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DON'T. WATCH. THIS okay, please watch: r3VOLution: As American as American Pie

I'd like to let this video speak for itself. Many hours have been spent, and watching it again, I could spend many more. I hope you all like it.



"3VOLution" ... :)

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Great video!Thank you!!!

Great video!

Thank you!!!

I saw ZERO anti-Israel in there, dont listen to Granger's BS.

Subbed, liked, and added to faves.

Thank you Sarah

Just imagine what a different and beautiful world this would be if the majority of people followed Ron's guiding principles.


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Thank You

Why do I have tears when I watch? Dang it..

Your Welcome!!

That was a goal of mine. :)

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Superb video...

Watch it and get fired up!

Ron Paul is a 21st century man for all time.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Great work

Thanks for the video

This has to be one of the

This has to be one of the BEST Ron Paul videos I've seen...Thank you Dr. Paul!

Thank you Sarah

This is an absolute masterpiece!

Seems pretty twisted to me

Ron Paul said ISRAEL IS OUR FRIEND, but you have gone out of your way to make Ron Paul appear anti-semetic in your editing.

I suggest you study Ron Paul more and stop twisting his words about Israel.

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you are not just a liar...

You are a god damned liar!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


I sincerely apologize for giving you that impression. That was not my intent in any way. However, he has made it clear that Israel should be a friend as much as Egypt or Spain or Hungary or Cuba or Argentina or (fill in the blank with any country here). What exactly made you think I was twisting his words? I really enjoy making these types of videos, and constructive criticism is appreciated as it helps when I go to make another. So, what exactly (min/sec) made you say that? :) Either way, thanks for watching.

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It was anti-Israel to me, and I think that's wrong. But then, conservative warrior just provided a video below, where I remember the speach Ron Paul gave very clearly, but the slide show was also anti-Israel.

I thought I heard Ron Paul say that Israel is our friend.. I think I was very wrong. I LOVE Israel and if anyone ever told me that Ron Paul has his supporters HATE Israel, I would say, "Yes, you are correct."

You're talented and I wish you well on your craft, even if it's inspirering hate for Israel.

(((the Granger))), you know where I stand on Israel..

I saw *one* clip of a cartoon that referenced Israel receiving aid, and the PA receiving promises. I agree that the cartoon is inaccurate, in that the PA also received aid, but the basic message of this video is sound. Our government, by aiding both sides in practically every Middle East skirmish, actually makes the average Israeli's life harder. Also, interfering when the Israeli people want to make peace with sovereign nations, like Syria and forcing them to negotiate with a provisional 'nation' that has not renounced terrorism, is something Ron Paul mentioned in the The Revolution, A Manifesto.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


I think the vid is great. I take issue with how Israel is portayed.

To me, Israel is doing what the rEVOLution says it wants to do, stand for sovreignity, the right to protect yourself, self determination, and to not fall for enslavement, tyranny and taxes that do not benefit the tax payer.

I'm not inspiring hatred for anyone

and I still don't know why you feel that way. Was it the pictures of the Maine delegates walking out? Or drunk Bernanke? Or are you referring to the fact that in 2002 rp predicted that if policies stayed the same, we would see arab nations overthrown and uniting against us? That is exactly what has happened. He never condoned these actions, but he knew it was bound to happen. I ask again, what part or parts made you comment that his words were twisted or that I, as a supporter, am anti-Semitic? Honestly, that is rather insulting. He was right about everything he predicted.

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I don't believe you are either, however I may have some insight

on this, because I have been there. What Granger is likely as not referring to is the cartoon referencing the aid to Israel and the 'promises' to the PA (at least in part). I expect that is likely the issue. If a clip of a quote from The Revolution , A Manifesto were included after the cartoon clip, this would likely quell the argument. (pgs 34-40 have much great material, where Ron mentions that Israel should not be bribed with aid not to negotiate with Syria, and that Israel's sworn enemies receive, taken together, far more aid.) Also Ron Paul has a great quote concerning the tenants of self-reliance and independence linked here:


"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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what you are responding to

takes exception to any and all questions concerning israel
its as if no one has the right or is worhty to question that group,and she is here to make sure of it
if it might paint that country in a negative light,here it comes
as the sole defender of israel,even going so far as to not acknowledge
answers and making it seem tomorrow is a new day,and what was told yesterday
didn't happen
the granger will you keep you engaged for so long,you will get nothing done except answering the questions,and reading the stories it puts out
this is all done for your distraction
but you can do what you want to do,i will do what i do :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I believe that you believe that you are not

I feel hurt by your vid because my heart has opened to the people of Israel.

