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Rachel Maddow Attacks Rand and Ron Yet again. Kookyism?

I was wondering if anyone here saw Rachel Maddow last night making up a new word against Rand Paul. "Kookyism". She used this made up word more times than I could keep up with. She was saying things like Rand won't be able to get away from Ron's Kookyism. She is becoming the most annoying, propaganda spewing, manipulating talking head in mainstream media. I figured the video would have been posted already but I was unable to find it.

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i suspect, shes gonna become

i suspect, shes gonna become very hypocritical if she is shill that is, NO maddow, im not calling you a shill, i know how you must love your confrontaionalism......let me guess madow, now you are thinking, a confrontationalist accusing someone else as a confrontationalist, i know ......"kookyism"

Or how about the made up word, dont miss up the chance to call "kookies" illeterate, i mean, COME ON, i literrally handed that one on a plate to you......oh maddow you..............