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Edward Snowden meeting Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow airport – live coverage - RT/Guardian

Guardian - Live Coverage - Snowden is arguing that the US is conducting an “unlawful campaign … to deny my right to seek and enjoy ... asylum under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” by “threatening” countries around the world, particularly in Latin America.

The New York Times reports today that the US is putting pressure on countries across Latin America to try to ensure they do not take Snowden in.

“There is not a country in the hemisphere whose government does not understand our position at this point,” a senior State Department official focusing on the matter said recently, adding that helping Mr. Snowden “would put relations in a very bad place for a long time to come.”

“If someone thinks things would go away, it won’t be the case,” the official said.

But the NYT says Washington is finding that “its leverage in Latin America is limited just when it needs it most, a reflection of how a region that was once a broad zone of American power has become increasingly confident in its ability to act independently”.

Edward Snowden is to meet representatives from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Transparency International at the airport in Moscow where he is holed up to discuss his next steps forward.

In an email published by Human Rights Watch, the former intelligence agency contractor – whose revelations to the Guardian about US surveillance have caused controversy around the world – also suggests he will make a “brief statement” to the groups. Reuters said Snowden had emailed them separately to say that the meeting would be closed to the press but that the whistleblower would speak to the media later.

The meeting is due to take place at 5pm Moscow time (2pm in London/9am in New York) in Sheremetyevo airport and we’ll be publishing as many details as we can live here.


Live video feed - RT: http://rt.com/on-air/snowden-meeting-rights-lawyers/

Post-meeting live feed - RT: http://rt.com/on-air/

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Live Updates from RT: http://rt.com/usa/nsa-leak-snowden-live-updates-482/

NY Times - U.S. Is Pressing Latin Americans to Reject Snowden

CARACAS, Venezuela — The United States is conducting a diplomatic full-court press to try to block Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive American intelligence contractor, from finding refuge in Latin America, where three left-leaning governments that make defying Washington a hallmark of their foreign policies have publicly vowed to take him in.


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Cyril's picture

Here's what's going on: Edward is doing his best TO STAY ALIVE

Here's what's going on: Edward Snowden is doing his best TO MERELY STAY ALIVE AND FREE.

Your/our U.S. "government" is out after him to get him.

And be assured THEY WILL SUPPRESS HIM if they do, and it will be too late to prevent it.

It is still very possible Edward Snowden, we like it or not, ends up being A MARTYR.

And, I am very sorry, but the blame will have to be put ON WE, THE PEOPLE, because we won't have stepped up to our plate in time TO HELP HIM TO SAVE HIMSELF.


Indeed, If that happens, THAT WILL BE OUR FAULT.

And THAT is the truth.

For, HE IS A TRUE AMERICAN, a man who is NOT willing to accept TYRANNY.

He has said it : HIS JOB IS DONE.

And he wants YOU, US, to succeed, TO SAVE OURSELVES, after him.

By restoring JUSTICE eventually :




"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius



The espionage irony

"Espionage or spying involves a government or individual obtaining information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espionage

How ironic that the ones who are spying on everyone are calling Snowden a spy for pointing out their espionage against their own citizens and allies.

It's kind of like an attacker claiming self defense in response to someone else's self defense.

SARAH -- just a note

Just thought I'd say--you're so pretty! :)

I'm a married gal, but just thought you'd like to know that, and also, THANK YOU for helping and being there for Edward Snowden.

Make sure he is eating enough to keep up his strength!

Who is Sarah?

I think you have the wrong person if you intend to be replying to me.

Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks

...is who I was referring to. It's no big deal. Just thought I'd give her a compliment. She has been tirelessly at his side helping him, a very bright young woman.


YouTube - Short video posted of Snowden meeting

Guardian - The short video from the Snowden meeting has been posted to YouTube. The video captures a light moment in which Snowden resumes reading from his statement, only to be interrupted by an airport announcement. He stops and smiles.

"I've heard this many times in the last week," he says.


A better video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RsZJSuhIts&feature=youtu.be

Getting interupted like that

Getting interupted like that sorta kinda adds genuianity to me for whatever reason, oh, and by the way, way to ruin the punchline MR original statement maker......... :)jst kidding, well, kinda sorta :)

Michael Nystrom's picture

American MSM coverage of

Trayvvon Martin case is a smokescreen.

Reminds me of the Elian Gonzalas circus in November of 1999.

While that manufactured media storm dominated the airwaves, this was going on in the streets of Seattle:

Curfew, martial law, 50,000 protesters in the streets, the shutdown of the meetings, diplomats stranded in hotels. Not a peep on the news. Because the news was all about the grave national security issue of the 8 year old Cuban boy, Elian Gonzales.

Which, coincidentally, ended thusly:

See any similarities in the pictures?

I thought our MSM would show a Penguin Documentary


Interesting contradictions involving U.S. Ambassador

Guardian - Michael McFaul, the US ambassador to Russia, has contacted the New Yorker to deny previous reports that he had sought to convey a message to Snowden that Snowden is not a 'whistleblower.'

