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Hackers Convention Asks Government to Stay Away

"Last year, four-star General Keith Alexander, head of the NSA, was a keynote speaker at the event, which is the world's largest annual hacking conference.

The audience was respectful, gave modest applause and also asked about secret government snooping. Alexander adamantly denied the NSA has dossiers on millions of Americans, as some former employees had suggested before the Snowden case.

"The people who would say we are doing that should know better," Alexander said. "That is absolute nonsense.""


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It's an interesting situation at hacker cons

I attended LayerOne this year and ToorCon last year. You'll see scruffy older dudes all around wearing Hawaiian shirts that look and act like they're outsiders. The talks they choose to attend definitely gives it away too--talk about hacking things like smart meters, or manners of accessing major infrastructural stuff, and they'll all be there.

I asked an organizer about em, and he told me they're essentially part of the community--that their status isn't really a secret. DefCon usually has a "spot the fuzz" event or moment or somesuch where they willingly raise their hands to out themselves.

I don't see anything about

I don't see anything about banning them from Blackhat.

Tickets for Defcon are like $100. Tickets for Blackhat are $1000.