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UPDATED: Should Greenwald Just Stop?

The ongoing disclosures of how the NSA and “partner” companies have been betraying the privacy of the American people are interesting, for sure. But it seems to me, that adding a lot of detail which does not appear to be creating any additional units of resolve on the part of those who could do anything to actually do something, is just so much embarrassment of riches.

The most important disclosure (the scope and constitutional violation) being out there already, what point is there for Greenwald to continue the revelations? For the draw value?

Has the window for change already closed b/c Americans have not by now demonstrated mass outrage and demanded that heads roll? My own sense is, yes. The fuckers are getting away with it, all the while directing the dumbed down public to the Snowden puppet show.

Someone, please tell us. What’s the point of Greenwald continuing to publish more? Is there something coming that would actually be more compelling than what’s already known (and ignored)?

UPDATE: For the many who are missing the main point, please research the "primacy principle" of making an impression. The FIRST STIMULUS is the one that makes the biggest impression. If the initial reporting about this issue did not get action, what hope for the consequent efforts, which are less impressive? We know that our so-called representatives have not done a damn thing, other than call Snowden a traitor.

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"The FIRST STIMULUS is the one that makes the biggest impression."

It seems to me you are only concerned about effective propaganda techniques.

That applies well when the goal is to influence impulsive short term decisions. (like 911)

But Snowden is whistle blowing a corrupt government that is trashing the Constitution. The truth genie is out of the bottle, and trial balloons and media manipulation when exposed lose their effectiveness.

Don't you think?

This isn't going away.

Re: Update

You really don't expect anything from DC do you? Yes he should keep exposing info for our knowledge - nothing will cause change in DC and I mean nothing. Only when the system falls in on itself will something good happen in DC. That good will be them stepping on each other as they flee the burning wreckage.

Primacy principle?

What more is left be done and exposed by these criminals? War of aggression, torture, disappearing people, no more habeus, they run guns to the gangs in Mexico, they cover up the death of American ambassador...they may have killed Michael Hastings for crying out loud and you think the "people" are going snap to it, or DC will offer change?
You are missing the point.

The only new info from snowden is the current names of the programs and who is running them. The scope of the spying has been out since 2006 in several books.

Your primary principle? That thing happened 7 years ago on this topic. And i am missing the point? Okay,well thank you for clearing it up for me,



Liberty = Responsibility

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Burn them down.

How can I help?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Greenwald for President

Greenwald for President

Ventura 2012

Just doing his job

Mr. Greenwald is only doing his job, which was written in the Constitution. If you support the Constitution, then you will likely support what Mr. Greenwald is doing.
If you do not understand the Constitution, then you will likely feel the way MSM wants you to feel.
Mr. Greenwald is only doing his job as a journalist, the same as Mr. Snowden did as a concerned citizen...reporting something that is illegal.
Sadly, Mr. Greenwald will be Public Enemy #1 after Mr. Snowden is in a safe hiding place.
As a concerned citizen, I can only hope there are more people with the integrity of Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald.

Your kidding right

Of course he should keep revealing. We have no idea what these criminals are up to and every detail that can be called out needs to be public.


Liberty = Responsibility

You miss the REAL point

That is that the more we have revealed out there, the MORE PEOPLE will awaken out of their stupor, so that WHEN the Money Controllers decide to pull the plug on Americans, and WHEN that desperate hour comes for these Financial Elitists (the Federal Reserve, the owners, the controllers, the government crooks, etc.) to decimate the financial wealth of all our 401k's and IRA's, then & only then will the Baby Boomers rise up against D.C.

Right now, I hear rumblings on the golf courses. Eventually, we will see "action", the action you desire. How do I know this?

Because I know how evil works. Sooner or later, they will not be able to resist taxing immeasurably OR stealing our wealth. Satan has an insatiable appetite for control and power. The reason our government leaders have bowed down to the Federal Reserve is because they are consumed with lust for money and power. The Federal Reserve and its controllers, even world-wide to an extent, provide their "fix". Have you ever wondered why we capture moments of Biden, Boehner, Pelosi, and Obama with looks that seem evil?

The NSA program proves just how INSATIABLE an appetite our government has grown into. The IRS scandal proved it. Edward Snowden proved it. Michael Hastings' death proved it.

Indeed, our government has become a Super Tyrant.

The baby boomers are not capable of rising up

For someone that understands evil so well how can you miss the evil in the citizens? The govt is as evil as it is because the people you say will rise up, asked for it. These people will not rise they will roll over and cry.

If someone still has a 401k, IRA they will indeed be robbed. When the time comes they will ask the robbers to fix it.

I think you you are not as dialed into evil as much as you think - pride , arrogance are the blinders that...

Never mind you know it anyway.


Liberty = Responsibility

Greenwald: A real man

here we have a gay Jew showing supposedly-tough/Christian?/amercun/men how real men act :-)

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You make a valid point...

But I think there was value in giving the government a chance to lie between each document release followed by the proof that they are lying.

Who knows. History will judge, and so I won't second guess the choices today. I will look at them in hindsight, not to criticize, but to see how it could have been handled better for next time, not that I would ever get a personal opportunity to employ anything learned.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Why Stop Greenwald?

Most Americans are sheep, and just don't get it. It takes constant and repeated reinforcement of the message before Americans finally begin to care about anything.

I work with very smart, successful, well-educated (in their field), intelligent people ... and none of them give a rats ass about what the government is doing, or how many Wars based on lies occur or human torture, etc. They just shrug, and do not care, and go about with their lives, and just accept the crooked deal.

