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Thoughts On Police Raid On Adam Kokesh by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers

Excerpts from the Oathkeepers website:

The U.S. government is playing with fire. This is yet another example of police using unnecessary military assault tactics on a suspect to merely serve a warrant, that vastly increase the chances of someone being killed or severely injured. There was no hostage. This was not a case of a barricaded suspect who refused to come out. This was just an arrest. One mistake, one perceived false move by anyone who happens to be in the home, and they are shot. And bursting into an armed man's home in the middle of the night is also a great way to get shot. Just doesn't make any sense. They could have arrested him while he went out for a morning Starbucks, or went out for lunch or dinner. And it would have taken just a couple of detectives to conduct such an arrest on the streets. No need for a 20 man SWAT team to enter his home, in the middle of the night, where the risks to all are greatly increased. No need for an armored vehicle and helicopters. No, this makes no sense if their only concern was making a safe arrest. This was a show of force. An example. A lesson.

The more illegitimate and absurd the arbitrary rule of Leviathan, the more it violates our natural rights, the more it has to make examples out of anyone who dares to openly defy it by means of civil disobedience or nullification. You can, and should, expect more of this, and more severe examples. When a government steps outside of its limited delegation of powers that were intended to secure liberty and "becomes abusive of these ends," it will of course lose the respect, consent, and willing cooperation of increasing numbers of the people. There is now a large, and growing portion of the American people who correctly see this current regime to be every bit as illegitimate and unjust as the one our forefathers took up arms against in 1775. Such a government, which violates the rights of the people and thus no longer has the loyalty, respect, and consent of the people, can rule only through force and the instilling of fear - just like the British Crown and Parliament.

And this current regime is making the same mistakes the Crown made. Rather than recognizing any of the grievances of the people as legitimate, and backing off from its violations of our rights, it is doubling down on them, and asserting even more power, and using enforcement methods that increasingly make it obvious that it sees we the people as its current and future military enemy, as it treats us "As If An Enemy's Country" - like an occupied, conquered enemy nation. How else do you explain the detention of U.S. citizens Jose Padilla and Yasir Hamdi as "enemy combatants", the NDAA military detention and trial provisions, warrantless domestic NSA spying, drone strikes on Americans, and the gross violations of the Fourth Amendment we saw in Boston after the bombing in April, or the calls to treat the bombing suspect as an "unlawful combatant" under the laws of war? They are all claims of power to use the international laws of war on us. And that claimed power will not, and already has not, been limited to use against Muslims. It is meant for all of us, which is exactly why the NSA has been mining metadata on all of us. All of us are considered part of the conquered enemy population - just like in Afghanistan or Iraq. Not just some of us. All of us. All are suspect. All (except the most vetted and trusted minions) are potential "terrorists" or "insurgents" and all will be monitored, tracked, and metadata profiled. There will be a "file" on us all because they know that what they are doing is contrary to the rights of us all, and any of us, or all of us, may join the resistance to their plans, at any time. They correctly assess us all as potential military adversaries precisely because they intend to violate the rights of all of us. And you can bet they are prioritizing who is the greater threat, with veterans, retired police, and gun owners considered a threat because of their training and competency at arms alone.

And of course they also place all constitutionalists of any stripe - Ron Paul supporters, Chuck Baldwin supporters, libertarians, Constitution Party members, John Birch type conservatives, traditional Barry Goldwater conservatives, etc., - right up there at the top of the lists of "threats" because all such people adhere closely to the principles of the Founders' Republic - to classical liberal ideas and ideals on immutable natural law and inalienable rights that must be defended at all hazard. And to chill, suppress, and prepare to stop such people from resisting, those who control the federal government and their fellow travelers at the state level are resorting to precisely the same totalitarian methods and tools used by oppressive regimes throughout history, from King George to Stalin.

Enjoy this piece in its entirety:

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According to some...

A friend was arrested by a "goon" squad in NY with the whole black van pulling up with jack boot cops with machine guns doing a drug raid style kidnap off the street corner. He spoke intelligently with them and asked if they had a conscience. He said the one replied "I don't like doing this anymore than you like having it done to. If you want it to change then you must elect people who don't sanction this behavior." This is a reasoned response.

