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G. Edward Griffin's Assistant, Single-handedly, Takes On A Major Corporation - Please Help

Suffering for the past 14 years from exposure to some of the most deadly toxins on the planet, Joan Glover is suing a corporate giant for its reckless endangerment of the environment, which has caused multiple cancerous growths. Read her touching story and see how your appreciation of her astounding artistic talent can help her in this fight for life and justice. Mr. Griffin]s comment is at the end.

by Joan Lehmann Glover

In 1998, I moved to Southern California, found an area of beautiful wilderness, and hiked there four to five times a week for the next three years. I would get up early, drive to the park, and hike for at least thirty minutes, before working out at the gym and heading to work.

Unknown to me, the entire area was contaminated with a cocktail of deadly substances that were the byproduct of an experimental project conducted by a large corporation engaged in energy and weapons research. The nature of this research had been covered up for decades, but was ongoing at the time, and it was directly upwind of this beautiful park.

By 2001, I started to experience light sensitivity and extremely bloodshot eyes. By 2002, skin cancers had appeared on my face and back. I had four of them biopsied, and they all tested positive Basal Cell Carcinoma. Shortly thereafter, one of the biopsied nodules on the side of my nose became a large scabbing sore that never healed.


I have witnessed Joan's fight against her cancers ever since she became my assistant nine years ago, and there is no doubt that her condition is related to the toxic exposure she has described. In many cases, these things can be triggered by poor nutrition or lifestyle but, not so in her case. She is one of the most health-conscious individuals I have ever met. Her diet and life style are textbook perfect. Under normal circumstances, she would be the last person in the world one would expect to have a problem like this.

Joan has spunk, but she needs our help. To sue a major corporation without legal representation, is a daunting task. I am in awe of her determination. When I think of the virtue and passion of her mission, the name Erin Brockovich comes to mind.

It is typical of Joan's character that she is not asking for charity. She does not want our sympathy. She wants us to want her paintings, which is pretty easy to do, because her art is jaw-dropping. Mrs. Griffin and I have acquired several of her pieces. They, not only adorn our home, they have made unique gifts that are proudly displayed and will be long remembered.

Jungle Fever - sample of Joan's work:

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Entering the trial phase in her lawsuit

I just received an email about this from Oathkeepers. Please watch the following video. If you can, please donate at the link below and get a cool print while they last. Thanks.

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Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Thank you

For posting this here Barracuda... I've only spoken with Joan on the phone and would never have guessed anything in the slightest like this was going on with her...

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Almost missed this.

GG Edward is my go-to guy...

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