When I see the pictures on your video, it hurts me because they are pictures that paint Israel as the BAD guy, and that's not how I see Israel. That is how the UN and Islam see Israel.

I don't blame the Maine delegates for walking out, "So goes Maine so goes the nation." Very sad moment of defeat even for me here in CA.

Drunk Bernanke.. another sad image of how drugs and alcohol are the coping tools for unconsciousnessable offenses against freedom.

No.. rp told us what we were facing a UN NWO, and his message went out to Islam, which think they can side with the UN and win. As for Islam siding against us, absolutely, wee the infidel, but they are all the happy to take our money, or take our jets and run them into buildings to defeat us, in the name of Islam.

He knew it (UN NWO) was bound to heppen if we did not get off our asses and into the GOP and FIGHT to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

I am not personally attacking you with insults to be a base asshole because it feels good to knock artists down and stomp on their work. I ended my last post sincerely telling you that you are talented. YOU ARE. That is a complement.

What I am offended about are the pictures of Israel's flag and the Neocon ANTI-ISRAEL NWO operators who are NOT for Israel but for controlling Israel. Israel is the only state that has NOT dropped it's SOVREIGN RIGHT TO EXIST free from UN resolutions.

Israel at this point stands ALONE as a SOVREIGN STATE, protecting the RIGHTS of it's people. Israel shows us what it takes to have freedom in a policed world. Within that wall Israelis are FREE, freer than us.

The Neoliberals who became Neocons when they INFILTRAITED the GOP, may have Jewish last names, but they are NOT FOR ISRAEL. They are against Israel's SOVREIGNITY. They do everything they can KNOWING people hate what they do to put that hate on Israel.

You have a very powerful talent with your art in video. You can move mountains of people. It hurts to see you move mountains of people against Israel and her stand for SOVREIGNITY.

Peace be with you.


You said, "What I am offended about are the pictures of Israel's flag and the Neocon ANTI-ISRAEL NWO operators who are NOT for Israel but for controlling Israel. Israel is the only state that has NOT dropped it's SOVREIGN RIGHT TO EXIST free from UN resolutions." I just watched for the umpteenth time, and there is not ONE picture of Israel's flag. So what segment prompted your comment? A minute/second would be appreciated. Sorry about asking the same question again, but you have not answered it. ??

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I apologise for saying flag

What I am offended about specifically is the aligning of Israel to US forgeign policy which is a Neoliberal/Neocon deception.

Seeing Ron Paul listed as a Neoliberal on wiki yesterday upset me; However, since wiki is considered a nuetral site, and no one is changing it (it was only changed days ago.. seems while we are watching snowden, the net/web is being changed, some songs I wanted to share are now saying, "can not be seen in your country" - contraband blues.

Anyways in your vid, I personally, [I'm sure Ron Paul the Neoliberal has NO idssue with it, and I would think ultimately it would be up to Ron Paul to protest wiki labeling him a Neo (NWO) Liberal]. with these places:

1:29; 2:43, 3:11 and 9:27 your vid points out ISRAEL AID.. which, Israel's aid is far less than the UN and Afghanistan and far behind all Nations aligned under Islam, which Islam has many countries, but they are united in Sharia Laws, and work with communists, who also receive USA AID.

Unlike the nations of Islam who take USA aid to build rockets for Israel and armies to defeat Israel.. Israel is given USA AID because Israel is advanced in tech, engineering, sciences, medicine, rocket/space technology, agriculture and products which they put on the USA market for far less than what they are worth.. a carbonator, for example, so one can make their own soda water, stop buying plastic bottles, have an alternative to cocacola and pepsi monopilies, was over $250.00, very limited to connections and thus out of the price range for most Americans (even if they did spend more than that a year in soda sales) Israel comes up with a better carbonator for under $80.00. That is one example. So what does America do.. boycotts products from Israel.

How stupid are we?

I have been studying Israel since I finally got around to finding out why on Earth Ron Paul would say, "Israel is our friend".


The neoliberals became Neocons under Bush.. IOWs Neoliberals remained in the Democratic Party, and then under Bush split, where some infiltraited the GOP and became Neocons.

The do not support Israel. The are doing what they can to hurt Israel and try to force Israel to give up her sovreignity. They know how to decieve, and they understand how to market themselves.. put a neocon face on Israel so Americans will HATE Isreal. This is what has been happening in the USA and I'm sorry to see it happening to the rEVOLution/ Liberty Movement. But especially the rEVOLution, which your vid shows more pictures of the rEVOLution and not the Liberty Movement (the "I refuse to be a Republican and pretend to be a Libertarian by voting for a Republican who calls himself a Libertarian. and the, "I'm going to tell you what to do", group).

