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Oklahoma Congressman Lankford Discusses Snowden (basically calls him a commie)

Talked with our congressman, James Lankford, at a town hall he held recently to get his take on the Snowden affair. Turns out he doesn't understand technology (thinks that since Snowden only had access to "architecture" that he didn't have access to data, which is kind of funny if you work in IT, policy controls don't equal technology controls) and he completely trusts nontransparent political controls to protect your private data and thinks we should too.


He also called Snowden a communist, in a thinly veiled way (it's right at the beginning of this video).


Over all it's just pretty scary to listen to...

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Maybe a good soul will be happy to send him a copy of this book

Maybe a good soul will be happy to send a copy of this book to dear Congressman Lankford:

"Lingua Tertii Imperii" By Victor Klemperer



Well, that's assuming Congressman Lankford has the two neurons required to be able to read and understand the whole point of it, granted.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

He speaks it well.

He speaks it well. The problem with his philosophy is that his basis for truth is authoritative in nature. he doesn't even believe his own eyes, he has to be told by an authority that something is true before he will accept it as such, lots of sunday school types are like this.

BTW, I'm a Christian, heck I even met Lankford when he was running the Southern Baptists church camp "Falls Creek" here in Oklahoma. There is an epidemic of this kind of mindless pedagogery in the church, it took me quite a while, and lots of humility to leave it and think on my own...

Hey Dax, the vids are showing

Hey Dax, the vids are showing up as private. Lankford is just following orders. Lankford is a such a good and loyal little puppet.

Sorry bout that. Change the

Sorry bout that. Changed the vids to public so everyone can see them now. Derp...

Thanks for pointing it out!