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Why Did You Join The Ron Paul Revolution?

It's troubling to see what was a short time ago, a band of liberty-loving brothers and sisters, turning on each other. It seems to be agnostic vs. believer, Rand supporter vs. Rand detractor, Libertarian vs. Republican, etc. And anyone who dares to question some of the self-appointed gurus of the movement better be prepared for a litany of profanity! Discussion is good, hateful invective and ostracism aren't. If we don't hang together we shall surely hang separately. Maybe we should remember why we joined the Ron Paul Revolution in the first place.

I embraced the movement because of the man and the message. Ron Paul's character inspired me. Here was a politician who actually told the truth, was faithful to his wife, was consistently pro life regarding the unborn and foreign policy, emphasized excellence and virtue, and was never mean-spirited. The good Doctor's message of limited, constitutional government, non-interventionism, individual liberty and sound money made perfect sense to me and stood in sharp contrast to the others who were vying for the presidency at the time. In essence, I joined the Ron Paul Revolution because I believed, as Thomas Paine said, "We have it in our power to begin the world over again." I still believe that. FELLOW PATRIOT, why did you join the Ron Paul Revolution?

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Because of the "Creature"

I came across an audio recording of G. Edward Griffin talking about the "Creature From Jekyll Island" around the same time the 2012 Republican Primary debates were starting. Learning about the Fed and googling brought Ron Paul's name into the picture and I focused on him in the debates. Even though he didn't get a fair amount of air time, he stood out from the others because he was the only one that made any sense. I woke up.


of being anti-war as a natural philosophy since I was young.

I am youtube junkie

I love looking up religious debate and history. Documentaries of all kinds I just can't get enough of it. One day I ran across this weird named video that kind of had a lot of views so I wanted to check it out, named Zeitgeist. One was about religion and one was about our "monetary system." I had already watched so much religious substance that the Fed video interested me. This turned into an eye opening event for me and I started looking into this "resource based economy" presented in the film. Through those searches I found a video of this dude Alex Jones talking about the free market and the true meaning of what our founders were talking about. Then Alex Jones told me about Ron Paul. I got depressed because I had just got done voting for Mccain in my first election to vote in. Now, A State convention, Precinct Chairmanship, an uphill battle trying to get elected as a national delegate, and a lot of corruption witnessing later I am still here. Heart ache to Heart ache, We stand, No promises No demands, Liberty is a battlefield.

You just got PAULED!

To YouTube Junkie

Thanks. I will be sure to keep what you said in mind when things get really tough: Liberty is a battlefield.

Edgar Morgan

Because Ron Paul's principles are sound, logical, gracious...

well reasoned and liberating, and he holds to them. Though I was once a Neo-Con, I choose to follow the evidence to who would most adhere to the principles of the Founding documents. The most reasonable conclusion I could draw was that Ron Paul was the one. Also, to quote a Huckabee supporter in '08, "The Ron Paul group is the most fun to hang out with." ;)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

First Post listed 06/01/07 but I was here before that

I found Ron Paul's presidential run back in March of 07. DP changed a few months into it, and many of us old timers lost a few months of posts. I'm Daily Paul #408 (and those who downvote me should call me #408 and not The Granger). I have had no other name on DP.

I have been an industrial hemp activist since 1993, became a one issue voter, and threw my support behind everyone, no matter what party, who made a stand for hemp.

Hemp symbolized freedom.

The first party I ever joined was the Libertarian Party, which was very different then. Maybe because I was a teenager and the people who were the leaders were older. But I really thought that the Libertarian Party was the future. We were going to break the duopoly, end the wars, and restore liberty with love and peace. We were a revolution, and the music back in the 70s helped. I had hope.

