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NYPD releases toxic gases on non-consenting guinea pig citizens in subway 'attack drill'

(NaturalNews) You may not have heard much of anything about it, but millions of New Yorkers who use the Big Apple's underground public transit system recently become the victims of a major chemical attack -- no, not an attack by some unknown terrorist cell from the Middle East, but one initiated by the New York Police Department (NYPD).

According to new reports, the NYPD, in conjunction with a prominent federally-run laboratory, blasted plumes of a chemical gas known to cause respiratory problems and lung injury into the New York City subway system as part of a coordinated "attack drill." The purpose of the drill, as officially stated, was to assess how terrorists might try to disburse more harmful chemicals into a public place as part of a future biological attack.

After placing a number of air-sampling devices both inside subway tunnels and at ground-level entryways all around the city, NYPD officers working together with officials from the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island proceeded to pump tracer gases known as perfluorocarbons into subway tunnels during people's morning commute. They then tested how the gases spread throughout the day.

NBC New York explains that the chemical gas, which is derived from the waste of aluminum processing plants, was sprayed into subway tunnels at such low concentrations that nobody was expected to become injured by them, at least according to the so-called experts.


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If someone were trying to kill a lot of people,

they'd pick a spot with central circulation and disperse the biggest load they could get their hands on. They'd be making a guess about how to disperse it as far as possible. Or, they'd gather data first so they don't have to guess.

Defend Liberty!


Obviously the natural news guy has no idea how different concentrations of gases work. "Perfluorocarbons" are all different, and damning them all is like saying water is bad because Hydrogen can explode.

Makes no statement of the ppm or ppb levels that the average person would be breathing and then goes off the deep end.

Sorry folks, but you're all breathing in toxic chemicals all day every day, regardless of where you live. The thing that matters is at what LEVEL you're breathing them in.

Eric Hoffer

What if i dont inhale?

Worked for Clinton.

But now I am thinking - so if I do something through the course of my day/week/life either through free will or lack of options(not up for bringing my own oxygen with me everywhere) - then it is ok for the government to administer a like or similar substance to me without my knowledge of reasonable consent?

Why not give heroin to unwitting people to see what happens(ooopps - they already did that didn't they)

People go out to watch fireworks all the time - why not just make the fireworks a nuclear explosion, then test for the affects of radiation(crap - they did that one already too)

So theoretically it is ok for the government to put alcohol in my drink? I mean - I drink alcohol anyways right? As long as they are doing it for research why not?

And lets face it - if you are not a virgin - those road side cavity searches are really not violating anything either. After all, you've had things there already.

After all this thinking I really think it best not to trust the government with these sorts of things and the "well, you do it anyways" argument may lead to bad things.

Good points

And following your logic, no one should be able to exhale within 100 ft of you, or within a building you're in, as they could be poisoning you with carbon dioxide.

Heck, forget about people running a car through your neighborhood, putting out all that CO.

Oops, and we forgot about any type of manufacturing that requires combustion of any sort or which has any gas by-products, even if they're harmless.

By your logic, all of these activities must cease if there is the possibility that you will inhale them at even a ppb level.

Eric Hoffer

Your attempt at a witty comback fails on many levels

Perhaps you missed the sarcasm of the heroin and the nuclear fallout. You do realize these are two factual examples of instances where the government used unwitting Americans in experiments where the results had horrible side effects right?

As to your exhaling - it is generally understood what carbon dioxide is and its side effects(are the chemicals in this gas they are spraying generally understood). Most people have accepted that by being in a social setting - the breathing of others carbon dioxide may happen. Oh - but you are implying that it is a poison as certain ppm. Yeh, and that is exactly why when buildings are built - they have to conform to regulations concerning air volume, HVAC capacity etc. So I guess someone along the way figured it was a bad idea to just let these gases collect. So how are they insuring people are not inhaling at dangerous ppm levels - what if someone was to hangout near the gas dispenser all day - completely unaware of its existence? It would seem to me that the ppm at the source would be at exponentially higher concentrations than at given distances. Since the gases are being used to track movement around a large area- this is almost certain.

So back to the problem -are you really trusting that the government is using a completely harmless gas in a completely harmless volume.

I don't. I am thinking they are using whatever level they feel will give them the answers they are looking for regardless of health concerns - and possibly even with the intent of harming health to collect further data. If you believe they would not do this - I suggest you review my first two points.

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have you forgotten

how many drills so far turned deadly?
or the fact that the levels might not matter much
when compared to how long you are exposed to a particular substance?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


You mean if they persist above STEL or TWA limits? No I haven't forgotten these things. This is what I work with every day. Gas detection and protection is what my company does.

The levels you're exposed to DO matter in comparison with time.

Have drills turned deadly? Yes. Do I necessarily want them pumping gas through the subway? No.

But to state that there's nothing to be learned from testing like this is silly. There's no way to adequately prep an area for dealing with a gas related attack without knowing the airflow in a confined space like a subway.

Eric Hoffer

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from your comments

and that link to a website,i figured i had asked the right questions
and to the right guy...this time :)
I ca agree with your comments about the subway,but i did not state it silly
more like scary,think of the repercussions if it turned out to be toxic gas
instead of something un-harmful
When things go wrong,people get hurt or worse,and the fed's track record just isn't that sound
here is couple of examples that make me reel and give me goose bumps
training day,ATC style,planes hitting towers...HEY,it is really happening
training day,shooting in a theatre....oops that is happening now too
While i might across as paranoid,might be because I am :)
thak you for the comment back,i like real answers down voted for asking kinda suck though heh heh heh

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Sounds like more of a test on

Sounds like more of a test on how to more effectively DISTRIBUTE a chemicle weapon then, you know stopping an instance of one happening

Thanks JO4RP

Well said JO4RP.
Thanks for the links.

And they are doing this in the city where 'Lady Liberty' stands.
How ironic.

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