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Yes! Former NSA Whistlebower, Wayne Madsen: Edward Snowden Is The "Real Deal!"

Yes! Former NSA Whistlebower, Wayne Madsen: Edward Snowden Is The "Real Deal!"

Former NSA Whistleblower Wayne Madsen was a guest of Alex Jones Friday in the second hour. He was asked by Alex if Edward Snowden was the man he says he is and Madsen responded by saying Snowden is the "Real Deal"

Wayne Madsen

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Madsen is a whistleblower turned journalist...

Wayne Madsen Investigates Suspicious Murders of Activists

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Yaeh right...

but are YOU, Mr Madson? Somehow I don't think so. I think you are a shit spreader.
Couldn't get any higher than a Lieutenant in the Navy, passed over for promotion, then "loaned out" to the NSA? Say what?
I suspect that you are as real a deal as the people surrounding Mr Snowden.
Check out schema-root.org Wayne Madson.

I find it interesting when people go directly at the messenger.

I find it interesting when people go directly at the messenger. And ignore the message.

It's a divisive tactic that serves only the purpose of division.

What is the message?

That Snowden is the "real deal"?
In this case the messenger seems a tad dodgy, and I have reason not to trust him.


I find EVERYONE that doesn't have a principle behind their message 'a tad dodgy'.

You fit that bill.

You are also nothing but a 'messenger' and you have done nothing to educate nor enhance my freedom.

Sorry Jill, but I've put you into the group of 12-18 month joiners to infiltrate liberty groups.

Hope you don't mind.

I'm sure others here notice the frequency of anti freedom efforts by those that have recently joined. It's not their joining date, it's the message the bring to dilute the purpose of this site.

Just like fake money, propaganda runs on confidence, and I see and overwhelming effort to distort the truth.

Good Luck, Jill

I don't mind base1.

It is only natural that you don't know the person behind the computer screen.
What do you want to know?....I have posted numerous threads with attached links as to why I have very serious doubts about the people around Mr Snowden, and all I get is down votes and no discussion.
I have questions about Richard Gingrich, big wig at Google, Apple, Salon.com. Down votes but no real reply's.
I questioned and added links about Bruce Fein, a man I consider to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Again, no discussion.
I question Wayne Madon and his connections to NSA.
I question the tangled tie-ups within the Guardian... Rothschild Merchant Bank? Morgan Stanly European division?
I have also stated clearly that I don't know if Snowden was for real, or has been shockingly used.
I trust Sybil Edmonds, and if she has serious doubts about Bruce Fein, then so do I. http://21stcenturywire.com/2013/07/01/elder-snowden-engineer...

Thank Goodness

Alex Jones' guest confirms Snowden is REAL. We can all rest easy. Our messiah has spoken


Thanks for posting Piers..


Hard to believe there could

Hard to believe there could be one person out there with integrity. They're usually Ron Paul supporters when you come across them.


I haven't listened to any AJ in a while. The 1 hour segment posted above is really awesome. The interview with the black panther that knew Malcolm X is top notch. The interview with Madsen is also very good. AJ actually stops himself from talking over Madsen a few times. Thanks for sharing.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

AJ is trying, I think to let his guests talk more w/o interuptio

But it's really a struggle for him. LOL

(Nothing pisses me off more than his talking over a guest or overly embellishing on what they just said, using up twice the time they did to say the same thing.)

No Problem Jimbo!

Thanks for posting