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Only a good guy with a tampon can stop a bad guy with a tampon

"When tampons are considered more dangerous than loaded firearms, I think it's safe to say Texas Republicans have gone completely off the deep end."

I just got back from the Capitol here in Austin. Today is the last day on the big abortion bill and has been causing a stir the past few weeks.

No matter what your views on abortion are, this just ain't right. Lots of women are going down to the capitol to protest and watch the proceedings. DPS troopers started searching all their purses and pulling out their tampons and maxi pads and waving them up in the air and trying to humiliate them. This went on for quite some time. Right before I left, ex-mayor of Austin and now Senator Kirk Watson put and end to it. Wished I could have stayed longer to see the rest, but I had to git.


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Molon labia






Male Hockey Players

Are fearful of facing a female goalie for 3 periods with only 2 pads.

Ron Paul Was Right

Such a Sexist Statement is not True

A good chick WITHOUT a tampon can stop either one!