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What Does An Appendectomy Cost?

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No Appendectomy

can cost you your life

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Mine cost about $50,000 in TX

I live near Austin, TX. I had my appendix removed in 2011. Most of the bills I got in the mail were what I would have expected. I was out of the Hospital the next day. Anesthesia, surgical etc. cost $1,000 here $2,000 there. But the hospital bill, from Seton Medical Center Williamson, was $40,000! I was covered by my insurance but I wonder where they come up with these costs. Nothing on the bill was itemized to show how they came to this this number. I'm sure it is to cover the cost of non-insured people. I called my insurance provider to tell them of the extremely high bill and they didn't care at all.

I know it costs at least one appendix...

heh heh heh...

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