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The Coming Blow back Against the Obama Administration for Interfering in the Zimmerman Case inciting Racial Tension?

This is no LA in 1992 where the Rodney King verdict where the hidden hand behind the riots was kept in the shadows. This is being done openly by the White House and the DOJ showing its influence in the trial against George Zimmerman. We see the New Black Panther Party and even maybe White Supremacist groups as icing on the cake all run by FBI COINTELPRO calling for riots and violence if George Zimmerman is acquitted. This could all come back to haunt the White House when it is all said and done showing their hand in inciting racial tensions.

It is been documented that the Justice Department was being all the pro Trayvon rallies. The DOJ has had it hand in Sanford Florida for a long time. Tweets have been being posted calling for riots. All this racial tension has been the creation of the White House using agent provocateurs paid for by our tax dollars to foment violence.

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The Obama Admin. / DoJ is definitely behind this whole thing...

The agenda is to re-open the healing wound that is the 'racial divide' in America, and throw salt in it.

This is part of the 'divide & conquer' strategy. With the tyranny of the government becoming apparent, they cannot allow people to forget about petty differences, and see their common enemy. They need us divided and siding with our 'political teams' based on racial prejudices. The sequence of events that led to this tragic, cluster-f*** of a case, becoming a pivotal political trial complete with media frenzy, shows that this is indeed orchestrated by high-ups, to further divide Americans on racial and political grounds....

First, the local cops and DA did not want to charge him with anything.

Then pressure was put on them by the Administration, and amplified by CNN, then the entire MSM.

They specifically did not charge Zimmerman with 'manslaughter' in the show trial because they knew the possibility of getting a conviction for that lesser charge was plausible.

Instead they charged him with Murder 2, so that when he was acquitted based on reasonable doubt there would be racial animus over the outcome, possibly riots, like after Rodney King, or as threatened during the OJ trial.

The MSM would step in and demand the laws be changed. They will say the laws are racist and dangerous. This would be directed at the 'stand-your-ground' or 'self-defense' laws, as well as weapons carry permit laws, even regulating neighborhood watch and other actions / behaviors.

It is backdoor anti-2nd Amendment propaganda.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I hope you are right...

but i believe they want the racial tension. The truth is it is the people vs. the government. If they can divide us in any way they will. Like Juan Williams of Fox News said..."the media is clearly guilty of playing on the most primitive racial divisions in our society to fuel racial animosity and boost ratings"...in this case the media acts on behalf of the government.