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S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian plane incident

"We've taken a number of actions in order to compel public explanations and apologies from the European nations that assaulted our brother Evo Morales," explained Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, who revealed some of the agenda debated during the 45th summit of Mercosur countries in Uruguay's capital, Montevideo.


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Check mate

Mr. Snowden has some good "crap" on someone in Government, and they know it. They are so afraid he will teach others how to do what the NSA is doing, and this is why they're doing these outrageous things to legal diplomats.
They called Snowden's press conference at Russia airport "propaganda" and they're the ones calling him a "leaker" when he's a whistle-blower.
Hey MSM...Tell me what is an example of a "whistle-blower"?
Putin has Snowden in his pocket and can now "check mate" Obama anytime he wants....Must feel horrible knowing all this, and that more information will eventually be known too.
Four laptops can hold a lot of information...Right NSA?
Have you noticed the look on Obama's face lately? He's lost some of that "smug" look he's been carrying around the last four years.

You know you are affecting

You know you are affecting things when the mere hint of you causes an international incident. hahaha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.