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Obama Secretly Signs Executive Order to Grant Himself the Ability to Shutdown All Communications!

When are the GOP going to stand up to stop him from making himself Chariman Obama of the USSA? Well, they aren't because they are all Corporate Collectivists of the same Power Elites, who play a game of charades in the public, but are best of pals in private. Clinton was brought up for impeachment for giving military secrets to China, but a deal was made to go after the lesser, though an embarassment of the Lewinski fiasco. Obama has more than tripled the crimes of Clinton, but nothing happens? This proves my point they are 1 party of Collectivists! When are the mindless fools who support the GOP going to wakeup to the fact they are not represented and quit playing the 'if Obama wasn't president' crap? Most won't wakeup until the Cheka are banging on their door to take them away.

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