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Pillared Gallop of Innocent Steeds.

As I look at my children I am struck with clarity.

No racism, bias, inhibition, worry, burden, envy, grief, despair, angst, religion, race, creed, sex, blame, hate, suppositions, presumptions, sarcasm, nihilism, righteousness or mark...

Yes, when I look at my children I see where we went wrong.
I see the modern family in tatters over war, worry, finances, college, debt, unemployment, grief, disillusionment of security, disillusionment over retirement and disillusionment over our ability to raise a generation of complete and positive change.

We have lost our confidence in our own abilities and talents.

I reclaim that confidence! I urge all of us to reclaim the centerpiece of the change we want to see in this world: our love for ourselves...

Peace and Love to all.

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