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Oliver Stone Calls For A New American Revolution! NOW!


ACLU in Action : Tell Congress to get in gear to end the secret surveillance state—sign the petition demanding they repeal section 215 of the Patriot Act and section 702 of FISA immediately.


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This explains a lot.

Take the time to watch how we got to where we are.



An impressive body of work

even if it does include some duds - Stone has studied, lived
and portrayed history and if more people were to pay attention
to it we'd be a whole lot better off as a society.

Stone volunteered for Vietnam and was right in the shit 1967-8. His
Vietnam (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Between Heaven and Earth)
work alone is more than most people accomplish...

Disagree with his opinions if you want, but he has pretty
respectable base of experience and knowledge to base them


ACLU American Collective Liberal Union

The ACLU represents exactly the opposite of Ron Paul's stand for HUMAN RIGHTS.

ACLU is collectivist,, gay rights, race rights, age rights.. some rights for these folks, some rights for those folks, no rights for the conservative folks, all rights for the liberal collective...

The ACLU is a human wasteland that divides to concor HUMAN RIGHTS.

End the War!

End the War. That is the fulcrum of power for this criminal government.
End the War and they have no excuses.
End the War.
End the Central Bank.
End the Tyranny.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Oliver Stone is a Big Government Socialist

And as such, he is like the neighbor who insists on keeping a pet Gorilla in his back yard Now he is in a panic because his Gorilla has ripped down the fence and is dismembering all his neighbors. Until he admits that a pet Gorilla is a bad idea, I'm not ready to sign on to his brand of revolution.

Will this liberty message be attacked by condescending comments?

"Let me ask you a very simple question, does it concern you that the government is spying on you? Thirty years ago to even ask this question would of been a scandal. If you lived through Watergate, if you read the Church Committee Reports, you know the costs of unchecked government surveillance. The government is exploiting our amnesia. We did not pass the 4th Amendment in order to protect those with something to hide, we passed that amendment which prohibits general warrants or limitless surveillance, because we know all to well the costs of an unaccountable government. The question is not, do you have something to hide. The question is whether we control government or the government controls us. Remember this struggle is part of who we are as a people. This country was born in rebellion because the british government was exerting to much control over american lives. We broke free and began to create a system of government meant to protect Liberty……………I won't stand idly by while our civil liberties are eaten by the NSA surveillance machine, you shouldn't either." -Oliver Stone

kind people rock

Don't trust this guy.

He is full of bullshit. Also, he is anti-capitalism. If he is talking about a revolution, it's probably a socialist revolution.

He's not anti-capitalism

He's anti-whatever the fuck it is we have now, which is something that is capitalism in name ONLY.

my trust for Stone or lack thereof has nothing to do with it

Even if he IS full of bullshit, even if he IS anti-capitalist, even if he IS a socialist, even if he IS evil itself, or even if [unbeknownst to us] the modern surveillance complex is in place to protect us from the Devil himself and Stone is an agent of that Devil attempting to get us to let our guard down, I would STILL! agree with the sentiment of his petition. Call me a fool! :D

A call for more political action; I just hope it works

We actually do appear to be "turning around the ship of state".

A visionary for what?

A socialist revolution? Which has been already going on in this nation way too long?

'I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place," says Stone...."Hated by the entrenched classes, Hugo Chavez will live forever in history....My friend, rest finally in a peace long earned,"

Chavez, Oli's buddy, supported the extreme socialist Zelaya whom Obama supported as well while holed up in Honduras after being kicked out. Obama is on the wrong side of history in Honduras.

Supporting Chavez and other socialist is not a qualification I desire in a leader. Oli is on the wrong side of history also with his film "South of the Border".

Oli's got his finger in the wind and wants his name floating around with these NSA issues, what about all of the other 21 or so scandals Oli?

There were not too many freedom loving individuals running down to Chavez's funeral to get quoted. There were two that I can think of right now, Oli and Penn. Surprised? Not I.

Praying for a reformation instead. Guns don't change the hearts of people.

Have a blessed day.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Are you intentionally

trying to divert energy away from the actual topic of discussion? You're way off point. Try to stay on target: End unconstitutional surveillance immediately.

No, sorry not intentionally.

I may have gone a bit off target.

So, thank you Oli for helping us and for pointing this out to your movie crowds. Go get'em educated about their loss of privacy, who cares about all of the other issues of freedom? Tell them everything they do is monitored and of course how unconstitutional it is. I do want it ended too.

Problem is too few are waking up and now that the long ago launched torpedo is hitting the hull we're trying to turn the ship so it misses us some how. We're a sunk nation morally already and many innocent have suffered because of it. I still think he's in it for an image remake or popularity kick instead of it's principle.

Have a blessed day.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

I share your frustration.

I must admit that these are exciting times to exist. It seems that most of human civilization has achieved a boiling point all around the globe. The changes are upon us. Our collective ship of centralized authority seems to be self-destructing before our eyes. I'm no longer a blind passenger but now the captain of my own thriving vessel.

Keep the faith.


Resolution Rebuking Unconstitutional Surveillance Program Heading to Summer RNC - http://libertyroll.com/2013/07/resolution-rebuking-unconstit...

Resolution to Repudiate, Renounce, and Reject the National Security Agency’s Unconstitutional Surveillance Program - http://libertyroll.com/2013/07/resolution-to-repudiate-renou...

I'm glad more and more people are speaking out

But I have issues with Stone.

Notice how he carefully emphasizing ending DOMESTIC communication spying. If I have learned anything from the Good Doctor is that we should respect EVERYONE's civil liberties. Which includes those people from other countries as well.

If he is only saying domestic as he thinks it will get more play among the American sheeple then I might give him a pass, but there is no way of knowing this without him exposing this tactic. ionno, maybe I am being to critical.

Too critical? Yes.

Why waste precious energy on killing the messenger? It's probably more beneficial to contribute your actions toward helping to remove the surveillance parasite that is infecting humanity. We need more individuals to take a stand and have the balls to speak out just like Stone did. Are you going to help turn this thing around or just make excuses and find things to complain about?

I apologize if I seem harsh in making my point. I like to think we're all on the same team around here.

no one is talking about wasting energy to put him down

or to give him support. I just rather know a little more about someone's motives before blindly supporting them. Especially someone who in the past has advocated for things that go against my principals. That statement doesn't mean I don't think people can change. I don't know about you, but I feel it's safer to know the person before getting into bed with them. Assumptions can go both ways.

And relax, I shared this video regardless of being weary of Stone before my first comment here as I actually already watched it via aclu sub update.

being critical,observant vocal and open is part of what separates the DP from most other forums. This is not the place to be if you want everyone to express the same exact feelings you have.

oh, no offense intended and non was taken. its the DP. Go team GO!

I see more clearly

where you're coming from. My passions get a hold of me sometimes, I'm more relaxed now. Thanks for the follow up and for promoting functional discussion. I appreciate and recognize the value of your position.


You are. And it's nitpicks like these that make me 99% sure we will never have another revolution until it is too late.

Let's do it. Power to the

Let's do it. Power to the people.


Lets get it on!