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Rand Paul Upsets Marijuana Activists by Saying the Drug Is 'Not Healthy'

Ahead of his Thursday visit to Nevada, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., reiterated his personal opposition to marijuana use. Pro-pot activists say Paul is spreading misinformation about the drug.

"I personally think that marijuana use is not healthy," Paul told the Las Vegas Sun in an interview published Wednesday. "People that use it chronically have a loss of IQ and a loss of ambition, but at the same time states have the right to make these decisions."

Marijuana activists tell U.S. News that Paul's claims about ambition, health and IQ are wrong.


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People eat it

Vaporize it. Please, stop acting ignorant. Maybe you should study it before you go blurting out non sense.

Not just any smoke. This

Not just any smoke. This substance however, it turns out yes. That's the case.

laugh all you want, more

laugh all you want, more liberty you are clueless about marijuana as rand paul is showing himself to be.

Ron Paul 2016

not to mention there is no

not to mention there is no need to smoke it, eat it. Rand has already blown it with me. He can find someone else to be a delegate for him in my county.

If Rand Paul cannot keep his mouth shut. He will never Win Colorado and he will lose a general by losing Colorado (SWING STATE).

GARY JOHNSON 2016, i am done with rand paul and his ignorance on Marijuana.My wifes life depends on it and i do not trust Rand Paul. That is all i need to know! But hey screw me and my wife and the majority voter block in Colorado!!

THE ONLY DANGER OF MARIJUANA is the anti-marijuana folks and when Rand Paul says crazy stuff like this crap? It makes Rand Paul more dangerous then marijuana.

Ron Paul 2016

What The ..?

What emotional mind warp has so clouded your priorities?

"My wife's life depends on it..." -That sounds important!

"But hey screw me and my wife and the majority voter block in Colorado!!" -Where did that come from?

So... what if Rand thought that marijuana causes diarrhea? :D

What the hell does it matter what Rand thinks of marijuana?


Gary Johnson

is a great guy! But he will never win and then Hilary is going to finish us off. Just sit on it for awhile. It is too early.


I think someone said it before:

Dude, chill. Go smoke a bowl and relax, seriously. You're making all kinds of crazy talk here.

Eric Hoffer

nothing you say changes the

nothing you say changes the fact that i gave rand paul plenty of chances and he blew it but i am done as a delegate for rand paul and the gop.

Ron Paul 2016

Chances to what? Have you

Chances to what? Have you ever even spoken to him? He wants to legalize marijuana. What the hell are you on about? Your wife depends on it to live, and tons of people are being tortured in our country, and people are being killed all over the globe, but hey, let's vote for the guy who supports all that because this one doesn't know all his facts on FUCKING MARIJUANA.

Exactly. I think he's muddying the issue for future reference..

should 'aquabuddy' come up as a topic of discussion. A college thing that's as normal as getting stoked - something that unfortunately not enough republicans are familiar with.


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

The right to ingest

The right to ingest substances of one's choice is a pretty basic human right, I wonder why Rand doesn't support it?

Oh yeah, I forgot:

In May, Paul told the Washington Post, "I'm not advocating everyone go out and run around with no clothes on and smoke pot. ... I'm not a libertarian. I'm a libertarian Republican. I'm a constitutional conservative."

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

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May I point out?

May I point out?


I personally find his exaggeration silly and clumsy. But who never fails? Not I.


As you quote, he said: "I'm not advocating..."

He did not say: "I want to make illegal..."

I still don't really get the current focus of going after Rand for some of his non-condoning views on the product - instead of going after those who are downright busy doing THE ACTUAL LEGAL PLUNDER about it - without even pretending to provide any rationale about WHY EXACTLY they want to consider it so harmful (that which, again, he does not do).

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Unhealthy, so are a lot of things

My guess is that anything you smoke is unhealthy. Inhaling carbon monoxide from any source isn't healthy. There are many things that are both healthy and unhealthy in different doses. Black tea has health benefits in normal consumption but in excess it too is unhealthy. I don't know the health dangers in other methods of THC intake but anything that alters your body chemistry if taken in excess can potentially be unhealthy. I think that marijuana activists should concentrate on Rand's efforts to legalize hemp as this will be the start to ending the war on marijuana as a whole.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

Rand hasn't read enough

Just to put it simply Rand has not read enough on the subject to be well informed about what pot is, or rather, what cannabis is. Healthy or not the plant is a tremendous aid to industrial applications. It is clean and non-toxic therefore it does not pollute the environment or our bodies. Quite the opposite really.

Did you know that TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company, who are responsible for the Fukushima disaster has tossed around the idea of planting cannabis in the region to purify the soil of heavy metals? Metals like uranium, plutonium, cesium, iodine, and the host of other dangerous elements poisoning the land.