The problem, however, is that our elections are a fraud and personally I have never had any faith in voting. Not much faith resides for me in representatives either. No matter who you are dealing with they are all controlled by an agenda that no one, it seem, can do anything about. We all still have spit dripping from our faces with the whole 2012 election BS. Ideas???

Jealousy and ego seem to run rampant in Adam Kokesh's accusers.

They are nonstop complaining because Adam stood up here and he stood up there. He said this and he did that supposedly in the name of liberty. But the sad thing is that I never hear of these accusers standing, or saying or doing anything other than complaining about stands and usually under a pysdo-name.

Just my observation.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Jealousy is a malignancy we need not foster.

There seem to be several who attempt to dance the political-waffle when speaking of Mr. Kokesh, citing their dislike of his ego, his strategy, etcetera.

Personally, it seems a case of "doth protest too much" whereby they make themselves appear jealous of the courage displayed by Mr. Kokesh, and even more so when contrasted against the "Oath Keeper NASCAR strategy."

If Mr. Kokesh is wild, unruly, cavalier, then he is so in the vein of Mr. Samuel Adams, while they who criticize his dedication and intestinal fortitude, reek evermore like Mr. Dickinson and his failed Olive Branch Petition.

The cause of Liberty shall not be won through a marketing campaign, but by the actions of freedom loving folks who have tired of the Long Train of Abuses and seek by action to reaffirm the Natural Rights of Man.

When are you guys going to

When are you guys going to learn Kokesh is an agent provocateur? He's a self-promoter type and those guys don't put themselves in jail. I'm just waiting for the false-flag citing Kokesh as the inspiration and making the freedom movement a target.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

you are so far off base, geez

you are so far off base, geez man, you sure are jealous of him.

take action and stop jacking off to adam kokesh.

Ron Paul 2016

When will you learn that some

When will you learn that some of us DO NOT care about personal incentives.. Some only care that you stand against tyranny.

If you're looking for a leader then yes, you should worry about that, but i'm not and most people I know are not either, so it wouldn't matter one bit if he was doing it for self promotion or to get us all arrested(even though the agent provocateur thing is baseless).

Stop looking for someone to lead you and nut up.

well said, all these folks

well said, all these folks attacking adam kokesh need to shut the f UP! If they can do it better themselves? Then they need to NUT UP OR STFU. had to add the stfu after your nut up;)

New Term NUT UP= anyone attacking adam kokesh or anyone and not doing something better themselves other then attacking someone online.

Ron Paul 2016

Haha! I like the add on and

Haha! I like the add on and the definition!

That is a good article

The fools have already thought out and planned every move, so fighting in the street will only serve their purpose of depopulation. As long as the invisible authority remains healthy there is no way to beat them. This effort should have taken place several decades ago.

They are the problem and they place the responsibility for what they do to us on our shoulders. It is their divide and conquer thing. They make our lives miserable and place the responsibility for that misery on our shoulders. They are so advanced now that they can go to the next level, that of "provocation". They are provoking us to defend ourselves.

But in all of this thinking and planning they aren't smart enough to stop it when the population is where they want it. It will continue and the fools will be fighting themselves because it is all they know.

The children using the worse cussing openly, the phrase "hanging out", sex out running our ability to keep it from our children. It is all part of their stupid agenda.

This whole idea

that the stratagy should be to wait until the enemy strikes first is puzzling since the enemy (the state) has been repeatedly striking and striking, maybe we should wait until the knock out blow?

The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson

The "enemy"

the state, is a result of the belief in external authority which can be rejected through the process of reason.

If they continue destroying values (for us all) and we let them, the survival pressure will increase.

Time to stand in integrity as men and women (individuals) who are having our means and ability to survive robbed.

Stand and fight back against value destruction/value destroyers, harder!

The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson

They all say the same thing.

They all say the same thing. "When the 'shtf' we'll be ready". It already hit the fan decades ago....

I don't agree with the 'wait in our homes till they come for us' plan because by the time they come for us it'll already be too late.. I like the idea of just opting out. And now.

If we all just stop doing business with the government starting this monday then they'll be forced to either send troops on us hoping for a civil war or just let us be.

They lose either way..

Cyril's picture



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

So, NOW Stewart takes a principled stand.

Sort of like saying, "Tsk, tsk," while you watch law enforcement beat the crap out of an unarmed person.