When Ron Paul became a libertarian to take the Libertarian Party nomination, many liked him for his passionate stand against the war on drugs. But the folks I knew, had deep resentment for Reagan's war on drugs and resented Nancy's, "Just say NO", and saw Ron Paul, who aligned himself with Reagan, as a LP infiltraitor. He represented the establishment coming in to control us, keeping the long time libertarians from being in the debates. He was speaking for us, but was not one of us. He was not protesting and rallying with us. He just came in, stumped his way through the election, and then he left us, abandoned us, and made my group feel used, dirty, stupid, hopeless, and angry. So I really didn't want anything to do with Ron Paul, and his campaign had me thinking, "There's got to be another way."

I have always been an activist. I especially loved doing street skits, where a group dresses in costumes, like keystone cops and hippies chasing each other through the crowds and up to court house steps where activists dressed as judges and lawyers made speaches about constitution and rights and the hippies win. But we weren't winning. Matter of fact, we were getting the crap beaten out of us.

Back in those days, before the patriot act, we would pool our money, "bail money", so we could bail each other out of jail. But the war on drugs kept getting harder, and the sentances were getting longer. In 1998 I had 10 friends doing mandetory minimum sentances of 10 years. Two died. I used to make care packages for them.

Ralph Nader was seen as a voice for the people, someone we could turn to with his Public Citizen and other organizations that would help, which some Libertarians greatly resented, and told us we were WRONG to go to Nader for help, but they never offered any help, all they did was act like big brother and tell us what to do.

In 1992 I met Nader and asked him about his stand on industrial hemp. He said he never heard of it and asked me for information. That is how I became active in the hemp movement. As I worked with Nader's staff, he announced he was absolutely for industrail hemp would fight for it, and he suggested I quit wasting my time in the controlled Libertarian Party and go Indy.

So I left the Libertarian Party and registered, Decline to State Party. I worked with Nader for three elections. And to be honest, Ron Paul's campaigns were cake walks by comparison. There was far more censorship, lies, beatings, arrests, broken bones from BOTH major parties to subdue and destroy the Indy movement. I guess that's one reason this big bruhaha about NSA is to me MSM BS to high heaven. Our phones were tapped, we were followed, vandalized, discriminated against, lied about, and censored. Our rally's were violently protested, and third parties joined, split (there are two green parties, most Libertarians like me went Indy) and candidates feared for their lives, with good reason.

By 2007, apathy had set in. It was apparent that the establishment was not going to let us be free. I had 117 stickers on my car, many of the same stickers I see that are popular today I had, and people would ask me, "Aren't you afraid you'll be pulled over?"

It's not that the thought was not always on my mind, but when you have lost so many friend, watched them get hurt, lived through censorship and discrimination.. I felt it was only a matter of time before it was my turn anyways. And I came very close.. even had a detective call me drom 230 miles away to tell me that charges had been made on me for assult and battery. They would not tell me who filed charges, but they asked me many questions and told me that I was being watched and better watch my step. Nader sent me to another state to work. It was no different.

So by the time 2007 came around, and Ron Paul was saying what he had said back in 1988, and he was in the GOP, it was not the music, but the internet, with YouTube Aaron Russo and others that backed Ron Paul. Of course being Ron Paul for for hemp (though he was more for the "let it be up to the states to decide" rather than all out HEMP FOR VICTORY, or VOTE HEMP). I decided to back him. Maybe the establishment was coming around? Ron Paul helped me "cure my apathy".

I met him in San Francisco. It was a small crowd. I asked him about leaving the GOP and going Indy since I had a vast pool of connections. He politely refused. Kent Snyder (RIP) suggested I join the GOP, he had been a Libertarian, he understood.. but assured me, this was the way. I couldn't. My friends who joined Ron Paul rEVOLution and the GOP got pissed at me. Told me I had gone weak, was stupid.. was blowing it.. that did not stop me from spending thousands of dollars getting Ron Paul rEVOLution banners up in CA, I joined 4 Meet-ups, traveled and wished Ron Paul would go indy.

Between 08 and 12, I found myself taken on a HUGE learning curve. There were many issues Ron Paul brought up that I didn't know much about. End the Fed? Restore the Republic? And DP became a place to share thoughts, learn about Gold, hard money, the constitution and bill of rights, the structure of government and why we lose.

