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Cops in Pittsburgh forcefully barge into woman's home over uncut grass

(NaturalNews) A Pittsburgh area woman recently met the heavy hand of local law enforcement during an intense 12-hour police roundup, which serves as yet another reminder about the fragility of our individual liberties. As reported by WTAE News in Pittsburgh, police officers barged into Robyn Ruckman's home after demanding that she procure proper identification for an arrest warrant, all over uncut grass that was the responsibility of her landlord.


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she should have never opened

she should have never opened her door. she should have just cracked her window and said what do you want.

Top comment on youtube - classic!!

"well there was enough of them there , they should have mowed the grass like true gentilmen for the lady LOL"

And that about sums it up folks.

Can you believe cops are out with warrants for not cutting the grass.
Damn - If they do that for grass - I better get those damn house number back up - they will probably send swat after me!!