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Kill Bill 3: The Best Anti-Bill Quotes (just for fun...)

Intellectual debates can become intense and emotional. Sometimes it is fun to just have a laugh about some of the things we say. I know I am as guilty.

WINNER: Power of lies. I think that your ideas are flawed, false, and dangerous to life on Earth.

-A vote FOR this post is a vote AGAINST the Declaration of Independence.

-In a black and white world, you play word games. If you do not understand a birthright of freedom, well go on with your bla bla nonsense that is word mumbo jumbo....

-You're the very reason Ayn Rand despised libertarians.

-BILL3 you have proven your self many times here on DP as one to be disregarded. ... Big time fail here for BILL3...

-It's embarrassing for people in the liberty movement to be this ignorant. Go read Hazlitt.

-Lol you really just need to read more and gasbag less.

-I hat tip you for the post, but somehow still find you on my troll list with no reason to remove it.

-In the words of a great prophet, stupid is, as stupid does. Billy boy

-Bump to illuminate the idiocy.

-Bill3 Is a state apologist, need I say more? I honestly couldn't make it through the first two paragraphs.

-Bill, you amazing ignoramus....


These were the funniest ones.

The only one I couldn't copy over was the giant picture of Mr. Rogers flipping me the bird. That was priceless.

What's really amazing is how few of the comments overall were negative or personal...

You guys are awesome!

You help me sharpen my mind and I hope I do the same for you.

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I honestly think you're just

I honestly think you're just trolling... I have no issue with it nor do I care for it, but I do like to see some funny lines, so upvoted lol

fuck you

for making me thing that Kill Bill 3 came out, and that I missed it :)

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

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This reminds me of something that happened to me today

I was driving downtown - had to get down to take care of some stuff before my trip to Japan tomorrow.

I was in the wrong lane, and had to get over one to the left. I thought I had an opening, but this huge panel van honked at me, wouldn't let me get over, and swooped in in front of me. I got into the lane behind him, but I was so pissed off at him that I honked and flipped him off directly into his side mirror.

He looked back at me, and flipped me off with two fingers. And he kind of made this dancing move with them, and had this goofy grin on his face. And I just thought it was so funny that I flipped him off with my two fingers as well, and I could see him in the mirror and we both started cracking up.

And I realized, it just wasn't worth it - getting all worked up like that. I was so stressed, trying to get everything done in time. The truth is, even if I didn't get that stuff done, it wasn't going to be the end of the world.

We get into these intellectual arguments, and it does get heated. It gets heated because we have investments (usually in our ego, and in the fact that we're right!) That's what makes it fun. Just don't go overboard.

I appreciate the post since I have no investment in it. It is funny. Of course, if I felt like I was being attacked in there - MAN WOULD I BE PISSED! Lol. It is all good. Just take a step back, and remember. It's only a ride.


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

this was hilarious, picturing

this was hilarious, picturing this. thanks for sharing. awesome vid. about d amn time we explore space, inner and outer, for ever.

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I'm glad I could be of some service in entertaining you

It reminded me of this little passage as well.

Thanks Bill!

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

same here, enjoy your trip!

same here, enjoy your trip!

Get A Clue

"Bill, Please just stop. This one isn't even that good."

Dreadfully vile troglodyte

Bill3 is a conspicuously ignominious delinquent and a decrepit soul-destroying cesspool of sub-human filth.

And one from BILL3

this is one of the dumbest comments i've ever seen.

first of all you don't know the difference between punctuation and capitalization. all of my sentences are punctuated, i just choose not to apply case in comment threads.

your first sentence is meaningless and poorly constructed. you can't write for sh1t.

"the rest is just of wall of text to, forlornly, attempt to bludgeon.... with wall of words."

my post is a" wall of text" to hit people with a "wall of words," to... forlornly... you manage to say nothing, and do it in an ugly, graceless manner that mangles the english language.

then you say "its not as if its unclear what rothbard says."

you appear to believe that, if its not unclear what someone says, they are therefore right. or that no two people could read something and disagree. since your simpleton brain sets the standard for all others.

finally, your quote from TJ, justifying government by republican democracy, against monarchy. what kind of idiot would think arguing for a republic is an argument for no government.

please do everyone a favor a refrain from thinking.

guess it wouldn't be complete

guess it wouldn't be complete without one of mine. thanks!