Did you know that the DEA themselves in 1988 regarded cannabis as quite beneficial and healthy? Upon Francis Young's review of medical literature on the subject, he stated and I quote: "Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

Did you know that in 2006 UCLA published a study about marijuana and lung cancer? Dr. Donald Tashkin found a negative correlation between heavy, heavy cannabis use and the instance of lung cancers. This means that cannabis and its active components actually protect the body from cancer cells. They found, to my incredulous surprise, that heavy pot smokers have fewer cancers than people who smoke nothing at all. Even when cigarettes are involved protective qualities remained.
That shoots down the argument that "smoking anything is bad."

When pot was made illegal even the American Medical Association regarded the action as a bad idea. And yet governments legislated it away anyway. There is an ocean of evidence on the subject and to put it bluntly Rand and ALL others who view pot as dangerous are wrong.

Opinions placed aside from ignorant people the evidence speaks for itself. Human history alone has proven the valuable nature of this plant. And the very government that now kills people over this plant sanctioned its growth and use many years ago.

Regardless of what anyone thinks or believes people all across the world have always been and will always use cannabis for its intrinsic value to the human condition. So fuck those who dare deny us such a wonderful gift.

"Marijuana is one of the

"Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

There are a few scientists that have said Psilocybin is the most therapeutic substance in the world, but I guess it all depends on the individual.

after 2+ years of hearings the dea concluded

[Docket #86-22] (September 6, 1988), p. 57.

The DEA's Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young concluded: "In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within the supervised routine of medical care."
DEA Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young

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Rand Paul 2016


Just like when he endorsed his fathers opponent just before the convention.

I only hope he is just clueless and not evil.



he said before the election cycle he was going to support the gop nominee no matter who it was.what part of that don't you get? also ron paul said..I don't know why people keep trying to drive a wedge between me and rand,cause we agree on 99% of the issues. rand is wrong on pot and ron is wrong sometimes as well..as they are human.

If you cant understand that rand is playing 3 sided chess and is merely taking a different approach to dealing with these crooks on the hill, then I don't know what to tell you. rand clueless?? lol you are way off! so keep talking crap about rand and you might as well say it about his ron as well.

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!

I dont care what he said or when he said it

Actions speak louder than words. Your action to support a traitor is typical and the real problem in this country. Exactly why the Rothschild jewish zioinst mafia crime family has been able to take over the central bank and keep it going spewing out compounding false national debt to justify every immoral action. Exactly like the immoral action of Rand Paul to betray the voters, his father, his family, and his country. For what personal gain. Now he sits under the wing of that puppet mitch NEOCON IZUNREAL LOVER McConnel. Still the duped false debt slaves say well he anounced his betrayal in advance so hey its ok. Its not betrayal if you call it. Makes me vomit.

You call it 3 sided chess what a huge joke. I call it stupidity.


Wrong again Rand,

Wrong again Rand, buddy.....

The Methodology of the Marijuana studies were flawed. They always were, Duke university(same University that made the last study) once said "Marijuana caused Mexican migrant workers to go on violent rampages" LOL

Google Ole Rogenberg on the flawed pot studies and how they didn't pay any attention to the socioeconomic factors.

Btw, I don't smoke marijuana :)

Marijuana used wisely, good; abused, bad

I used pot the entire time I studied law in college. My GPA in the end was 3.96. Of course, I am just a two hit person. I believe like anything else, it can be abused and have detrimental effects on you, but if used wisely, has positive effects on you. You can drink socially or you can drink yourself to death. You can eat food wisely or you can be a glutton and develop heart disease. Everything you can think of can be abused and have detrimental effects.

I am openly pro-recreational drug use...

But scientifically and personally speaking, Rand is not wrong. There have been studies that have demonstrated a drop in IQ. There are also studies that have suggested the opposite. People can get pissed all they want to, but what he said was not the common DARE propaganda crap. There is evidence to back up his claims. And anyone who has ever smoked pot frequently knows damn well that it makes you less ambitious.

Rand is a doctor and scientist and also a conservative, and he worded this statement carefully and skillfully, IMO.


i think thats total bullshit.

i think thats total bullshit. it doesnt make u less ambitious or lower your iq. if anything it makes you realize that most of programming and conditioning of society is bullshit. if pot users drop out of society its because they know the system is corrupt and dont want to be a part of it. most of the people i know who use weed are way more laid back and more moral than the ones who dont. the truth is weed is a powerful medicine and can have a profoundly positive effect on people. whens the last time u saw a pothead pick a fight or get into an argument. we'd be better off if everyone smoked it.

f___ all forms of govt.

