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US Has New, Unused $34M “Fortress of Solitude” In Afghanistan

Very rarely does a day go by in which I don’t find myself with white knuckles flexed in frustration at the stupidity or ineptitude of the U.S. government. Typically, I just fluctuate between being annoyed, stunned and furious. Today I read a report from Afghanistan which has put my mood solidly in the “furious” camp, and can’t be good for my blood pressure. So please, pop some baby aspirin, take your nitrate pills, and join me in drop-jawed wonder at the brand new military headquarters in Afghanistan that has never, and will never, be used.

From the Washington Post:

The U.S. military has erected a 64,000-square-foot headquarters building on the dusty moonscape of southwestern Afghanistan that comes with all the tools to wage a modern war. A vast operations center with tiered seating. A briefing theater. Spacious offices. Fancy chairs. Powerful air conditioning.

The windowless, two-story structure, which is larger than a football field, was completed this year at a cost of $34 million. But the military has no plans to ever use it. Commanders in the area, who insisted three years ago that they did not need the building, now are in the process of withdrawing forces and see no reason to move into the new facility.

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The New _________ HQ

insert any US created terrorist boogieman you want.

I'd like to join a

I'd like to join a class-action lawsuit against my government to recover my stolen money. Taxation is theft and the thieves are multiplying like New York cockroaches.

Who "won" the contract

to build it? Is it/will it be a drone base?


for absurdity

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