I'm not telling you what to do. Do what you want. I'm not asking you to edit your vid. Now that Ron Paul is listed on Wiki as a Neoliberal, it suits him as an anti-Israel representative.

Maybe I will inspire you to see what Israel is doing to keep her SOVREIGNITY and protect the rights of her people. We should be emulating Israel, not grouping her in the Communist-Islam mess called the UN, which takes MORE US tax payer money than all nations combined.

Just look at the USA SOS AID PDF.

For you Granger.

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Thank you Conservative Warrior

your reply had me look up NeoLiberal.. which I recall Bill Clinton.. I had no idea Ron Paul is a NeoLiberal. Not until today.

And also, Ron Paul can't say what he has here about Israel, and then say Israel is our friend. I've been watching videos now about Ron Paul's response.. and it's pretty lame.

I would have a hard time at this point defending Ron Paul if someone said he was anti-semetic/ anti-Israel. Actually, I don't believe I would even try to defend him.

I had admired him because I thought he really meant it when he said that Israel is our friend.. and in my search for why that would be, I found many outstanding values, like state sovreignity, and being against the UN NOW.. Israel does it best.. and I also thought that his charges against the neocons was that they did not support Israel, but rather, they used Israel for their own end to achieve a NWO.. because Israel has it's own inside war with secular Jews for a NWO and the religious who wants a sovreign state (grey areas aside).

Thank you for the food for thought and guilding light. I'm done defending Ron Paul on Israel. I appreciate his saying Israel is our friend and getting me to see why, and I thank God I now see why.

Where Ron Paul gets off saying Israel is our friend after saying what he said in this vid.. Ron Paul speaks with forked tongue.

Now I know. Thank you for sharing the truth with me.

Israel is our friend Granger

Its the Neocon Trotskyites who aren't our friends just as Obama is not our friend while the US is our country. Is the US your friend Granger?.. Now, is Congress and the President your friend?
It is not the state of Israel as a whole who is our enemy.
I'm beside myself and disappointed here about what you just wrote about Ron. You seriously need to get a grip on reality. Yes, even you can be wrong here, and you are...You sound like Karl Rove calling Rand and Justin liberal's the other day. Nothing could be further from the truth!

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams


Yes, congress is my friend and Obama is my friend because I do not believe that what is happening is done with malichious entent against me.

I was and am very dissappointed what I read about Ron Paul. In a way, I can't belive it. To me, Bill Clinton was a Neoliberal. Hillary Cliton is a Neoliberal.. Ron Paul I thought was a conservative.. but now, today, wiki has taught me otherwise.. and I agree with you.. I need to get a grip, because what I thought was, is not.

Ron can not say what he said about Israel and expect anyone who loves Israel to not think he even likes Israel.

Has he been to Israel?

The thought crossed my mind that the Neoliberal wiki has been changed recently.. that's not what I recalled from the past.. so this would explain why Rove called Justin a Liberal.. and if Justin is a Neoliberal, like Ron.. then he is a Liberal, he is not a conservative. How do you think he is?

I just checked the wiki history history is being rewritten, April, may, june.. all the articles are changing

neoliberal definations have all been re-written may, june , july http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Neoliberalism&acti...

Same for conservative

there's a war for ideas on.

I think Ron and Justin

are very Conservative. They both are small government Constitutionalist! Neocons are NOT Conservatives Granger. They more closely align with the Liberal Left than they do true Conservatism.
When was the last time you saw a Neocon Republican shrink the size and scope of government for anybody but big business ? NEVER ! They want small government for Big Business and no rights , a police state and a welfare state for you 'the little guy' and small business competition where as Ron and Justin want freedom and small government across the board for everybody as it should be. Wiki is a joke, pay no attention to it. What Ron said in that video is the truth!
Neocons are derived from the far left. They only masquerade as Conservatives on wedge issues but when it comes to the Constitution and small government for 'we the people' they land right where the liberal left does and that is why nothing 'real' changes for the people as we go back and fourth between these two parties while the banksters and big business just keep winning. Go back and listen to what he is saying in that video. Modern Conservatism is a fraud ! Here is a even better video for you to watch. He is just as true in these vids as he is in others. A Liberal he is NOT !
This is the full 51 minute speech ( We've Been Neo-Conned) he gave on the house floor without the pictures..watch and learn...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

conservative warrior

I agree with you that Ron Paul and Justin are conservative, and why the wiki GOT ME: listing Ron Paul as a Neoliberal.