I never claimed there aren't benefits to smoking weed

I've puffed many pounds into my lungs over the last decade (with no regrets).

But my point is that there is legitimate criticism to be made about smoking pot. Some people (ahem) have a hard time accepting any negative points made about weed. Rand did not say anything ridiculous. I don't agree with him about the IQ, as IQ is controversial subject to begin with, but if one is to be anti-recreational drug use (like a Republican presidential hopeful), Rand did it in the best way possible. The studies are there to at least back up a case.

I disagree that our society would be better off if everyone smoked it (at least all the time). I get a lot more accomplished when I'm not stoned. I'm more social and I get more work done.

Do you mind? ;)

You've provided here if not my favorite comment on this page, at least one of the top three, your previous being one of the others. I too have puffed pounds into my lungs [and stomach]. I too have no regrets. As a matter of fact I have extensive experience with many other mind altering chemical compounds. My prolonged experience of being steeped in drug culture has made me leary of those users who don't recognize that they engage or have engaged in MIND ALTERING behavior. Those that use marijuana and don't accept the fact that it renders them somewhat delusional aren't even fully enjoying the experience. I still have friends that claim that they are more sane upon using marijuana. I often wonder if Kokesh fits that description.

I was born in 1962 to a family with many older siblings. As a boy I knew I'd eventually use many drugs. I was also quite the nerd and researched each drug I would take at my local library. :D As such, when eventually experiencing those drugs I never slipped into the delusion that I wasn't delusional when I was on those drugs. In retrospect I realized that my approach allowed for me to better enjoy my experience with drugs than many of the users around me who accepted to a lesser degree the notions of their delusion. Simple observation supports such an opinion. Pass the bong around in a group of people and observe. Those who claim "OMG! I'm so-o-o stoned!" laugh and have a good time. Those who maintain their airs of apparent normalcy become relative sticks in the mud. Am I wrong? ;D "This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around. This ain't no Mud Club or CBGBs. I ain't got time for that now..." o_o

IQ? ambition? I don't have any trouble believing those claims. Fits with my experience. I eat gummi bears sometimes too. The corn syrup eventually whacks out my sensitive blood sugar. I make my bed. I eventually lie in it. It's kinda starnge that the benefits I've sought and received from marijuana aren't yet elaborated on this page [other than your alluding to them]. I've never used it to battle cancer or glaucoma. I've used it for a good time or to see things differently once in a while, benefits that I often regard more highly than IQ and ambition. Similar sacrifice can be said for my experiences with alcohol. I've enjoyed being stupid and lazy once in a while. :D

Rand has done well and gone far on IQ and ambition. "Health" is subjective. It's clear that Rand personally regards IQ and ambition quite highly. Good for him! Good for me too as I prefer my politicians to be clean and sober! I don't want my politicians stoned any more than I want them drunk. I wouldn't vote for Bob Marley any sooner than I would Dick Cheney or Abraham Lincoln.

I have children about the same age as Rand's. They may very well choose to use various drugs. I would really like them to be fully developed in their brains, minds, and decision making processes before they do that. My current world is filled with people juggling issues of recovery from drug use. To me there appears a distinct difference between those who used mind altering substances before adulthood and those who didn't. Those who used as kids are relatively hopeless and really struggle achieving sustainable happiness. I find Rand to be a relatively consistent voice of sanity in treading some pretty insane issues.

not just for just stoners...
http://youtu.be/4Dr0WgduMRo :)

Thanks for the compliment. I loved your insight on it as well.

I, too, knew as a boy that I was going to try drugs. I just KNEW (in the same way that I knew I was going to have what I understand now is casual sex). I had no peer pressure and I came from a great home (my parents drank sometimes but I never saw them drunk even once). It was kind of instinctive, combined with early "academic" exposure thanks to an aggressive D.A.R.E program in elementary school.

I distinctly remember sitting in 5th grade when a local police officer came in to give Drug War propaganda. Long before I had any political beliefs, I remember being very uncomfortable that the police officer was standing on top of me in my front row desk. I remember watching the propaganda videos and being bothered. I partially believed the propaganda and was scared of drugs, but I also remember being skeptical and acutely aware that I was being lied to. The kicker was when the officer gave us a pamphlet of information on common drugs, and I remember reading it and thinking "some of these do not sound very bad at all." I had to look up the word euphoria in the dictionary, and I remember laughing when I realized what it meant.

Plus we had to do a full blown D.A.R.E. musical, and that was a miserable experience that made me resent D.A.R.E.

