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REPORT: Bicyclist Flees Country After Oregon Police Force Catheterization

REPORT: Bicyclist Flees Country After Oregon Police Force Catheterization

“Looks like we get to do it the fun way”

Julie Wilson
July 12, 2013

Jason Barnes, a 26-year old native Venezuelan residing in Aloha, Ore., was riding his bike one evening last October when his friend was stopped by police for riding without lights.

Barnes was traveling along Tualitin Valley Highway outside of Portland, Oregon when police made a quick maneuver pulling into the bike lane ahead of the cyclists waiting for them.

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I don't understand why it says it happened in Oregon, and that he's suing Utah police over it?

The part of Oregon it mentions is nowhere near Utah.

I'd twist off their heads before they forced a tube up my d*ck

Why should a person riding a bike end up forcibly raped in the hospital?

What if a cop took your little boy who was riding a bike and shoved a tube up his junk?

Worthless bastards.

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Head Twister!


How Many More Horror Stories Do You Guys Need???




"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

...at least protest these kinds of atrocities!

If you’d like to express your concerns over this incident, you can reach the Washington County Sheriff’s Department at:

Kathy_Bose@co.washington.or.us OR patrick_garrett@co.washington.or.us
Sheriff Patrick Garrett (503) 846-2505 or his cell at (503) 793-9907

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees


"He has since left the country and moved back to Venezuela where Barnes says he feels “much safer.”"

"He suspects this incident is related to his involvement in local protests, including the Occupy Movement."

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

A Few Initial Questons for Whomever Is Making the Claim

Who owns the bicycle?

What constitutes evidence of justly acquired ownership?

Does ownership of a bicycle include a natural or fundamental right of use in the ordinary course of life to pursue happiness?

Can any natural or fundamental right of use be converted to a regulated privilege by a state?

Was the bicycle bearing a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

Was the VIN in use at the time of any complaint verified by a gain or profit derived from its employment?

Was any operator deriving a gain or profit at the time of any complaint verified by a payroll record?

Was any person or property being transported for hire at the time of any complaint?

Who owns the road?

Is the road public or private property?

Is the primary and preferred use of public property for private purposes, business or commercial purposes?

Is a private purpose an extraordinary use?

Is a business or commercial purpose an extraordinary use?

Does a state have any vested right to exclude non-extraordinary uses in the ordinary course of life of any roads constructed or maintained at public expense?

Was the roadway being used with an intent to realize a gain or profit at the time of any complaint?

Can any fees or fines imposed for extraordinary uses be payroll deducted from any account(s) proven to have gained or profited from the activities complained of?

All very academic

Try arguing about all that jazz when they are jamming a catheter up your urethra.

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JGEEZ! Sticking A Catheter Into Your Urethra Must Really Hurt

That'll cure him of any masturbation issues..


I have had it after surgery

and it hurt pretty bad. ( Also, I was on morphine, and pretty looped out. This guy was awake and alert.)

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

You don't have to tell me ...

the only remedy to having anything shoved up any orifice is self defense. But if you choose not to self defend and are still alive after having the shit beaten out of you or shit shoved up any orifices ... you sure can embarrass the hell out of the prosecution, police, and courts for their abuses of police power discretion. If you have some public support behind you one might even be able to successfully sue for a variety of reasons.

P.S. Add to the list of questions above:

Does any injury or property damage exist deriving from the activities complained of?

"Bicylclist" is spelled bicyclist BTW

What a story; unfortunately not surprising. When you try to exercise your rights they will try to throw the book at you. Blatant abuse of power selectively enforcing on individuals who dare to question their authority. The wise cracks from the officers involved in the incident are par for the course, for them it is all a joke; some piss-ant kid isn't gonna tell them what they can and cannot do, they'll show him. Of course if you bow down like an obediently little boot-licker and comply without question to whatever demands they make you can be on your way.

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Thanks for the Heads Up!