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Speculation Paul!

I find it amazing how this site has become and succumb to speculative argumentation and the all-to-familiar "what may be" mentality. Nobody knows a damn thing for sure!

There are numerous threads posted to this site that speak about revolution and conscience...how about we all let it happen and stop stockpiling the dialogue with hollow and self-exonerating opinions, empty of one vital piece: the thoughts of Assange and Snowden themselves.

We need to stop choosing sides when we have absolutely NO way of truly knowing what will happen next. We are being propelled into a global struggle for the evolution of mankind...the evolution of truth...please, let us all not take such important matters at face or heresay values.

Let the revolution play out as it is going to and try to enjoy the day that finds you alive and able to experience it - affect the change you are able to and let the rest fall in the favor of humanity as it will.

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Not trying to sound...

rash...but give the revolution some credit! Peace.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

hammer it home

ain't no future FEMA Kamp visits gonna brang this ol boy down.
F em if they cain't take a joke
where's that peeing in da pool, thread