His message got me to understand that we are losing our country and if you want to keep it, you had to be involved in the establishment. All the protests and street acts and rally's for the Republic, and all that activist stuff was fine, but it's not how we were going to win.

Ron Paul's message encouraged me to go to Church. Church is important part of having roots, and roots are what one needs to grow a Liberty Tree. It was important to become the establishment.. the only way to beat the establishment was to be it, to change it from within.. to get in and end the growth of departments, end the police state.. more than voting was needed.. participation was needed.

So not only did Ron Paul influence me to go to Church, but when he announced his 2012 campaign, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy. I KNEW I would be wasting my time going there, so I did one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I joined the GOP.

Joining the GOP actually made me sick. Signing my name on the voter registration card to Republican was like committing suicide. It killed a part of me.. all those decades I was becomming exactly what I had been protesting. But I understood that Ron Paul was NOT going to leave the GOP and if I really wanted him to win, I needed to bend. So I did. I joined the GOP and then I went to meetings because Ron Paul needed delegates. They were not nice to me at all. My GOP made it very hard for me to become a delegate. All my previous work as an activist paid off because I knew what to do, and I did it, so I got my seat.. and honestly, when I went to the County Clerk to accept my seat, I was shocked to see I had to sign loyalty oaths. I had never heard of them. I had never heard of central committees for that matter. This was a shole new world.

We did well in 2012.. I was the Northwest Team Leader for the Ron Paul campaign and we placed third in the state, which is great because the camapign did call and email, but they wanted money. They gave us very little in campaign materials saying they had no hope for our area. Grassroots helped because the GOP was NOT going to help AT ALL.

Many folks here say Rand betrayed his father when he endorsed Romney, but that is NOT true. I was under the impression that I could "BE LIKE RON PAUL" and vote for who I wanted. Rand's endorsement baffled me. It angered me.. and then it dawned on me.. Rand is warning me about that loyalty oath.. the GOP is going to purge me from the party and charge me with purgery if I, "BE LIKE ROD PAUL". And they would have. So Rand actually woke many of us up so we were not purged and were able to be national delegates.

Though Ron Paul's campaign selected me as a national delegate, Romney's win (unbeleivable to this day because of the open corruption) had his delegates going to the convention.

So, not only did Ron Paul get me into Church and into the GOP, but his statement that, "Israel is our friend", bothered me. Where did he ever get that idea? Why would he say that? For the past few months, I have been searching.. and I have been learning, and I have become a zionist.. which Ron Paul is not. Matter of fact, I'm not sure about Ron Paul on this issue at all.. I don't believe he is for Israel and I think that so much of what he says can be taken in so mnay ways, there have been many divides within the rEVOLution, Liberty Movement being the biggest chism.. DP is Liberty Movement.. I am rEVOLution, and as time goes by, I don't know how compatible we are. I feel very mixed about DP.. some think my post about "should I stay or go" was about a plea for attention, but it's not, and why I didn't respond. I agree I should do what I want.. what I don't want to do is abandon people.

Yesterday, after a few posts from conservative warrior about Israel and Ron Paul, and what he had said about Neoconservatives, I didn't agree with the slide show. The slide show did not reflect my own ideas and felt the slide show misrepresented Ron Paul's speach. So I went to wiki to give conservative warrior some reference as to why I didn't agree. I was shocked.

According to Wiki, Ron Paul is a Neoliberal. This is news to me. Ron Paul a Neoliberal? And then I went to search, conservative, and it's all about England. England? And so I checked out the history of the wiki edits. Wiki has been edited the past three months. Wiki has re-written history, changed the terms. Ron Paul is now a Neo-liberal.

