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Meet the newest humanoid Robot - similar to robocop

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This should be of grave concern to us all

Imagine what would have happened in Egypt had Morsi had these things. And imagine what's going to happen here considering our economy is going to crash and our government DOES HAVE them.

I agree

On a mass scale, this would be a game changer in the hands of the globalists. Our only defense would be to hack the Roberts and use them against the globalists or find an efficient way to disable them.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

"Rpbpcop" was a cyborg.

I agree with other poster, think "Terminator" or "Cylon".


Re: "Meet DARPA's Humanoid Robot That Could Someday Save You From A Crumbling Building"

This is being developed for a military organization, not a fire department. It makes more sense that they'd use it as a land based drone, sort of like the terminator.