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Perry is off to Israel in October

Mr. Perry ranks among those on the short list of Republican contenders for 2016, despite a series of flubs that led to an early exit from the 2012 primaries. Also on that list is Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who made his own trek this year to Israel, a pilgrimage that has come to be expected of would-be presidential candidates — especially conservatives — looking to establish foreign policy credentials and show loyalty to the key Middle East ally of the United States


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Perry needs Israel's endorsement to get at the big bucks

Any candidate for the office of President of the United States MUST have Israel's blessing if he expects to get AIPAC, JDL and SPLC's blessing and the big Jewish campaign bucks that define politics in the U.S. today. Perry's visit means that he is committed to continuing the wars with Israel's enemies so that she won't have to shed the blood of her sons and daughters defending her own soil.

For Israel it is better that the goys make the sacrifices for her, after all, hers are the chosen people, chosen by a fictitious god in a fictitious book written by ancient Jewish priests needing justification for their pilfering of their people's wealth and furtherance of their greed for money and power.

Whatever respect I had for Perry is now gone. He has proven himself to be just another Republican RINO political hack, sucking up to Israel. As far as I'm concerned his credibility is now zero.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

MY Plan for peace.

Israel should return all occupied territories to their rightful owners...citizens of the United States.

Is he booked as the entertainment at the Tel Aviv Savoy?


Is Not So Slick Rick

going to put on one of those funny little beanie caps and kneel down and sniff the glove..or..uh...I mean kiss the collective asses of what he hopes will be his future masters?

You are confuzed

TX don't need no Arab oil and neither does Israel.

Granger, you are the one that is confused.

Fracking is going on like crazy here because they exhaust a bit more that was easier to get earlier, and then move on to do it again, as the new wells play out pretty fast.

And, I've lived on the Texas Coast for almost 30 years. Until a few years ago I never saw Tankers arrive EMPTY. Now I do. They are not Bringing Crude oil to be refined, that are TAKING our refined product.

If America has become self sufficient in the market place, why am I paying 3.67 for diesel and watching ships carry it out? To where? Israel?

Granger, you are a peach. Come down next time you see a Tropical Depression in the Gulf, if you can surf Texas waves, you can surf anywhere in the world.

Yet ((((((((((base1aransas))))))))))

TX is producing oil http://www.reporternews.com/news/2013/apr/06/oil-boom-should...

rather than waiting for imported oil, and where is that oil going?






You're paying a whole buck less that CA.. where we are not peaches. We are called prunes. They tried to change that with the CA raisens, but we're all fruits, nuts and vegetables.


It's obvious you don't have children nor care about individuals.


Could you explain what your statement has to do with my post showing you that TX is producing oil, jobs and you asked where the oil was going and I showed you China.

What does this have to do with my having Children. I do not have biological children, and I do not assume the role of a parent; However, I see ALL people as children, and I don't believe age in years is a good way to judge one's emotional, intellectual or phyical development. Some children appear more advanced thein a parent, especially when that parent has addicitions and unhealthy life choices the nurture, or abuse and neglect their children.

To me, they are children who are trapped, so it's important to love them.. I really believe parents need nurturing to enable them to LOVE their children.

And I take issue with you when you accuse me of not caring about indiviuals. I see people as individuals and RESPECT them, though I do not always agree with their choices.. it is a choice they made.

I tend to talk about myself rather than talk about others because people change.. life does that, so to me, talking about others is sharing my perspective anyways. I believe it's my responsibility to address MY faults, correct MY wrongs, not to blame others, but see where my lesson is, and so, I think, this is the highest way one can care for another, is by respecting their choices, not blaming them, but looking within what I can do to help, to be open and honest.

Individuals have their lives to live and if I can not help them better their life, I can leave them alone to enjoy their life.

Re3cently I made a post about "Should Granger stay or go". Many accused me of being needy for attention, but to me, that was not why I posted that. I really don't feel I need attention. What I felt is that I was not helping the DP community.. I had done my job, and all I was doing was supsetting individuals, and that's not what I want to do. So instead of assuming, I put the question to the community, and learned, while the majority may disagree with me, I am appareciated for offering another perpsective, even when they disagree with that perspective.

So.. with all this said, why would you post that it's obvious that I don't have children? I don't. And if I did, I would not be on DP, but I would dedicate my life to them. Why do you believe that I don't care about individuals?

What does that have to do with TX shipping oil to China?

meekandmild's picture

Will they keep him?


Let's keep this in perspective.

Republican primaries 1996:

Bob Dole (44)
Lamar Alexander
Pat Buchanana (4)
Robert Dornan
Steve Forbes! (2)
Phil Gramm
Alan Keyes!
Richard Lugar

Republican primaries 2000:

George W. Bush (43)
Steve Forbes
Orrin Hatch
Alan Keyes (0)
John McCain! (7)

Republican primaries 2008:

John McCain (31)
Mitt Romney! (11)
Mike Huckabee (8)
Ron Paul! (0)
Fred Thompson
Alan Keyes
Duncan Hunter
Rudy Giuliani

Republican primaries 2012:

Mitt Romney (37)
Rick Santorum? (11)
Ron Paul (0)
Newt Gingrich (2)
Rick Perry
Michele Bachmann
Jon Huntsman

Based on recent history, it seems to me that none of the 2012 candidates have any chance at winning (or even making an impact) again except for Santorum and possibly Gingrich. Huckabee was the religious Right choice in 2008 and didn't run again. Santorum was the religious Right choice in 2012. That doesn't seem to be a winning ticket, nor a repeat.

It seems to me Perry is already done and the field is open. But then again I don't know shit about any of this.

This is GREAT news

This is really good news on a number of levels

First: Rand Paul is mentioned several times in a good way.

Second: Perry is sounding like a modifoed Ron Paul, which means we are wining.. Ron Paul was a messanger and Perry heard that message, got it, and is repeating it.

"Noting that America’s founders, including George Washington and Thomas Paine, warned against military intervention abroad unless the U.S. is directly attacked, Mr. Perry said, “How we intervene is crucial.”

“Having a president who has not served in the military and does not understand the burden of sending our treasure — our young men and women — into battle is wrong,” he said. “Afghanistan is a good example of how we can learn from history but have not. From Alexander the Great to the British Empire to the Soviets, the people of Afghanistan remained the same. Why we thought we would have a different outcome using our treasure and resources, I will never understand.”

Third: This is a BIG deal to the GOP and Perry does deserve credit

Texas has no personal income tax or limits on legal claims on corporations, and Mr. Perry has earned credit for making Texas the premier raider of other states’ and countries’ top businesses.

His personal ability to attract corporate CEOs may be Mr. Perry’s biggest asset in arguing that he is ready to take the helm of the U.S. economy as president.

Forth: If you understand that Israel is a SOVREIGN STATE that is globally THRIVING in business, technology, engeneering, medicine, agriculture, development in cultural micro communities that specialize in business ventures.. and this includes defense.. then this is very good for the debates because we're looking at a conversation very different than in 08/12.. with Rand, Cruz and Perry.. there will be a move away from the UN NWO and more to sovreign states specializing in business, not government jobs replacing business.

Finally: This is important and will attract Democrats and Indys, and it is true "“It’s not just low taxes and business-friendly regulations,” he said, noting that “30 percent of all jobs created in the last decade, in all of America, were created in Texas, which has less than 10 percent of the population.”

Of course those businesses and jobs left CA.. and I'm not thrilled about that, but I am happy to see the GOP wind change to FREEDOM.

Then WHY

Do they DEMAND so much foreign AID? LOL

They don't

They ask the USA to stop AIDing Israel's enemies and the USA won't, so the USA gives AID to Israel in an attempt to be fair.

The difference is Israel takes the money and produces business, food, tech, while the others take the money and produce rockets for Israel.

I've given you more attention than you deserve.

But thank you for your answers.

I'm glad you are here. I'm also glad to see so many that support your views that have become members in the last 14-18 months.

Your ideas are catching on.

And I welcome all you have brought here with your ideas.

I notice that the Granger replied to an earlier message but

I notice that the Granger replied to an earlier message but hasn't gotten around to this one.

Perry has to Felate an Israeli donkey.

Perry has so much exposure of BS, a youtube list

Perry has so much exposure of BS, a youtube list a mile long, I don't think Israel will give him any of our foreign aid for him to get elected.

Granger is right, they are good at managing our fiat currency, this is probably a thank you for selling out something in Texas.

Yes they are good at PRODUCING with FRNs

This is more about international business without UN chains.

TX has done very well despite Obama. That is a fact.


What do you know about Texas? Ever been here?

Of course I've been there

The I-10 seems to never end in TX, and I have crossed TX on the I-10 many times.. Surf sucks in Galveston, Austin rocks SXSW or not, Can't tell where Fort Worth Ends and Dallas begins or visa versa.. love the food, love the people.. especially nice people in TX, even if they do take our businesses and jobs. I like Houston too because I like F-16s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvPurKH4QT0

Thank you Granger for your reply.

You are a real Texan.

I like gravy too

country gravy, red eye gravy, sausage gravy, ham gravy, mushroom gravy, brown gravy, wavy gravy (oops he's my home boy)


It is so disgusting to see

It is so disgusting to see American politicians make the annual trip to kiss Israel's as_. When the truth about Israel's involvement in 9/11 comes out to more people, I hope these "leaders" don't try to deny what they have done.

Maybe Perry Thinks He Can Raise The Dead

But Even Jesus couldn't get permission to raise Perry's career from the dead

Just another political pharisee visiting the moneychangers of Israel

Crash & Burn Rick..



Do you think ?

Do you think he will visit Palestine as well,I mean he will be right there.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

Christian Zionists believe

Christian Zionists believe the deception that Palestine is Jordan and that Palestine never existed, not even as a territory. Bigots with pious trappings.

That's a new one. educate me

Palestine EXISTS! The PROBLEM for Palestine is because of Islam and the UN.

He's welcome to go to isreal,

He's welcome to go to israel, i just dont want him to come back to Texas :P

I have a mental image

Of Rick Perry meeting Shimon Perez and things going very poorly.

It would be like Randy Quaid crashing some B'nai Mitzvahs.