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they will rise up when their

they will rise up when their government checks bounce.

Probably never.

When Ron Paul ran, everyone had a chance to stand up and fight. Ron Paul and his "professional campaign" let us down.

When Gary Johnson ran, everyone had a chance to stand up and support someone who actually stood against the NDAA. Most either stand home or voted for Romney or Obama.

When Adam Kokesh called for an armed march on Washington DC, everyone had a chance to stand with Adam. How many did; most chose to "stand with Rand".

Now, Adam is rotting in a jail on either trumped up charges or authorities operating under color of law. Is anyone offering to "storm the Bastille?"

Those of us who would like to do so are either severely handicapped or do not possess the "special skills" needed to act effectively. Without the right people, any such effort is doomed to failure and my worst nightmare is to help destroy such an effort by ineffectiveness.

I lack the physical prowess and "special skills". What is your excuse?


Took down the British Empire in India from inside a jail cell. Adam is just a hooligan with a cause.

We shouldn't want or need to fight. If it becomes an armed rebellion, many people will die. If it becomes an unstoppable movement like civil rights, many people will be freed. Which seems better??

When you guys get a little older, you'll not want to blow shit up so much.

Look to the DOI for your answer

all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

your headline...

Which is the operative word, "when" or "everyone"?

Either way, my answer is "never".

What you're referring to as totalitarian fascism is one of the potential horrors of democracy unleashed. I asked about your use of the word "everyone" because one way to look at what you are seeing is that a virtual 51% of the population is quite happy with the way things are. The "regime" has penetrated your neighborhood, workplace, etcetera. It exists in the sheeple around you day to day. It may even exist in members of your family.

At no time in history has "everyone" risen up against anything. Don't expect or wait for that to happen. It won't. It's actually an impossibility when you think about it. It's even unlikely that a majority will ever "rise up". It's always been a minority that has risen up and awakened or converted others enough to re-establish a new majority.

When you stop looking for everyone rising up, you'll see that some ARE rising up. Relax, be patient, stay sane, rise up and gracefully help awaken and convert...
http://youtu.be/eMEpq4uxHSk :)

Very true

Look at the "uprising" in Syria.
Is there a clear majority that want Asad out?

If the same uprising happened here, would our government use the same tactics as the Syrian regime?
You better believe they would. Plus some.

A slow steady uprising is taking place right now.

The truth is

most people just want to live their lives.
Go through their daily routines without having to worry about things they don't think they can fix.

Or in some cases they pretend they like being told what to do.

How many people have you mentioned NSA spying to?
My responses are mostly, I don't care, they aint got nuttin on me!

If someone was to organize a huge civil disobedience exercise somewhere, like occupy did but for NSA spying, most of the participants would be college students and unemployed people.

The bulk of average people are too busy with their lives to worry about being oppressed.

Its a shame that people are

Its a shame that people are so ignorant.

Right after the next conversation.

The very moment someone in America speaks openly and honestly about their government, demonstrating their lack of fear, is the moment the NWO dies.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Don't Worry

Rand'll fix everything


the first cycle of abuse is isolation of your victim from their social networks and community. so stop letting them isolate you. if you think everyone around you is a retard, you'll be isolated because everyone around you will hate you.

I love your rant Ryno +1

"What is it going to take to get Americans off their fat lazy asses and take back this government...?"

Good question. Let me modify it for you.

"What do I need to do to get Americans off their fat lazy asses and take back this government...?"

The answer is in each and every one of us. Everyone has different strengths, in life it's best to play to your strengths in my experience. Don't be a one note song though, you need to explore to find your strengths - they may not be obvious.

-Support Liberty candidates through donation or help spread the message
-Help finish what Ron Paul started - the takeover of the RNC
-Spread the message to non-Libertarian news sites
-Start a Patriot or Liberty group in your area, or join an existing one

My realistic hope is people will wake up before I'm dead

I'm 50 and expect to live for another 20 years. I'm personally living a very free life right now...although it has cost me lots of creature comforts as a result of no longer being a debt slave and no longer abiding by many of the voluntary "govermment regulations".

I really just want my daughter and future generations to live free. I got to grow up mostly free and if we could just get this monster headed in the opposite direction and EDUCATE our children on freedom and liberty...things could get better...but short of violent revolution...I think that will take at least a decade.

Of course if violent revolution comes...I'm prepared to live free or die.

We need to do it now. Not 10

We need to do it now. Not 10 years. Now!


people refuse to even listen. They have been brainwashed by everything. They are brainwashed to think what we say is CRAZY!! And nobody wants to be crazy.

When the gubbermint

bans beer and porn you will see a real uprising in the land.

They have to do them together

if you only ban the beer you will have a bigger uprising.

I'm serious guys. I've tried

I'm serious guys. I've tried to accept it but can't any longer.

I feel your pain.

I have accepted that the majority (or perhaps all) of individuals are quite literally retarded and insane. This is what we are interacting with in reality. I don't see any way around it other than to recognize and adapt to the fact.

So rather than letting insane retards drag you into a massive trap along with them (democracy = tyranny of the majority), take responsibility for your own life. Rather than to wait for "everyone" to change the world into something palatable for you, recognize that you are responsible for your own feelings and experiences of existence. You are no longer a slave the moment you declare your independence and choose not to consent to the unjust demands of oppressors. Freedom is available for all who choose to be free. You are the sole protector of your freedom unless you choose to outsource the responsibility to another entity, which usually takes you back towards slavery and the majorities.

There is much more to it than this, but maybe my words will point your mind toward the place it is that you long for. I have found it and I believe the same thing awaits within yourself.

We shouldn't accept it

We shouldn't accept it anymore. Nothing will change with that attitude. There should be protests right outside the White House and the Fed.

I been infront of the Fed in Cleveland a few times protesting

they know you will eventually go home. Law enforcement and the military are the ones who have to step up they are the ones with the keys to the jails and imperialism, until they step up we will have to go the peaceful route.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

One's perceptions may change with this attitude.

Change your perception, change your reality.

I say do whatever your heart is inspired to do. Remember that one can only control his own actions. To effect change in another, one either utilizes force of oppression (whether for a "good" reason or not) or one may seek to inspire others by example. Intolerance seems to be what typically moves individuals and groups to oppress that which they cannot tolerate. Spread tolerance and increase freedom for all. Yes, I believe we must learn to tolerate even the retarded and insane as long as they (we) do no harm.

It's your life, your time in existence. I think it's best to enjoy and savor every possible moment of it.

Change "there should be protests"

To "I am organizing a protest" and you are golden.

Network and organize.

As long as the idiot

box stays on and there's food in the fridge nothing will change. Hungry people change things, not fat ones.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Maybe When

Greenwald publishes his next revelation then they will do it

fireant's picture

It ain't just the OBarry lovers

Go look at all the "constitutional conservatives" in the comments section who just love the police who are merely "doing their job" at roadblocks here. It makes me lose hope:

Undo what Wilson did

Well the stupid zombies

Well the stupid zombies aren't going to wake up, we are selves need to start protesting and protesting hard. It was only 3% of the population ignited the American revolution.

The current 3% are

The current 3% are preemptively branded as extremist, right-wing, wacky terrorists. There were trainings, there are manuals, there is a specific agencies prepared for the equivalent of 3%, and as Barrack Obama mentioned in Africa recently, he is confident that this will not be an issue.

Engage in Secure Exchange

It was Thomas Paine's Common Sense

that got - even the "founders" - to change their minds towards independence rather than reconciliation.

Reflecting on Common Sense - http://www.dailypaul.com/292279/reflecting-on-common-sense