McFaul's account directly contradicts a description of the Snowden meeting published by Wikileaks:

The Human Rights Watch representative used this opportunity to tell Mr Snowden that on her way to the airport she had received a call from the US Ambassador to Russia, who asked her to relay to Mr Snowden that the US Government does not categorise Mr Snowden as a whistleblower and that he has broken United States law. This further proves the United States Government’s persecution of Mr Snowden and therefore that his right to seek and accept asylum should be upheld.


Good to know our hero is

Good to know our hero is still alive.

Southern Agrarian

Amnesty International pleased to reiterate support for Snowden

Guardian - Sergei Nikitin, the head of Amnesty International's Moscow office who was at today’s meeting, has put out a statement backing Snowden and promising to “continue to pressure governments to ensure his rights are respected - this includes the unassailable right to claim asylum wherever he may choose”. Nitikin said:

Amnesty International was pleased to reiterate our support for Edward Snowden in person.

We will continue to pressure governments to ensure his rights are respected - this includes the unassailable right to claim asylum wherever he may choose.

What he has disclosed is patently in the public interest and as a whistleblower his actions were justified.

He has exposed unlawful sweeping surveillance programmes that unquestionably interfere with an individual’s right to privacy.

States that attempt to stop a person from revealing such unlawful behaviour are flouting international law.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right.

Instead of addressing or even owning up to these blatant breaches, the US government is more intent on persecuting him.

Attempts to pressure governments to block his efforts to seek asylum are deplorable.


Well said, well said

Well said, well said *applause*

Michael Nystrom's picture

Snowden asking for temporary asylum from Russia


MOSCOW — Fugitive document-leaker Edward Snowden told human rights activists and lawyers at Sheremetyevo Airport on Friday that he would apply for political asylum in Russia, where he has been stranded since June 23.

“He feels it is impossible to travel anywhere, so for the time being he is asking for asylum here,” said Human Rights Watch activist Tatyana Lokshina, who was at the meeting with Snowden.

Eventually, she added, the 30-year-old former contractor for the National Security Agency still hopes to be granted asylum in Latin America.

LOL...Obama tells Russia he's not going to summit

if Russia accepts Snowden.
Obama: "I'm not gonna play unless you let me win."

Spoiled brat/bully/dictator

Like the spoiled brat bully dictator that he and his administration has become.

I love my country, but I'm ashamed of its government.

sharkhearted's picture

My sentiments exactly!


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Bolivian Prez plane thingie helped Snowden with these talks

(Obama, "Oops!")

Scumbag Obama: "I wont

Scumbag Obama: "I wont scramble jets for some hacker"
(Scrambles jets when he thinks he's on Bolivian plane)

Southern Agrarian

Garan's picture

..like No Boots on the Ground (just sneakers).

Obama likes word games.

He'll let you know the real/secret interpretation later.

I figured out a long time ago....

that the real secret interpretation is that he is doing the exact opposite of what he says he is doing. Check it out...100% foolproof;

VENEZUELA-----here is a way out for Edward Snowden!

If Venezuela truly wants to help this young man to freedom, here's the answer.

Put the President on his plane to Russia.

Once there, they leave together and fly to Vladivstok, Russia, the very eastern coast of Russia. Gas up, then fly to Indonesia & gas up there for the long haul to either Nicaragua or Ecuador, then gas up and hop over to Venezuela.

They fly up to Murmansk, Russia, then around the coast of Finland, Sweden, and Norway down to Ireland (if he can land there, I don't think they recognized the US request). Gas up & go straight for Venezuela.

It is CRUCIAL if they do this that we have BIG NAME, FAMOUS people on board, plus regular US citizens. I'm thinking the Director Oliver Stone & perhaps one other really famous Hollywood gutsy personality, maybe Jim Rogers or Ron Paul or Judge Napolitano.

If any of these people, especially the latter mentioned were to do this, that plane WOULD NEVER BE TAKEN DOWN!


BTW, the live post-coverage on RT is quite good. Thanks again.

I'll repeat the link: http://rt.com/on-air/

Looks like he will have good Russian legal assistance, according to the RT interview.

ya..ya...their post broadcast is turning out really good!

interviews with the people in the meeting with Snowden. Plus they call him Whistleblower...not leaker or spy.

They dont want to call him a

They dont want to call him a whistleblower because they dont want to afford him the rights of a whistleblower, and make themselves criminals under THEIR OWN "laws", in the actions they take to persecute Mr Snowden, even though Mr Snowdon and everysingle American is protected by something far more powerfull then the corruption of laws they have today, founding fathers, whooops sorry, constitution, although i like that word, founding fathers, has a nice ring to it, founding fathers, wonder if theres anyone in particular that might "love" the word founding fathers even more..........founding fathers!*

Oh, i found one, these guys, these guys


by the way oceanoz, i assume that you we're making reference to the first part of my response, not trying to imply you hadnt, just expanding that written thought of yours, if you please :), i suspect many share it, if im not being presumptious, assuming again im correct in my assumption

LOL...gomez...I'm lost for what you're asking.


"He doesn't look very well fed"

This pictured from Twitter came from Tanya Lokshina, Human Rights Watch. He looks very thin and his hair is longer than the June interview with GG. Otherwise. looks fine.

If hes purported to be in the

If hes purported to be in the position hes in, i wouldnt rule out stress at what hes up against, which makes him beyond hero if he fights it for the good of hes people, assuming im right in my guess