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RT | Snowden Asylum Won't Stop Greenwald from Publishing Existing Documents

Asylum for Snowden won't stop Greenwald from publishing more leaks

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has indicated that he is willing to halt his leakage of US secrets, a condition for gaining Russian asylum, though the journalist who first published information from those leaks intends to continue.

"Given everything I know, I'd be very shocked if he ever asked me that," Greenwald told Politico when asked if he would halt publishing any sensitive information if Snowden were to ask.

"I'd deal with that hypothetical only in the extremely unlikely event that it ever happened, but I can't foresee anything that would or could stop me from further reporting on the NSA documents I have," he added.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that asylum for Snowden would be offered only under the condition that he releases no further information that could prove damaging to the US. Greenwald, however, has indicated that he would consider the intelligence provided by Snowden already in his possession fair game.

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Then why doesn't he???

or wont Mr Greenwald's "handlers" let him?

He plans on it

As he has stated previously, each article is meticulously written and researched to ensure integrity. Give him a break! He's doing a great job.

A Good Wine...

is savored not gulped.

Michael Nystrom's picture

goldenequity - agreed

And it is much smarter to trickle this out and let the results seem in, rather than just do one giant data dump.

I think it is much smarter to do it this way for maximum impact.

I have been rereading parts of The Time of Illusion about Nixon and the Watergate scandal.

That whole thing simmered for over a year before it eventually exploded.

I see this going down the same way. It is simmering. And each new revelation turns up the heat a little bit more. Eventually this is going to boil over - one way or another.

He's the man.