I wasn't exposed to weed until I was freshly 17, and by then I had done all my own research and was just waiting for someone to introduce me to it. Erowid blew my mind months before I ever tried a drug. A childhood friend and I talked about it, and I went to his house proudly wearing a DARE tee-shirt I acquired somewhere in defiance. I was libertarian years before I had even heard of libertarianism. It was the first time in my life I ever broke a law, and I felt GREAT about it. In fact, 10 years later, I still have broken no laws besides drug laws, the occasional traffic law, and public nudity. I NEVER steal. NEVER. In fact I struggle to charge people. I am an unapologetic capitalist, yet I'm functionally a social communist. Charging people an appropriate amount for things like teaching lessons is something that had to be taught to me. Weird, right? I got on a tangent but you got me thinking about it.

I've never done a drug I hadn't researched first, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Read everything you can about it. So many people are scared of LSD, yet spot on information is so easy to find if someone would just ATTEMPT to dig. It is obvious to me that the most anti-drug people are almost always the ones who refuse to educate themselves, and the ones who take drugs too far are almost always the ones who have a blind spot for their particular drug of choice. There are exceptions to this of course, but I see it over and over again.

John Robb, I am young enough to be your grandson, but you and I have the same perspective. I've read your comment to me several times already.

Also, I can't make up my mind about Adam Kokesh, but I don't believe for a second his problem is drugs. He is doing exactly what I would do if I was suicidal, but not in a way of wanting to die, but of not caring if I spent my life as martyr in prison or got killed. I need to make an effort to meet and talk to him firsthand before its too late.

back atcha...

"I am young enough to be your grandson" o_o -OMG, nope! Not biologically feesible as I didn't hit puberty until I was 14. 23 years between us calculates to my hypothetical son [your hypothetical father] having to reach puberty by age 8 or 9. Slightly more feesible is your being old enough to have sired my son as he is roughly 12 to 13 years your junior having recently turned 15.

Sheesh! :D ;D

"Plus we had to do a full blown D.A.R.E. musical, and that was a miserable experience that made me resent D.A.R.E." -Holy crap! You poor thing! I imagine it would take years of therapy to heal the psychological trauma induced by participating in such an event. How ya doin'? ;)

"In fact I struggle to charge people. I am an unapologetic capitalist, yet I'm functionally a social communist. Charging people an appropriate amount for things like teaching lessons is something that had to be taught to me. Weird, right?" -Yes, it sounds weird, but such is reality. My experience has been identical, and I find it quite common as I have mentioned it to others as you have mentioned it here to me. It's a fascinating subject regarding cultural indoctrination and would make a fine topic for a blog post here [hint-hint].

Your final paragraph reminds me of the abysmal state into which mental health issues have fallen through our educational system.

"Also, I can't make up my mind about Adam Kokesh" -You don't have to!

"but I don't believe for a second his problem is drugs" -That's fine and dandy, but let me at least suggest maintaining a healthy perspective of neutrality by using ambivalence as a tool. Offset your unfounded non-belief with one equal and opposite, such as "but I don't believe for a second his problem is NOT drugs either". This will help keep you from the ills of believing you know what his "problem" is, or worse being tempted into believing that you know how to fix it.

"He is doing exactly what I would do if I was suicidal" -You can obviously only get away with saying that legitimately if you have been suicidal. If not, then you are are merely expressing a hypothetically ideated scenario based on your indoctrination of concepts regarding suicide. Which is it?

Either way, let Adam and the people who actually [already] know Adam deal with Adam and Adam's potential "problem". May you and yours deal with Delysid's problems and help the people you actually know deal with theirs.

"I need to make an effort to meet and talk to him firsthand before its too late." -You sound plumb crazy right there. Please consult the elders (i.e. parents, teachers, etc.) in your life regarding this.

And for heaven's sake, if you are currently suicidal, get off the weed!*

*and/or other drugs! [and consult the elders in your life for guidance]

btw, I wasn't being sarcastic about the d.a.r.e. musical


"whens the last time u saw a pothead pick a fight or get into an argument"?

I dunno man, but after reading through the comments on this page I'm inclined to answer that question with, "Um, right now!" ;)

Back when I was a student

Back when I was a student there were plenty of argumentative, self-righteous, paranoid a-holes who were pot users. The image of the always mellow hippie stoner dude ignores the other side of the reality.

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An Amen! ... and a reserve...

On this:

But scientifically and personally speaking, Rand is not wrong. There have been studies that have demonstrated a drop in IQ. There are also studies that have suggested the opposite. People can get pissed all they want to, but what he said was not the common DARE propaganda crap.

Amen !

On that:

And anyone who has ever smoked pot frequently knows damn well that it makes you less ambitious.

Well, some might want to argue that ambition sure isn't always a good thing, humanely speaking, especially when we think of the scariest unashamed abusers for whom the end always justifies the means:


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius