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Things The Government Can't Do

The government can't listen to your private conversations.

The government can't deprive you of property without due process of law.

The government can't imprison you without charging you with a crime.

The government can't kill you without finding you guilty of a crime.

The government can't occupy your home without your permission.

The government can't order you to buy a product or service.

The government can't touch your physical body without your consent.

The government can't force you to present evidence against yourself.

The government can't take your silence as an admission of guilt.

The government can't limit God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

The government can't tax your labor.

The government can't create paper funny money out of thin air.

The government can't make decisions in closed door sessions.

The government can't delegate its powers to outside individuals and interests.


The government can't do any of these things because it already has done these things. And it knows the American people are watching. And it knows we won't be fooled again.


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Only individuals laboring under the delusion that legitimate authority to do evil (i.e., government) exists can do these things.

There is no such thing as legitimate authority to do evil (i.e., government). Government cannot do anything because there is no such thing as government.

Unfortunately, there are too many individuals laboring under the delusion.

Read TMDS.

Government can't resist the urge to expand.

Government can't resist the urge to expand. No matter how small it starts.

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You are wrong on every count.

Government can and does everything you list.

Perhaps you meant to say "shouldn't".

How did you like the punchline?

I made it easy to find by actually making a big long line.

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

I adored the punchline!

Heck, I must've been flyin' through the posts. I didn't even notice it was you.

I should've known. :D

This is one of my 'so sad it's funny' posts

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

'so sad it's odd'

It wasn't odd to find your replying after such a gap in time, but a bit odd that I found your reply immediately following my posting a reply to a post oddly paralleling your post here.

Please tell us what planet you live on. On paper we have

similar protections. We call them the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but government scientists have recently confirmed that those "protections" we thought that we have, were ACTUALLY ancient scratches made by chicken feet. You see, Thomas Jefferson who penned it owned a farm and he wasn't always careful about where he put things.

Again, what planet do you come from? And do you have the means to transfer several million people?

All Hail GORBOR - or whatever god you worship,

On this planet we don't consent to injustices.

We strip the unjust of any authority.

It's been a big coverup ever since the Federal Reserve was enacted.

When the costs exceed profits investors withdraw.

During the Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene was chased all over the Carolinas for months.

Then the resupply ship exploded. At least another years wages. Half a years wages until a new supply ship arrived. Profit was at least a year away.

End the Fed, where cronies own the Congress.

Free includes debt-free!

Government cannot turn a right into a privilege and charge a fee

Murdock v. Pennsylvania - 319 U.S. 105 (1943)http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/319/105/case.html

"A State may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the Federal Constitution. P. 319 U. S. 113"

Free includes debt-free!

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and yet they still do

concerning everything under the sun
and no one gets mad

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

They probably won't stop in a minute, just keep swimming down

Next time i apply for license, I will ask if I have the right to travel.

The clerk is not helping me she is infringing my rights in her official position.

That's the best i have .

Free includes debt-free!

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i have done that before

i printed off the court cases stating how we have right to travel
took that paper to our DMV,the look i got was priceless.Didn't do any good
that woman behind the counter kept looking to her co-workers for help
Then i went on and on about the title,seeing it is not the one and only
but is a certificate,i could tell her mind went blank,she had the glazed look
in her eyes
but here is what i printed off

you might have as much luck as I did,so don't expect too much :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Someone read your comment.

That's the best I have...


"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut


Then someone forgot to tell the government.

Well someone needs to tell them.

Could you tell them? I'm busy...

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

As long as they keep

the people divided by party affiliation, they will continue this oppression.
Look at the democrats, quick to support Bush tactics simply because their guy is doing it now.

The American people are being used, and are happy to be, as long as their team wins.

Is my piece dark and noire?

Is it truly the way we are?

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

Let's ask Gov Pettimane

Mel Brooks rules...

I'm going to take his advice and try to kiss myself at least once a day.

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

He has a way of making funny movies.

Is there anything funnier that watching selfish people?

Free includes debt-free!