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Montana Enacts Law Prohibiting NSA Spying

It is nice to see the State Legislator in Montana responding to the will of the people in the State. These kind of actions will in time will bring down the stasi state if more state follow Montana. This state led the charge in the Firearms Freedom act and many other tenth amendment actions.

Lets see how the Federal Government responds to this law. Can the state find a way to cut off the NSA from internet and other communications being eavesdropped on in the State of Montana.

Here is an excerpt from the Website Political outcast about the state of Montana passing this law to protect their people by restoring the fourth amendment:

to read the rest of the story click link below:

Special thanks to Political outcast original article reporting the story:

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needs to withdraw authorization to locate the NSA Bluffdale storage facility within their state based on the new evidence of WHAT that storage is intended for... in fact,
the States collectively can file suit AGAINST the Federal Government and Utah to force it.
Without a facility to store the massive data... NSA becomes Mickey Mouse and the brooms in Fantasia.


I remember when this was going through that I wrote our legislators in support of the passage of the bill. What I didn't like about the bill, and asked them to clarify, was the enforcement aspect since it provides little detail (other than a fine "up to $50") and it didn't clarify whom the fine would be paid by, nor whom it would be paid to. No amendments were made in this regard.

What would be helpful here would be if we could gain access to the records potentially seized from Montanan's after the passage of this law. Unfortunately, this information is undoubtedly "classified" thus there's little or no way to hold the NSA (or FBI, CIA) to our state law.

But, I think it's time to write another nastygram to Verizon and also Tester/Daines requesting full enforcement of this law.

Thanks for keeping Montana on the map of liberty's efforts! We're doing our best here!