Neo to me had NOTHING to do with Israel and everything to do with Neo as in NEW as in NWO. The Neoliberals like Clinton were on my map LONG before the Neocons. The Neocons were the Neoliberals who INFILTRAITED the GOP, outting conservatives, as the Neoliberals in the Democratic Party outted the liberals. MSM has been the NEO tool, and as the net/web has changed.. now I see the last three months, Wiki has changed the terms.

This is important because there needs to be a reference ground, a NUETRAL place. I can forget wiki, but that does not give me any NUETRAL GROUND. It bothers me when people tell me to leave or forget a ground and have NOTHING to replace it.

Have you got anything to replace wiki as a reference?

This is why the fight FOR Israel is so important. The NEOS HATE Israel because Israel is FIGHTING FOR GROUND that represents people from ALL OVER THE WORLD.. the Moshavs (communities) are based on two things, where the indiginous Jews came from, and what they produce. There are nearly a hundred and you will see that they come from ALL OVER THE WORLD, and mostly places in the ME.

I am for a STATE of Palestine. The UN and Islam are NOT for a state of Palestine. BOTH the UN and Islam are enslavers and they not only want the destruction of Israel but any state that strives for SOVREIGNITY. I am for a two state solution. It's not an either for Israel or Palestine.. it's for both. But many here are aliegned with the UN and Islam when they point to NEOCONS and say, They are for Israel. They are NOT for Israel. They are for controlling Israel. There is a huge difference.

The GOP is changing and we can take credit for this. The article about Perry going to Israel, Perry is talking like Ron Paul. Israel is SMALL BUSINESS THAT IS PROTECTED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Many Mushavs have militas that have a common ground in the IDF.

Israel is a friend to those who want SOVREIGNITY and the Neocons are not for sovreignity.

The speach you shared is not new to me. The pictures change the meaning. I never heard Ron Paul's speach as being anti-Israel. Now, I do, because of your pictures.

And I am not happy to see DP go the way of the Neo-nazi with hatred for Israel because of the NEO lies and manipulation.

I THANK YOU for the wake up. I have no problem dumping wiki.. but I feel like a Palestinian.. now I have NO GROUND.. there is NO NUETRAL ground for reference. When in comes to "info wars", we have no ground to fight.

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who did israel lose their

land to?and how did thy lose it?
israel has no more right to exist than we do
and for them to claim they have the RIGHT to that land,then how do they have the right? who gave them that right? who gave that people the land
to claim it as theirs?
why should the peoples living there give up what they got through conquest
when they won it?
if there was no conflict,then why does israel believe it is there's,and all others should leave,or bow down to them?
you made the claims,now back it up

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

According to history (from several sorces, Bible being one)

Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt where they had been slaves, to a NO MAN'S land (where outlaws were exhiled) called Canaan. There are no people today who claim to be Canaanites.

1273 BC Moses led the Jews to Canaan where they settled and built a temple.

1026 BC Saul becomes the first king of the United Kingdom of Israel representing 12 tribes.

1003 BC David becomes king of JErusalam (Jews). His palace is being excavated now within the wall.

940 BC Jews build their first temple.

There are many wars, some eternal over the area, the main theme for the Jews is resisting tyranny, slavery and taxes.

8th century an earthquake destroys many landmarks

712 BC Jerusalm is sacked by the Assyrians (Babalonia)

609 BC Egypt takes control

605 BC Babalonia gains power and returns Israel to the Jews

587 BC Babalonia then exiles the Jews

538 BC Jews are allowed back by another Babalonian king.

516 Second temple is built, now know as the wailing wall

459 BC, Ezra returns more Jews from Babalonia

332 BC Alexander the Great from Persia concors the area

301 BC Ptolemy concors the area

200 BC Antiochus III concors the area

160 BC Jews revolt

63 BC Rome concors the area (there is always Jews throughout this breif timeline I am providing)

31 BC after several more concors, an earthquake demolishes the area

19 BC Herod the Great rebuilds the temple

(7 - 2) BC Jesus the Jew is born

66-73 AD Jew and Roman 1st war, temple is destroyed

135 AD Romans win against a Jewish revolt, the area renamed by Romans Syria Palastinia AKA Philistein AKA Palestine

324 AD Roman Emporer Constatine creates a Roman holy land (his history/ruins spans from Israel to Rome, Christianity has a place

614 AD Persia concors the area (There are still Jews, always has been)

638 AD Islam slaughters and exhiles Jews and Christians

691 AD Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Al- Aqsa is built over Jews and Christians sacred ground as a triumph and claimed to be where Mohammad ascended to heaven

