

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!