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Report: Janet Napolitano to Resign

Reuters Insider ✔ @ReutersInsider

Government source says U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano set to resign today (Friday).

The Los Angeles Times has more:

Janet Napolitano, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Arizona, is being named as the next president of the University of California system, in an unusual choice that brings a national-level politician to a position usually held by an academic. Her appointment also means the 10-campus system will be headed by a woman for the first time in its 145-year history.

Napolitano’s nomination by a committee of UC regents came after a secretive process that insiders said focused on her early as a high-profile, although untraditional, candidate who has led large public agencies and shown a strong interest in improving education.


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The Californian's

Yes, please take this vile woman(that is a woman right). After all the wonderful programs she's fostered or kept in effect, I'd say California deserves her.

Just look at what they're doing to Colorado:


Cross post obviously.

Good grief... I want nothing

Good grief... I want nothing to do with her. Is there a place for her at the US Postal Service instead?