I had a phone call with my mother the other day, and I made a quick joke about google and NSA, and this mild mannered, elderly woman shot right back "they have to look after the bad guys, I want them to do what they're doing.....(and) they're not reading my emails, but I don't care if they do anyway, that's fine with me".

So that's the real face of America: Willful sheep, and all too happy to be enslaved (as the last 70 years proved).

We need Greenwald to repeat and disclose whatever he knows, and whatever he can each and every single day until the message finally sinks in.

Most Americans still think steel frame and concrete buildings explode into dust clouds and fall into their footprint at free-fall speed ... on account of fire.

Americans don't need less truth, they need the truth drummed into their skulls relentlessly ....until the light finally goes on.

We're not there yet.

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Because he(Snowden) has done his job, and I want to see him safe.

I prefer heroes to live through the heroic act. I don't know whether continuing to release information is valuable. And I am not making a case either way. In a year, I will decide which I think would have been better...

But at this point, for me, whatever he does, I hope is more about his safety and continued well being more than helping us. If we, as a people, are willing to ignore what he has already stated, than we, as a people, deserve what we get.

Russia has offered asylum, if he stops... Now, whether Greenwald already has all the info, is another detail, I don't know.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Fair Enough...

...a reasonable perspective.

I think less is more

I agree, Glenn should shut up for awhile.

Build up suspense prior to new shocking leaks, but more strategic releases rather than this every couple of days stuff.

Snowden would also do better to release to other media than just GG and the Guardian.

They are spreading themselves around too much. Losing the shock value.

Also Snowden needs to find a place before they release again. The MSM is focusing on where is Snowden's next move. The Snowden articles are loud, but the NSA/spying articles are a whisper.


A couple decent thinkers, instead of just emoters. Bravo.


Greenwald and Snowden should drop everything they've got right now.

In fact, they never should have stopped.

On day 1 I would have dropped info...then day 2 then day 3 and on and on, so as to keep the gvt. on defense.

Now they have lost the upper hand and they are on defense and now anything that comes out will go to the back page as if there is nothing new.


Good job.

Congress is a crippled floozy in debt $17 trillion .

A one year tax moratorium would withhold consent and send them into bankruptcy.

She's a 220 year old welfare queen, we should have never given her a bridge card.

Oops wrong thread.

Free includes debt-free!

Only 1/3 of Americans supported independence from the crown

Do not equate the mainstream apathy and misdirection with defeat. We are reaching the tipping point. This is information guerrilla warfare / death of 1000 cuts. Drip, drip, drip, drip. Let the enemy lie and CYA, then release info that shows they are liars. Let them squirm. Let everyone watch.

1/3 will probably not care. 1/3 will probably double down on tyranny. But when we get to 1/3 ready to make change, we'll be on the cusp of a new American revolution, based on information, transparency, peace, and FREEDOM.

I only pray no violence takes place from either side.

Thanks but

I do not feel defeated and that is not what drives my question around whether Greenwald should continue.

The question is, does his continuing actually help move the revolution forward -- or is it possible that there is a point of diminishing return that will impact this? People habituate to drips, where they do not even notice them anymore.

Does the bottleneck through Greenwald and the teasing of "more to come," discreetly delay real action? It's an idea. I do not know, of course. But I have a sneaking sense this might be at play, whether intended or not.

The squeaky wheel gets the

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Why did Ron Paul run for president in 2012? He made an impression in '08. By your rationale, he should have gone home. And besides, Greenwald will do what he wants to do.

gsneil = Great post.

Unfortunately many people on this site only see a false flag if it involves blood and bombs, not a manufactured "hero" and the puppet media. Has anybody really looked into the Guardian? who runs it, who administers the trust that "owns" it. I'll give you a clue, Rothschilds Merchant Bank,pops up (ex CEO of The Guardians' former work place) so does Stanley Morgan European Division, headed then by Amelia Chilott Fawcett who was responsible for 6.7 billion in revenue. Ms Fawcett is now one of the Big Wigs at The Guardian.
Please don't take a look at Richard Gingras, involved in Google, Apple, Salon.com. Nothing to see there.
Also ignore Bruce Fein, Just a nice lobbyist bloke who helped derailed the Ron Paul campaign. Nothing to see there for all you liberty lovers.
The Edward Snowden STORY is a have, a scam, and a smokesreen.
There really IS nothing to see here....I wonder what was going on while you were distracted?


...for the oxygen.

gsneil = worst poster EVER

gsneil = worst poster EVER

please ban him/her

No way...

Why in the world would he stop? We have an absolute RIGHT to know what is being done in our name with our tax dollars.

It isn't about making an impression, it is about what the government is doing and what they're keeping secret from the American people.

This isn't an election or a campaign. This is the criminal activity of our government.

Tip of the Iceberg

Wait till everyone is standing around the water cooler talking about the hidden cameras and microphones in their cable TV box.

I don't think you'll be hearing too much if ya ain't doin nuthin wrong, waddaya worried about crap.

May our efforts in support of Congressman Ron Paul be blessed with supernatural success.

There should be MORE

There should be MORE transparency, MORE detail, ALL THE TIME

Genuine transparency and honest detail "so help me god"

Greenwald should be arrested for a felony, as should Snowjob

Greenwald is getting away with a felony.

He's not a journalist, he's a UN NWO mouthpiece who HATES America.

and the Hasabara expert comes out....

how much do they pay you granger... because it is ridiculously obvious


Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

I wish they did pay me

Help me extend my stay in Israel