NEO to me, was Neo as in NEW as in New World Order for a UN global government, which is exactly the opposite of RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

It's been hard enough with all the conspiracy theory, lack of trust, paranoia and BS to get people to join the Ron Paul rEVOLution, get in the GOP for their own fight for freedom .. It's like a bus with wheels stuck in the mud and giving it gas doesn't get the bus out of the rut but spews mud on anyone trying to push the bus out of it's rut. I feel dirty. I feel used. I feel lied to, about and cheated. I feel like people who acted as my friends were not my friends, but are "friendlies" they want to hold me down, hold me back, stop me from growing, stop me from thinking, mug me in the name of loving kindness.

Where's the old hippy Granger? Covered with mud, bleeding and feeling beat up from all the lies, from all the people who jump on bandwagons to make friends here.. down vote the Granger and be part of the DP in crowd. And that in crowd are some Mean assed MFs.

I'm supposed to be some kind sister and eat shit and smile.

I am a kind sister and I LOVE all of you.. even the MEAN MFs, neo nazis who say they are Libertarians (you're lying).
The PTB are rewritting wiki.. the chess board is changing again, and so I'm going to tell you something very important to survival.. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE and you MUST ADAPT, you must morph, you must STRIVE TO THRIVE, to build something to last longer than an election.

Ron Paul is a Neo-Liberal. I'm not sure what I am anymore. I will complete the term of my elected seat on the GOP, but after that.. I don't know right now. The NWO is here and I need to adapt. I will not be a Libertarian.. I don't know what I will do, but I will be changing.. bank on it. And I don't care who likes it.. my life is mine.. live your life and do your best to control your life,, but don't tell me what to do or try to control my life and tell me that you are a Libertarian. I don't buy it.

Peace be with you and may LOVE be your light and God find mercy to bless you constantly and abundantly in this NWO.


Thanks Granger.

Edgar Morgan

Thanks for telling your story

it was a great read, so a bump up and a vote too.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I never changed

The revolution joined me.


consider me

an echo of said sentiments

People may have their

People may have their arguments here and there, but not ONCE have they touched that place that has lead me here, that is my friend, my liberty, my hope, so strong and unexpected, i think it is where our drive, our conviction, our empathy,......i believe, that is our humanity.......i dont expect for one instance a smooth ride, indeed, its been anything but, all i know, all i feel, that part of me shines just as strong as i remember it, if not a little brighter, it warms my heart.......the only difference, is the given situation, and how each of us react to it, in the thoughts we have, the statements we make, and the actions we take..........it is all part of the journey, one that NO one can predict........that is freedom to me, ......whispers* that is liberty

Or, im just talking nonsense :), NOT in MY heart, but how others may take my musing, but, it doesnt matter, the heart wants what the heart wants, and i love her for it, i will give myself to her, gratefully

Re People May Have Their

You're not talking nonsense at all. In fact, what you said was very profound! :) Thank you, Gomez.

Edgar Morgan

my humble thanks :)

my humbled thanks :)

Very true...

Very touching. Warming to the heart.

im glad i could give some of

im glad i could give some of it back :)

After learning about UN Agenda 21

and what it really means to all of us in UN countries, Dr Paul's was the ONLY sane voice....the ONLY sane message.

I joined..

because Ron told the truth.

Im hot headed.. Ive managed to calm down a lot from my youth but Ron always inspires me to be a better person. It may sound corny. Its the truth. Ron is an incredibly humble human being. He never took any credit for starting the Tea Party movement. He never attacked his opponents. He always looks for a friendly way out.

His message reminded me of how I was raised. My grandmother was a devout patriot and Ron reminded me so much of her.

I joined this movement because I felt it was my civil responsibility. I love our country and what it stands for. We are the greatest country in the history of humanity.

Lets hope and pray we can right the ship before we go all Titanic!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Because Ron Paul Told The Truth ..,

Thanks for sharing, Patriot. Awesome comment!

Edgar Morgan

I joined...

I joined the Ron Paul Revolution because I love liberty.

Lover of Liberty

Thanks Maggiegirl! I'm glad that you're on board!

Edgar Morgan