749 AD a 7TH Earthquake hits the area.

1071 AD Turks invade

1099 AD Crusades claim area as Christian

1187 AD Islam claims the area

1191 Crusade reclaims (Richard the Lionhearted) Christian rule

1291 AD Egypt (ends what is 9 crusades) Islam rules

1541 AD Ottoman Empire Rules, Jews have no right to return

1604 AD Jews allowed to return

1799 AD Napolean concors the area

1840 AD "Brittian" controls Palestine

1897 AD First Zionist congress

1903 AD tens of thousands of Jews migrate to Palestine

1917 AD Balfore Treaty establishes Israel

From here, there are even more "entanglements", infatadas, wars, and the Jews have held onto the area.

As you can see, the area has always been on of wars and rumors of wars


Do you have the right to exist?

To say, "No" is what I consider "defeatest".. if you believe you don't have a right to esist, why would you think you have any rights? Why are you with Ron Paul who is fighting for constitutional rights and our right to determine our lives, free from tyrants, who believe you have no right to exist?

This is not about bowing down to Israel.

Israel today is made of many Mushavs.. these are communities that are established by, of and for Jews from areas where they have been exhiled, most are from the Mid East, Jews from Iran, Iraq, and Eastern Europe after the Holocast, there are African, American, Candadian, Mushaves from all over the world. The mushavs establish businesses, from farming, ranching, tourist indistry, companies that make products.. a mushave can be a few hundred to a few thousand people. They are all Jews, many different kinds of Jews. The state of Israel says that they ALL have a right to exist.

The mushavs have militas to protect their communities, these militas are joined by a Israel Defense Force, where most Jews (and I think they just passed a law upsetting some, that ALL jews need to have 2 years training). This training is to enable each Mushav to protect itself, and work together if a war comes.

The state of Israel protects the rights of the people. It does not tell the mushavs what to do, though there are quildlines.. and there are "community taxes" so one Mushave may pay a different amount than another, depending on how mnay people, how much land, what they produce. The cities are common areas..I have no doubt some people never leave the mushav because they strive to be independent, self sustaining, and striving to thrive.

Israeis the on;ly state that REFUSED to abandon their SOVREIGNITY to the UN. Israel believes it's people have the right to FREEDOM.

Palestine.. Israel gets blamed, but Palestine's problem is not Israel. It's the UN that keeps it without a state and thus forces it under Islam. So the Palestinians have a huge problem.

I believe there could be preace between these people, the problem is the UN will not give the Palestinians a state, and Islam pushes them to fight Israel.

Personally, I am very inspired by Israel, and I wish more on DP would see that Israel is leading the way to how to be free, sovreign, productive.. and how despite all odds.. how to thrive.

But if you personally do not believe that you have a right to exist, and con not imagine how a small groups of many people have a right to exist, because the UN and Islam being the bigger power are the only ones who have the right to exist.. I don't know.. I can't imagine.. I have a hard time thinking like that. It's alien to me to think that I have no right to exist.

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you proved my point

thank you
through wars and more wars they took over (stole)land
that was not theirs to begin with
Moses went up the mount,came down with the 10 commandments
before crossing into the promised land(god told them to kill
every living thing
so here we have a god who gave the commands for living a righteous life
then goes on to say to steal and kill !!
so if they won it by conquest,just as you typed,then they also lost through
conquest,as they lost the wars,which put them into exile
If you hold on to that,then you should also give the land back called america
to the indians/mexicans,and any other peoples who might have been here first
and yes,as a government,and as a nation they do not have the right to exist,
how does anyone have that right? you and i could be dead at any moment
so there is no right
ZIONISM,is not the right,nor does it give them a right to exist,as you claim it does

and yes it is bowing down,if ones claim they have that right,and another does not,and this is what the zionists believe,they have claimed that right
by using the bible(but the bible breaks the commands right from the get go
(oh, i get it,god is like a gov,so therefor everything god has done he has the right to do(even going so far as breaking the golden rule !!)
Israel is a land and nation created by the rothschilds,so how can you claim they are sovereign? this is a fact
the UN cannot create nations,people do that,so to say the UN won't give palestine a state is a cop out,because they could say "we have the right to exist,this is our land,get out",and the UN,short of war and armed conflict couldn't do a thing about it.
could them rothschilds be the ones pulling them UN strings,and are the ones keeping the inspectors out of israel? they do have that power.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

What is your point?

I think you are very confused.

Do you have a right to exist? Please answer.