An EXCELLENT article

that really spells out the whole mess. It makes you wonder what on earth are the police really thinking about all this. I mean, they MUST BE TALKING in their squad cars with each other about the ridiculous, extremes the FEDS are making them do such acts, when like you said, a simple detective or 2 could easily have made an arrest, but noooo, they wanted to make a big splash about it and end up SCARING THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD, what, to make Kokesh look like he's a serial killer of 100 people? Brother.

I've thought it would be nice if EDWARD SNOWDEN had that "kill list" of all the American names on it.

THAT would finally PROVE the targeting of political enemies in the most heinous way! There would be outrage galore over that from all the people listed! Oh, how I wish.

"I've thought it would be nice if Edward Snowden had that ...

"kill list" of all the American names on it." If so, I hope he publishes it pronto. ( Gives a whole new meaning to Publish or perish, doesn't it [sigh]?!?)

I will be praying to that effect, happy thoughts to that effect will be appreciated as well.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The tyrants can push and abuse us -in the end, Liberty Prevails

In an empires of lies - TRUTH IS TREASON....
What part of "...shall not be infringed" do the New World Order goons not understand?
^ -Youtube search: Bug's Life America
^ -Youtube search: Lexington Battle

The Bilderberg, CFR, and The FED have seized control of our Federal Government, and The Media DOES NOT REPORT anything even close to the truth.
Start LOCAL GROUPS, with our founding father's principles at their heart.

Michael K-obzina
Republican District Captain 25h
Give me Liberty, or Give me Death...
STOP Federal AND State Governments servitude to THE FED and Corp.s!

Not the first patriot in trouble

said the Smudge Pot. With some recent experience in matters of being imprisoned.

But a longer and more sorrowful trend is the "turning of backs" and I've seen that happen a couple too many times. Witness John Chester Stuart of, a true scholar who has repeatedly hit homers for this movement? He's still in trouble yet he continues to defend people for like no money, he's basically destitute and he's just one example.

I myself, you guys? Different experience. I was told and now I can see you guys rallied around me and sent love and help which I now am so grateful to have. Stuff like this, arrest, incarceration are pretty bad but there's the massive tidal effect that ripples out, you are late with rent, you lost your job, I am suddenly homeless, I only managed to get this backup laptop today, the software contract I had going is now in default and who knows what my other customers are thinking.

I met guys in jail that really don't have anything or anybody when they get out. I got their names and addresses.

Anyways, by way of thanks, I know Adam has been the subject of much discussion, my position on his armed march is clear, but he's...a human being and if you don't accept him as "one of us" well then I guess you have particular standards which is fine. I guess we all have a right to decide what us is for you. Or ourselves. Whatever.

I guess part of what makes Stuart us is he's not turning his back. And that's what makes you guys my us. You didn't turn your back on me. And I won't turn mine on yours. Never will and by the grace of God, never will.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

I know what you mean

My husband and I paid dearly for our government defiance. It gets really scary. I'm barely brave enough to come on this site and to back the politicians like Ron and Rand Paul.

This is important


Pretty stand-up action

by OathKeepers...they turned a crappy situation in a good one!

Nice job guys!

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Compare this arrest with the one for

New England Patriots accused murderer Hernandez

Hernandez had some guys in suits show up during the day, knock on the door, and walk in like they were meeting for lunch.

Kokesh, well a little less subdued.

Making a statement? Yeah, I think so.

Gives us good reason to hate

Gives us good reason to hate the USA, US government, and government employees. Why do you hate America? This is why.

Damaging the IMAGE of a

Damaging the IMAGE of a government is a "major crime" dont you know

The sad thing is, some people have been brainwashed to believe that, the GOVERNMENT is not the sum of a country, dammit, YOU are

Bump for Stewart

...this is incredibly important.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

ecorob's picture

Somewhere, there is a name.

Somebody, at the top, called out this order.

Was is the SWAT Team Leader? No.

The Governor of Virginia? The local nazi DHS official with direct ties to the white house? Maybe, we should ask them.

Somewhere, Some ONE is accountable for handing down this order!

Who was it?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Ecorob, good thinking. I

Ecorob, good thinking. I would like to know, too..this was overkill--very scary for minor crime..

Not to Exonerate the Enforcers

Everyone who participated is guilty. Some military and law enforcement officials actually have developed a moral compass, like Aaron Weiss here in NY: